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Dynafit Speed Superlite Binding

Brand: Dynafit
Model: TLT Speed Superlite
Availability: Discontinued

The Dynafit Speed Superlite binding is a patented compromise between lightness and safety. Also known as the Race Adjust binding, the Superlite features the ability to customize lateral and vertical release values while keeping the weight to a minimum. This binding is for those who like to race to the top quickly but don't want to compromise on safety. Checklist highlights are many:

  • Adjust lateral and vertical release values with a single screw to customize for your weight and skiing preferences.
  • Features the standard Dynafit toe locking mechanism with both skiing and locked modes.
  • Additional riser plate versus the Low Tech Race offers a second option for those steep climbs.
  • Made with forged aluminum and high-strength plastic to endure the grind of everyday touring.
  • Optional adjustment plates can be installed under the toe and heel to give boot sole length flexibility.
  • Same 4 hole drill pattern as the Low Tech Race binding toe, though the rear heel screw is further back.

Racers will like this binding for reasons described in our article Dynafit Race Bindings. Non-racers beware, there are a few gotchas that come with such an amazingly light binding. The heel piece has no fore/aft adjustment, so unless you add the optional adjustment plate, make sure to get a precision mount done by a professional to match your boot or you may experience some pre-release. There is also no "flat" riser setting, as the risers drop over the heel pins. The binding is only designed to rotate as part of the release mechanism.

Speed Superlite vs Low Tech Race

Low Tech Racers will have a weight advantage over Superliters of 75 grams (2.6oz) per binding. The Superlites, however, will save you $250 and let you customize the release values for your weight and ability. You could also be standing taller on the steep climbs with an additional riser option.

Speed Superlite vs Speed Radical

Speed Radical users will enjoy the flexibilty of a flat riser setting and a quiver of boots with a full 25mm of fore/aft heel adjustment. They may also brag about the Power Towers in their toe pieces which ease entry and protect from side impacts. But skiers with Superlites might not hear them as they are lugging 161 fewer grams (5.7oz) uphill and are already out of earshot.

-> ounces
Weight (pair) 404g
Boot Compatibility Tech
Brakes No
BSL Adjustment Optional plate(s)
Riser Heights 2 (no flat)
Vertical Release Adjustable 5-10
Lateral Release Adjustable 5-10
Crampon Ready Yes (removable)
Specs Verified Yes
Materials 7075 forged aluminum, high-strength plastic
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing, light and fast tours
Notes Adjustable release values
Bottom Line Perfect blend of race weight and safety.
Question from Confused
Hi there, I have these bindings new, out of the box with no instructions, can anyone tell me what this plastic 'cage' thing is on the heel of the binding? I asked a fellow tech and they think it might also be a pin protector? What does this do? I assume it needs to be removed before use? If so, how does one remove it?
Please help. Thank you!
Answer from jbo
Hi Confused. It's a mounting aid which disables the lateral springs so you can access the screw holes more easily. Pops out easily when twisted.
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Question from Michael
I just bought these bindings second hand and was thinking of mounting them on a 115mm waist ski for mountaineering skiing. Is that too bulky of a ski for these bindings?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Michael! That's a huge mountaineering ski and definitely on the very upper limit of what this binding is probably really capable of. If it's not a relatively soft or really lightweight ski, I wouldn't mount this binding to that ski. Because of that fact, your boot selection is going to play a super important role in how this binding performs. With boots less than 1200g, you're probably fine (as long as the ski is soft or extremely light), but boots with more brute strength (this is a big generalization, but basically anything over about 1400g per boot) would likely overpower the binding.
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Question from John
Hi There! Do these bindings share the same mounting pattern as used for the Dynafit Stoke ski?
Answer from eric
Hi John the toe will work with only one mounting position. The heel will not work.
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Question from Sergio
Do these bindings use T-20 torx screws for mounting on the ski? Thanks.
Answer from jbo
Hi Sergio, yes they use the 12.5mm T20s.
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Question from John S
Somehow I missed that the heel riser is much lower than other Dynafits I was used to. Is there any aftermarket riser or 'nubbin' available for this binding?
Answer from jbo
Hi John, unfortunately there aren't any aftermarket nubbins to my knowledge.
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by Andreas (used product a few times)
Seems great except for the crampon attachment. Lost my standard dynafitt crampon today that where supose to fit all dynafit bindbings...

Any ideas? Is this wrong crampon for this binding?

Reply from jbo
Hi Andreas, they Dynafit crampons should work fine, especially the skinnier ones. Did you see how it was lost?
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Question from John P
I had my Speed Superlite bindings mounted at a local shop here in Boise. I notice that when I step into the binding there is a slight amount of play in the heal between the boot and binding. Is this typical?
Answer from jbo
Hi John, there shouldn't be play between the boot and the heel pins. Give us a ring to diagnose.
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Question from laurie
Hi there,

hey, I bought the 2014 speed superlight, but can't find a mounting template. Any ideas on where to find one? Thank you
Answer from jbo
Hi Laurie, Dynafit doesn't provide a paper template for the Superlite. You might have to mark the holes by hand.
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Question from John Carmola
Has anyone used ski crampons with this binding? The small crampon widget that i installed doesn't seem to be wide enough to accommodate the crampon. Am I missing something?
Answer from jbo
Hi John, yeah it gets used. What crampons do you have? It's possible a slight bend will help certain models fit.
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by Adam (used product regularly)
I agree with the other reviewers regarding this binding being a good price at a great weight. It's my new standard for price and weight and makes my Dynafit Vertical ST's seem too overbuilt. I've used it with Aliens on Cho Oyu skis for touring and skimo racing. One caveat to mention for skimo racing is that the second taller riser can get in the way when fumbling at transitions. I have found that riser sometime useful on steep skintacks while touring but I wouldn't miss it if it were gone.
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