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The Speed 90 is Dynafit's contender for the title of Best-Lightweight-One-Ski-Quiver. It's a good one. The Speed 90 is designed to appeal to just about every skier out there in just about every condition. True to Dynafit design, the ski uses a shaping method called 3D tech to reduce weight in areas that aren't critical for durability and performance. A full-length micro-sidewall is a reason why the Speed 90 handles like a heavier ski on the way down. A integrated alloy-tip creates a solid attachment point for skins preserves the integrity of your skis in rock-lined chutes. Rarely are skis with a sidewall seen at weights this low. The Speed 90 is Dynafit's high-tech way of saying simply "go ahead, ski it."

  • Single-radius turn shape for a predictable ride with no surprises.
  • Paulownia Speed Core provides low swing weight and smooth skiing.
  • Full-length micro-sidewall increases edge grip, stability, and durability.
  • Rounded tails release from turns and easily slip into a ski-carry loops.
Lengths (cm) 158, 167, 176, 184
convert to ounces
1105g [158]
1165g [167]
1220g [176]
1310g [184]
Weight (pair) 2210g [158]
2330g [167]
2440g [176]
2620g [184]
Sidecut   122-88-109 [158]
123-89-110 [167]
124-90-111 [176]
125-91-112 [184]
Turn Radius   14.5m [158]
16.5m [167]
18.0m [176]
18.5m [184]
Skin Fix   Alloy race tip
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Traditional camber, tip and tail Rocker
Shape   Single radius with 3D tip
Construction   Paulownia core, full-length micro-sidewall
Core   Paulownia Speed Core
Skimo Co Says
Usage Speed touring
Notes Easy to initiate turn with rockered 3D tip
Bottom Line Everyday ski for everybody
Compare to other Mid-fat Skis

Questions & Reviews

Question from Eurig
Hi, I'm 6ft 3 and 200lbs. I'm been looking for one ski to do it all; in resort on and off the piste, whatever condition. With no resorts open where I am but great snow conditions I'm looking to get out with some friends to tour and get up some hills for first time.
Would this one do it for me? No plan for couloirs so presume the longer length 184cm better?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Eurig,

The Speed 90 is a great ski! It handles well in a wide variety of conditions. It has a more forgiving construction, and will be a breeze to roll on edge. However, if you are looking to spend some time on lift-accessed terrain, a ski this light may not be the best option. I would recommend something slightly more stout, and less likely to deflect at speed on a groomer. The 184cm length would be great based on your dimensions!

If you would like to chat in more detail about some of our other options, reach out to us at, and we can help you find that quiver of one setup!
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Question from Quinn
Hi, for spring peak skiing here in central Colorado I’m currently skiing voile objectives on atomic backlands. When it doesn’t soften up I feel the objectives are to little of a ski.
Would these speed 90’s ski better on peaks than the objectives?
Answer from jbo
Hi Quinn, firm snow is not the Objectives specialty. I feel the Speed 90s edge a bit better with the mini sidewall, but it's also not their specialty. I'd reach out to for a personalized deep dive!
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Question from Jeff
Is there a metal mount plate in this that is connected or is it two pieces, one for the toe binding and one for the heel piece?

Asking for a friend who wants to put a 22d Lynx on this ski ;-)

Would you know of a better sub 1500g ski (helio carbon 88? 95??) for spring corn/couloirs that has a full mounting plate?
Answer from TSB
Jeff, we shed a single tear for the liberation of your "friend's" heels, for it has come at the cost of lightweight ski compatibility. The Speed 90 would not be a good choice for a freeheeler; no full-length titanal mounting plate here. The Helio 88 would likely be the lightest option with some metal reinforcements in the mounting area, though BD states, "Mounting with telemark bindings is not recommended." Another ski to look at is the DPS Cassiar 95, which doesn't have a reinforced mount zone but has held up well to bent-knee abuse that I have witnessed.
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Question from Jeff
Looking at this ski for a spring/light touring setup (corn, couloirs, long approach hut trips), I'm 6'2" 195lbs, would you recommend the 176 or the 184? I ski medium hard, not always nuking but like to let them open up from time to time. In resort, I like skis in the 184-190 range.
Answer from TSB
Hey Jeff! Thanks for reaching out. You've found a great ski for those purposes; the Speed 90 loves mixed conditions and carving trenches in isothermic snow. I would recommend the 176cm if you plan to have these skis on your pack frequently (booting up couloirs or scrambling on rock, for instance), while you might want to bump up to the 184cm if you will be taking them out in midwinter to break trail, ski powder, etc. In experiential terms, I'm at your same height/weight and preferred this ski's predecessor, the Cho Oyu, in a 176cm rather than a 182cm due to maneuverability for kick-turning, tight trees and jump turns.
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Question from Ben
How different is this ski from the Carbonio 89?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Ben! Pretty different personalities between the two skis. The Carbonio is like a scalpel and the Speed 90 is more akin to a loving butterknife with a nice personality that just wants to have fun.
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Question from Ben
I am thinking of purchasing this ski in a 167 length. I am 160lbs, 5'8, and while I often ski skis that are 179, I'm looking to size down for tight couloirs and hard spring ski descents in the BC here in Colorado. Is this recommended?
Answer from Nate
Hi Ben, yeah dropping down to a 167 at your size is totally doable. You'll probably want to spend some time on them before getting into a tight and steep spot just so that you are used to the shorter length. There are a number of us here who downsize for our mountaineering skis.
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Question from Anders
Hi, I have been thinking about getting these skis. What are your thoughts about length? I'm 5'10'', 180lbs, I was mainly thinking about 176cm. I'm not sure if they are too long, but I'm quite heavy. On the other hand 167cm feels quite short.
Answer from jbo
Hi Anders, definitely go with the 176! That is not too long and should be a good length for general backcountry usage.
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Model: Speed 90

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