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Need a replacement tech toe? Want a backup for a critical mission? Just need toes for a splitboard? Have only one leg? Whatever the reason, you can't go wrong with Dynafit binding toe pieces. Select from the optionally-auto-locking Low Tech Race; race weight but non-auto-locking Superlite; or the sturdy Radical toes with Power Towers, amongst others. Here are the details:

Weight (g) Weight (oz) WHAT'S INCLUDED?
Low Tech Race 2.0 / PDG 80 2.8 NO crampon clip or screws
Low Tech Race 105 67 2.4 4 screws, no crampon clip
Low Tech Race 115 80 2.8 4 screws, no crampon clip
Superlite 150 71 2.5 Leash attachment, NO crampon clip or screws
Superlite 2.0 / 175 80 2.8 NO crampon clip or screws
Blacklight 94 3.3 4 screws, crampon receptor, leash attachment
SpeedFit 126 4.4 Shim, crampon clip + 4 screws
Speed 10 / 12 104 3.7 Baseplate + 4 screws
Speed Turn 1.0 157 5.5 Integrated base plate + 5 screws
Speed Turn 2.0 139 4.9 Crampon clip + 4 screws
Speed Radical - Steel 145 5.1 Crampon clip + 4 screws
Speed Radical - Alu 114 4.0 NO crampon clip or screws
Speed Radical - Silver 110 3.9 Leash attachment but NO crampon clip or screws
Radical ST 154 5.4 Crampon clip, 4 screws, + toe shim
Radical ST - Aluminum 166 5.8 Crampon clip, 4 screws, + toe shim
Radical ST / FT - Steel 143 5.0 NO baseplate, crampon clip, or screws
Radical ST 2.0 223 7.9 Baseplate w/ crampon clip + 4 screws
ST Rotation 198 7.0 Baseplate + 4 screws
ST Rotation 7 218 7.7 NO crampon clip or screws
Vertical ST 200 7.1 Baseplate w/ crampon clip + 5 screws
Vertical FT 205 7.2 Baseplate w/ crampon clip + 5 screws
RC1** 37 1.3 Rotating unit + 4 screws

> Please note these toes are SOLD INDIVIDUALLY so consider buying two if you have a pair of skis that need fixin'. Also note that often Dynafit does not include removable crampon receptors or screws with replacement toe pieces as shown above. The same goes for Radical ST / FT base plates. All of those goodies can be found in our listing for parts. Also, see our listing for heels.

Low Tech Race toes are available in auto-locking and manual versions. Auto-locking means the toe tends towards walk mode when stepping in, whereas manual means you must pull the toe lever up to lock it.

** Please specify RIGHT or LEFT RC1 toe in the order comments and we'll see what we can do.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Tiemo

I'm looking to replace the toe pieces on my dynafits tlt speed bindings--the plastic connection between the springs is chipped and they no longer reliably stay in walk mode.

Do you have any recommendations that would fit the same hole pattern?

Answer from jbo
Hi Tiemo, there have been multiple Dynafit bindings called TLT and/or Speed, with differing hole patterns. Please send a photo of your toe or consult our article on hole patterns.
Answer from Tiemo L
Thanks for the response, I was super confused on the naming convention as well. These are the bindings I was referring to, and it looks like the name has changed at least once:

The hole pattern article was super helpful though! And I just put in an order for speed turn 2.0 toe piece replacement which should be compatible with the same 30x39 pattern.
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Question from Peter
Can you tell me the difference between an LTR 105 toe and a Superlite 150 toe? Same mount pattern? Interchangeable? It looks like a 3g difference, but I can’t figure out if they’re actually different besides the leash attachment being included/excluded.
Answer from Niko M
Hi Peter! They are essentially the same toe. There are some subtle differences in the toe lever, but other than that, they are identical. Thanks!
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Question from Malcolm McRae

Malcolm here; just looking to replace my swiss cheese Spark toe pieces (broke my second toe a couple days ago) with some dynafits and a little confused about the materials used in speed radicals, vs speed turns.

