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The Dynastar touring family is growing: the Storks have dropped off the M-Tour 90, making the family much more complete. As with siblings, the M-Tour 90 and 99 share a similar genetic makeup but have very different personalities. For instance, the rocker profile on the M-Tour 99 wants to seek out soft turns whereas the shorter rocker profile and longer effective edge on the M-Tour 90 is more at home on firm, steep terrain. The M-Tour 90 is also quicker edge-to-edge, which will be welcome in consequential terrain. Like its bigger brother, the M-tour 90 sports Dynastar’s Hybrid Core construction, which combines paulownia and PU, creating an exceptionally smooth and supportive ride at minimal weight. This ski likes to go fast but can stop on a dime. If your ski family feels incomplete and needs something that can handle firm conditions, then bring home the M-Tour 90—you’ll be happy you did.

  • Hybrid core utilizes PU and Paulwonia to provide an impressive dampness-to-weight ratio.
  • 90mm waist width is the new "in" width for a do-it-all ski, according to Europe.
  • Long effective edge helps with grip in icy firm conditions.

Update 2024/25: Dynastar has graced us with a new topsheet design.

Lengths (cm) 157, 167, 177, 184
convert to ounces
1165g [157]
1245g [167]
1350g [177]
1460g [184]
Weight (pair) 2330g [157]
2490g [167]
2700g [177]
2920g [184]
Sidecut   118-88-108 [157]
119-89-109 [167]
120-90-110 [177]
120-90-110 [184]
Turn Radius   12m [157]
15m [167]
18m [177]
20m [184]
Skin Fix   Round tip, Flat tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Directional rocker tip and tail, camber underfoot
Shape   Tapered tip, medium radius, pintail
Construction   Hybrid core lightweight construction
Core   Paulownia, PU Hybrid Core
Skimo Co Says
Usage Touring, all condition skiing
Notes Full sidewall, Basalt Fiber reinforcements
Bottom Line A stable and versatile "90"
Compare to other Mid-fat Skis

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Questions & Reviews

Question from James
Hey, struggling to find reviews.

I asked before about the backand 95 and alp tracks. Looking for something less stiff and more damp than my blacklight pro 172. I'm 184cm 75kg. This seems nice dimensions as 90 and 177 long. And a good price too. Would they be a bit more forgiving and damp for an intermediate skier who likes to ski whatever the day serves up.

Answer from Niko M
Hi Jim,
This is the narrower and less known brother to the M Tour 99, which is well reviewed. They are pretty much the same design, just narrower. They ski firm conditions surprisingly well for such a light ski. You could say pretty damp. With a good bit of rocker up front, they ski powder much better then you would expect for a 90mm width ski.
Overall they will be a better all around ski and more fun, then the Blacklight Pro.
Answer from James h
Thanks. So many good skis these days! Seems like the 99 are no weight penalty but a bit more ski. Will have to try some and finally decide!
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Question from Jim
As a beginner at 5'9.5 (176.5 cm) and 160 lbs, would you recommend 167 or 177 cm for a one-quiver ski to do it all? Would love to save weight on ascents but not at cost of safety on the way down.
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Jim,

As a beginner skier at 5'9, I would go with the 167. It will be easier to learn how to kick-turn and easier to turn in general, especially in tight places. The 177cm would be a lot to manage at your size for someone not yet comfortable with speed.
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Question from Hayden
How much camber do these have? I can't find rocker/camber profile pics anywhere online.
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Hayden,

These have medium camber underfoot, and a hefty amount of tip rocker. Not much tail rocker. I'm attaching a photo I took of the profile in our shop. Hope that helps!
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Question from Kenji K
Looking to replace Mtn Explore, mixing resort/bc. I have used Cham 97 MH, liked them for PNW snow except huge tips. Are the weights updated?
Answer from Brett S
Hey Kenji, the specs have been verified and the weights adjusted to what we measured.
Answer from Kenji K
Thanks! So the M 99 weighs almost exactly the same: 2640g [178], even slightly lighter!! I guess that's by design. Do yo think M90 is a good upgrade from Explore 95 if I want a tad skinnier and as damp skis? How does it compare to Trab Ski Trab Ortles 90 beside the obvious weight difference?
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Question from Charley White
Is this really a pintail (whatever that is)? Doesn't look that narrowing. Am trying to replace some Dynastar Chan HM 87s which have a distinct "pintail" I don't care for.
Answer from Jeff
Charley, It isn't. About as Classic of a sidecut you can get. 120-90-110.
I looked up the old Cham 87. Not sure I would call it a Pintail either, but it looks like a lot of tail taper for an 87mm ski. These have less.
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Question from Ben
Have you had the chance to verify the weights for these yet? It looks like the weights are only ~20-40g different between the M Tour 90 and 99 in equivalent lengths
Answer from Teddy Young
Ben, it looks like we haven't gotten these skis in yet, but hopefully they'll be arriving in the next couple of months! Once they come in, we'll verify those weights.
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Model: M Tour 90

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