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If you can’t see the point of skiing unless you leave the ground or go at least a measly 50mph, the Dynafit ST Rotation 14 is your binding. Dynafit has taken their super consistent, bomb-proof, TÜV-certified Rotation 10 binding and cranked it up to 11 14. This binding is ideal for the skier who is getting super rowdy in the backcountry and cannot risk pre-releasing, but also might appreciate running hot laps at the resort. It even works for the skier who enters the backcountry through resort gates and wants a setup to spend some time both in and out of bounds. The rotating toe piece combined with the sliding Anti-Friction Plate on the brake doesn’t just facilitate the consistent release, it also creates a power transfer and locked-in feel that—according to our resident freerider who competes in Freeride World Qualifier events on this binding—is on par with most alpine bindings. With all the Dynafit ST Rotation 14's power and reliability, a high adjustable release value, it’s high time you kiss those clunky frame bindings or dinky daywreckers goodbye and embrace the wonders of the most reliable tech binding money can buy.

  • A sliding AFD plate on the brake and the rotating toe piece combine to facilitate a design consistent enough to pass the DIN safety certification standards.
  • A fully adjustable vertical and lateral release value that goes up to 14, putting it on par with the Marker Duke PT, Salomon Shift, Marker Kingpin—an ideal choice for bigger, sendier skiers.
  • If registered online, this binding comes with a lifetime warranty that guarantees it will be fixed or replaced if you manage to break or damage it in the next decade.
  • A quick twist of the heel piece is all that’s needed to transition between walk and ski mode, no need to take your skis off.
  • The heel piece comes with two generous riser heights in case you prefer your skin track like your whiskey—straight up.
convert to ounces
606g [105mm]
Weight (pair) 1212g [105mm]
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   90, 105, 120
BSL Adjustment   45mm
Riser Heights   2 + flat
Vertical Release   7-14
Lateral Release   7-14
Crampon Ready   Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Stainless steel, aluminum, high test plastic
Skimo Co Says
Usage Free touring, ski touring
Notes Same venerable binding as the 10 and 12
Bottom Line Great for those looking for a binding with a bit of oomph
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Daniel Ott
Is dalbello lupo pro going to fit into theese?
Answer from Jeff
Daniel, Any boot with Tech fittings will work these bindings.
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Question from Mark S
Is the toe spring strong enough to tour without locking out the toe?
Would love to be able to do that to reduce vulnerability when touring in certain terrain and conditions.
Answer from jbo
Hi Mark, I doubt you will have success touring with this unlocked in uneven terrain.
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Question from Mark S
What brakes should I choose for a 95mm wide ski? 105 too wide?
Answer from jbo
Hi Mark, the 90s should just fit on there for a nice clean retraction.
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Comment from Mike S

I am assembling a touring binding spec sheet and am using the specs from your website.

One inconsistency that I came across in your specifications table is that some bindings are listed with the BSL range as half of the full range and others are listed with the full range. This binding, for example, is listed with a BSL Adjustment of 22.5mm indicating that if mounted at center you could have 22.5mm of adjustment in each direction. Some other bindings like the Dynafit ST Rotation 10 list the full length of adjustment showing the BSL Adjustment spec at 45mm. It might be helpful to standardize this measurement spec.

One other spec that I noticed is inconsistent is the heel elasticity. It seems that some bindings show just the amount of rearward travel of the heel, and others show a figure that seems to show travel + heel gap. I don't know if one method is more correct than another, but consistency would be helpful. The spec is also important enough that it might merit its owl place in the specifications table.

If you're interested in the sheet, its incomplete but I dropped it in the website field.

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Model: ST Rotation 14

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