I'm just looking for a toe piece with as much steel in it as possible, would that be the speed turn 2.0, the new black speed turn, or the silver speed radical? Thanks!
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Malcolm,

Since it is pretty hard to tell (they all have some amount of steel in them) we just pulled out a magnet and spent a few minutes playing with the different toes. The Speed Turn 2.0 toes are pretty much all steel. Steel wings, steel bases, and steel toe lever arm (not the plastic part at the front, but the lever is steel). These are bomber and I would recommend going with them.

Just make sure your Spark adapter is compatible with the Dynafit Radical toe pattern before you commit to the toes!

Please email us at with any further questions you might have.
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Question from Kim
Hi. I am trying to switch to a hard boot set up on my splitboard. Spark tech toes are out of stock everywhere. These bindings with the added crampon attachment appear like they are compatible with my Spark Ibex board crampons, but how does one mount this type of screw pattern on the 3-hole factory pattern of the splitboard?
Answer from jbo
Hi Kim, we have three-hole tech toes available called Pekye that should solve your problem. You can also use the 3-hole low tech adapter plates with most Dynafit toes.
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Question from Brian
I have SpeedFit bindings the plastic piece on the bottom of the toe lever that locks the toe piece into hike mode has snapped off. Do you have a replacement part that can help? Thank you!
Answer from jbo
Hi Brian, yes those are the Speed Toe Lockers.
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Question from Katherine Strong
Which of these toe pieces would be considered the most durable?
Answer from jbo
Hi Katherine, Dynafit makes durable toes in general, but the Steel Speed Rad (or Rad ST) probably takes the cake!
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Question from Marc H
The Speed Turn 2.0, Black from the Binding Model menu looks nothing like the Speed Turn 2.0 from the weight/included menu. Is the photo of the Speed Radical Aluminum? And if so, it looks as if it has a crampon attachment, yet in the description it says no crampon attachment? Thanks
Answer from Ian C
Hi Marc, that is indeed a photo of the black/silver Speed Turn 2.0 toe piece! Dynafit has slightly updated the toe this year, most noticeably by smoothing out the metal rod connected to the lever. That should also include the associated crampon attachment and screws.
Answer from Marc H
Ian, do you mean the photo is of the Speed Radical Aluminum rather than the Speed Turn 2.0?
Answer from jbo
Hi Marc, I figured it out...the Speed Turn 2.0 link in the description was pointing to the 1.0. That is fixed, they should now match. Thanks for reporting!
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Question from Christian
It seems the names are (slightly) different in the "what do you get" table compared to the dropdown when adding things to your cart.
Is "Radical ST/FT, Steel" in the dropdown "Radical ST / FT" (no screws/clip) or "Speed Radical - Steel" (with screws and clip) in the table?
Answer from Cole P
Hey Christain, the "Speed Radical - Steel" will include crampon clip + 4 screws. Otherwise, the Speed Radical toes are identical to Radical ST/FT toes.
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Question from Trevor
Is the heel piece for the Radical ST 10 and the Rotation 10 the same or similar? I am wondering if I can buy the Rotation 10 toe pieces and keep the Radical ST 10 heels. Thanks.
Answer from Jeff
Trevor, The Radical ST and the Rotations are very different heel pieces. The Rotation toe works with the Gapless Rotation heel as a gapless binding.
The Rotation toe wouldn't really make the Old Radical heel preform better.
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Question from Mike C
I ordered two Low-Tech Race auto-lockers about a month ago. I presumed based on limited research and (probably) too much assumption that auto-lock meant that when I stepped in, they would be locked, no further action needed.

Does "auto" mean something other than "auto"?
Answer from jbo
Hi Mike, I would describe it as "tends towards locked". In other words, the spring is installed such that the tension pushes the lever upwards towards the locked position.
Answer from Mike C
Thanks for the honesty.

