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Looking for the quickest and best-est climbing skin solution for your new Dynastar touring skis? Hard-to-beat precut skins since Dynastar has partnered with industry-leading Pomoca to make matching carpets with exceptional glide and easy-to-manage glue. The tip and tail attachments are straightforward and let you rip the skins off from the tail while standing. Find sets that come ready to skin for the excellent M-Tour 108, M-Tour 99, M-tour 90, and M-Vertical 88 skis. The Dynastar precut skins are the obvious choice.

  • 70% Mohair / 30% Nylon blend offers the best combo of grip, glide, and durability.
  • Waterproof treatment prevents moisture from contaminating the glue and its stick.
  • Square tip buckles lock onto the tips of the M-Tour 108 and M-Tour 99s and are replaceable.
  • Race-style bungee cord tips slot into the tips of the M-Vertical 88s.
  • Adjustable tail clips let you dial in the fit (hopefully not too tight).
  • Comes with a skin bag for storage and transport.

Update 2022/23: The skins changed color but that's it.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Daniel Lewandowski
I have today a pair of Dynastar vertical eagle 170 cm with dimensions 118, 86, 106. Are there any pre cut skins that I can use?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Daniel! Unfortunately, there are no available precut skins for you skis. You could use a precut listed above, but they all will require some trimming to fit you skis. If you'd like to discuss this further and see what skin might be ideal for you, send us an email at Thanks!
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Question from Luke
Which Pomoca skins are these equivalent to? Climb 2.0?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Luke, the Dynastar Precut skins are most similar to the Climb 2.0 Skins, correct.
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