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Dynafit Toe Pieces

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Need a replacement tech toe? Want a backup for a critical mission? Just need toes for a splitboard? Have only one leg? Whatever the reason, you can't go wrong with Dynafit binding toe pieces. Select from the optionally-auto-locking Low Tech Race; race weight but non-auto-locking Speed Superlite; or the sturdy Radical toes with Power Towers, amongst others. Here are the details:

Weight (g) Weight (oz) WHAT ELSE IS IN THE BOX?
Low Tech Race 1.0 81 2.9 NO crampon clip or screws
Low Tech Race 2.0 / PDG 80 2.8 NO crampon clip or screws
Superlite 2.0 80 2.8 NO crampon clip or screws
Speed Turn 157 5.5 Integrated base plate + 5 screws
Speed Turn 2.0 139 4.9 Crampon clip + 4 screws
Speed Radical 145 5.1 Includes crampon clip + 4 screws
Radical ST / FT 143 5.0 NO baseplate, crampon clip, or screws
Radical ST 2.0 223 7.9 Baseplate w/ crampon clip + 4 screws
Vertical FT 205 7.2 Baseplate w/ crampon clip + 5 screws
RC1** 37 1.3 Rotating unit + 4 screws

-> Please note these toes are SOLD INDIVIDUALLY so consider buying two if you have a pair of skis that need fixin'. Also note that often Dynafit does not include removable crampon receptors or screws with replacement toe pieces as shown above. Same goes for Radical ST / FT base plates. All of those goodies can be found in our listing for parts. Also see our listing for heels.

Low Tech Race toes are available in auto-locking and manual versions. Auto-locking means the toe tends towards walk mode when stepping in, whereas manual means you must pull the toe lever up to lock it.

** Please specify RIGHT or LEFT RC1 toe in the order comments and we'll see what we can do.

Question from toddball
Are the toes the same for the black and white versions of the Superlite 2.0?
Answer from Trace Leches
Structurally, yes. Aesthetically, no. Just a lever difference, everything else is the same though.
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by bobbytooslow (downright abused product)
The Radical ST/FT toe pretty much is (or at least should be) the standard for low tech toe pieces. It's only 63g heavier than the Superlite, but it clicks in more crisply, and feels stiffer when making turns. These strike the right balance of weight/durability/performance.
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Question from Pietr
Hi, can we use any of the Dynafit Toe pieces with the Speed Radical heel pieces? Which Toe piece is the strongest? Thanks
Answer from jbo
Hi Pietr, I would say there are some exceptions, like the RC1 and Low Tech Race. Many seem to work, though you probably want to check your release values. The Speed Radical / Radical ST toes are the burliest.
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Question from Peter
I have a radical 2.0 with the rotating toe piece. I try to carry a spare toe piece to get home or on remote trips in case the unthinkable happens. Are any of the lighter/less pricey toe pieces compatible with the hole pattern for the 2.0?
Answer from jbo
Hi Peter, unfortunately not, sorry!
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Question from Roland
Hi, I have dynafit baltoro skis and I need a front binding, would you have it?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Roland! Dynafit had a few skis with pre-drilled inserts in the past, but I didn't think the Baltoro had those inserts. Could you send a picture of the ski with a binding and the ski that's missing a binding and maybe we can clear this up? I'd rather not assume something and possibly get you the wrong toe piece.
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Question from Dan
I just bought a pair of the Speed Turn 2.0 toes to use for a TTS setup. They didn't come with any sort of baseplate. Are they meant to be mounted directly to the ski? When the pins are in the closed position, the lever that extends under them protrudes slightly below the base of the binding, so it doesn't sit flat.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Dan! Speed Turn 2.0 toes should come about as bare bones as it gets, just the toe piece, 4 screws, and a crampon clip. They're designed to be mounted directly to the ski (unless the TTS system you're using requires a baseplate, then it'll mount to that as long as the hole pattern is correct). The lever will protrude below the baseplate when there's no boot in it, but once you pop a boot in there it'll widen the pins up and prevent it from bottoming out like that.
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Question from Mike Lammert
Does the speed radical X1 toe piece have same mounting pattern as TLTs from '07? (grey volcano, just before vertical came out)
Answer from Rebekah S
Hi Mike,

That's a negative on the hole patterns, they are not compatible. However, any of the Plum toe pieces will work withe the exception of the Plum Yak. You can find our chart of hole patterns here.
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Question from chris

I was wondering if this toe piece can be adapted to slip onto a regular demo-adjustable base plate so that I can switch it out for the regular downhill toe binding. I'm looking to keep the cost down for alpine touring gear for my 10 year old son and this appears to be the solution.

Check out 5:40 on this you tube clip.



Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Chris. Dang! That's a slick setup! Yes, the toe piece will absolutely work, but I think the bigger issue will be finding the rental plate in that video. Even once you find it and get it mounted you'd still have to make sure he's in a boot that fits both an alpine binding (potentially even a kids alpine binding if that's what he's in) and also a tech binding. If you do find such a boot to meet all of those requirements then in my mind it makes more sense (financially, operationally, mentally for you and him) to just stick with a full blown tech binding.

It's a bummer there isn't more junior touring gear, but I've got a few ideas:
Hagan's Z02 Junior Binding will work if he's in a junior boot.
Contour's Kids Touring Adapter is a solid option, especially for the cost. We're expecting more of those in the coming weeks.

Otherwise if he has a tech boot that already fits him then a full blown tech binding is likely the best option.
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Question from Phil
There isn't an option to buy Speed Turn 2.0 Toes but it looks like they are displayed in one of the photos. Will they be available later? The Speed Radical toe is a slightly heavier option I guess...
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Phil, thanks for reaching out. Yup, we sold out of our first run of those pretty quickly and don't have a ton of plans to buy more (though that will likely change, but I can't promise anything). The Speed Radical toe piece is slightly heavier, but that comes in the form of the Power Towers and a slightly different crampon receptor.
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Question from Bobby
I have the Radical 1.0. Do the Speed Turn 2.0 toes use the same mounting pattern? Are the pins essentially in the same place? Does the Low Tech Race / Superlite use this pattern as well?
Answer from jbo
Hi Bobby, yes the Speed Turn 2.0s have the same mounting pattern as the Radical 1.0s. Pins are in the same place fore/aft, but would be lower since the Speed Turn doesn't have a baseplate. Same toe pattern for LTR & Superlite but different heels obviously.
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