But man -- that sort of nebulous "engineering" is boosheit.
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Question from Alden
I don't see the speed turn 2.0 in your inventory, would any of these fit the same screw pattern and work as an emergency replacement for long tours?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Alden, the Speed Radical toe uses the same hole pattern as the Speed Turn 2.0 and would work great!
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Question from Devon M
Will the ST rotation 10 toe piece work with Speed Turn 2.0 heel piece? I have that heel piece but want the added knee protection of the ST rotation with the din settings
Answer from Zak M
Hey Devon, theoretically you could run that combo. The only issue you would run into is inconsistencies with your release values because of the rotating toe on the Rotation binding. It may just be a better option to just sacrifice the weight and get the Rotation heel as well. Give us a shout if you have any more questions.
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Question from Hayden
Will you be getting more of the steel speed radical (or speed turn) toe pieces in at some point? I realize that the aluminum version is probably just as good, but it doesn't come with screws.. :(
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Hayden,

If screws are the limiting factor, take a look at the Radical ST/FT toe in the steel. When mounted without the shim, this toe will work with 12.5mm torx screws, which you can find under our Dynafit Binding Screws listing. Additionally, you will need the Radical 1.0 Crampon Receptor, which will be under our Dynafit Crampon Receptors listing.

Otherwise, to be set up for a notification when we get more Speed Turn 2.0 or Speed Radical Steel Toes, reach out to us at
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Fes N (used product regularly)
I use the Dynafit Speed Turn 2.0 on my splitboard and they're way better than the Spark tech toes. Easier to engage and release!

Just ordered a second pair for my second split.
Comment on this review:

Question from Tuju
I have a Fischer tour race 2.0 binding and need a new toe peice. I understand that they are Dynafit bindings and wonder which toe peice will match the hole pattern?
Answer from Teddy Young
Thanks for reaching out! Email us a few photos of your bindings(toes and heels) to, and we'll see what will work for you!
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Question from james l lloyd
Which toe replacement uses the same five hole mount as my old tourlight? when I bought them there was only one model of dynafit binding. BTW they have worked perfectly for,I guess , twenty five(+?) years.
Answer from jbo
Hi James, they can last forever! Dynafit doesn't actually use that 5-hole pattern any longer. Some other brands use 4/5 out of those holes, but no current Dynafit matches up. For a list of what would match, see our table of mounting patterns.
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Question from Woodsen S
Just wondering which dynafit two pices have the narrowest screw pattern? (the least distance from the center of the bindings to the center of the screw holes?
Answer from Teddy Young
Most Dynafit toe pieces use a 30mm x 39mm mounting pattern, and the new Dynafit Low Tech Race 105 uses a 24/42.5 x 25 pattern. You can find more info in our Hole Pattern article, is there a specific project we can help with?
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Comment from Anthony O
Speed radical aluminum toes with crampon receptors and screws are 131 grams. (I had the same measurement of 114 grams for the toe alone, so my measurement should be *to scale* (sorry not sorry))
Reply to this comment:

Question from Samuel Cooper
I have an old pair of tri-steps (haha), that I want to replace the toe pieces of. The rear towers are still in good shape, but the toes are causing me problems. Do you have any models that I can buy or scraps lying around with the same 5 bolt pattern and height offset? I've heard that the comfort (and maybe classic) models work as a direct switch, but I'm really not sure myself. Any advice would be helpful too! Thanks!
Answer from Jeff
Samuel, we actually have a set of used toes that have the same hole pattern and pin height- Used.
Or you can go new. The new Dynafit pattern you can use two holes and just drill two more. We have plenty to choose from Dynafit Toes.
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Question from Pete A
I picked up some speed turn 2.0's last year, and while I haven't had too many problems with pre-release, I have had enough where I'm scared to ski them on anything with sliding fall potential. The toes seem to release on jump turn type moves. Do you think an ST radical toepiece with the wings would have more beef for rotational turns on the steeps?
Answer from eric
Pete- Pre-release is due to the smaller amount of elasticity in tech bindings. I would first try turning your lateral release on your heel (the big flat head screw) up one notch and see if that helps your issues. To answer your question though the radical st toe is not any beefier. The wings are to assist with step in. There are toes from other brands that offer more retention.
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