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The original Fischer Travers Carbon boot has carbon in it's sole and charging in its soul, and the updated Travers CC is more of the same, just better. With a full-carbon cuff added to an already awesome backcountry touring boot, the Travers CC is a dream boot for folks who want to ski hard and aren't afraid to walk for it. On this updated model, a tall carbon cuff stiffens things up without changing the overall fit and feel of the boot. This updated cuff just adds another gear to a boot already equipped with a kevlar boot sole that is the secret to its sharp boot-to-ski power transfer. The Boa closure system on the lower shell of the boot ensures an even and consistently snug fit, avoiding the uneven or overly tight clamped feel that buckles sometimes have. Making a good boot better is a risky endeavor, but the good folks at Fischer worked their black magic well and updated an already fantastic boot that is sure to be your daily driver from day 1.

  • Kevlar plate in the sole is what put the Travers series on everyone's radar, eliminating shell twisting that reduces skiing precision when using tech bindings.
  • The adjustable upper Velcro strap and buckle offer a simple system that flicks from ski to walk mode faster than your buddy can open his (or her) rock-hard Clif bar.
  • The ski/walk lever beds into a notch on the back of the boot, securely out of the way to limit the chance of an accidental switch to ski mode mid-booter.
  • Using a Boa closure system, a coated stainless steel cable routes through brass pulleys to evenly and snugly support your foot.
  • With a punchable lower shell, this boot accommodates the knobby, strange, uneven feet that skiers tend to have.
  • CC = Carbon Cuff which offers excellent power transmission to your edges as there is nothing lost in translation.
  • Soma Tech, Fischer’s secret sauce, angles your feet outward three degrees for a more natural, powerful stance.
  • Stiff No-Torsion base in the boot sole transfers power from boot to binding, the key to this hard-charging boot.
  • With a Lace Liner, you can articulate the fit you want, ensuring a slip-free fit within the liner.
  • The 100mm last is a good middle of the road width, great for most typical foot dimensions.
  • Toe and heel lugs come ready for automatic crampons, available here.

Update 2020/21: The CC boot has been recalled by Fischer. They recommend going with the tried and true CS version.

convert to ounces
1004g [27.5]
Weight (pair) 2008g [27.5]
Buckles   Tour 45mm buckle and BOA
Boot Sole Length   276mm [25.5]
286mm [26.5]
296mm [27.5]
306mm [28.5]
316mm [29.5]
326mm [30.5]
Binding Compatibility   Tech Only
Cuff Rotation   80°
Forward Lean(s)   14° + Velcro spoiler
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Grilamid shell, carbon fiber cuff
Liner   Palau Lite
Skimo Co Says
Usage Backcountry skiing, mountaineering, casual skimo racing
Notes The Boa provides a very comfortable and smooth lower cuff fit
Bottom Line Impressive mix of uphill and downhill performance
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Kevin Woolley
I just tore the strap on one of my boots on a hut trip this week. The carbon cuff appears to have loosened the stitching connecting the strap to the lever by abrasion, it's got a pretty sharp edge. I had contacted you guys to get this fixed under warranty but now I see there is a recall for cracks in the carbon cuff, Fischer website says they will have a replacement model starting in March. I love this boot and it's peak season here in Colorado and I would prefer to repair my strap at home and ski until spring season is over in June and then get the new boot during the summer when I'm not missing out on anything. Any idea yet on the recall process? Would it be weeks of waiting? I've had no trouble with cracks in the cuff, is this something you have seen?

Also would put in my impression from 12 days and 30K vert feet on this boot. I'm middle aged, 170 lbs, type II skier mostly seeking mellow powder in the winter and some steeps in the spring. I'm using the Travers CC with Cho Oyu and SSL 2.0. Previous boot was Alien RS. This boot is larger volume than Alien RS, which I needed because the RS was killing my foot after a long season last year. I've punched a couple of spots for metatarsal, it's much easier to punch than RS. Very similar boot in terms of performance otherwise, excellent ROM for uphill and stiff enough for my purpose on the down. If you are in the RS and find it too narrow, I think this is the boot. Watch the strap stitching, that's the only wear issue I've had.
Answer from jbo
Hi Kevin, thanks for the feedback! I agree with your impressions. The recall involves a refund or swapping to a Travers CS, which is being rush-shipped from Europe. We have not seen any breakages of the carbon cuff, just a picture of one in the recall notice.
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Question from Peter Crisci
2 questions: the forward lean is reportedly 17 degrees which I find a bit aggressive. Is that adjustable as are some other boots ? Given a narrow low volume foot is the cc a good start or do you find the atomic backland carbon to be a narrower lower volume fit? Hope to be in the store in a few weeks to figure it out. Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Peter, the lean is not adjustable on these, save the addition of an included liner spoiler that can be Velcro'd on. This might not be the best fit for very narrow or low volume, and the Backland would be a step in the wrong direction. I'd suggest coming in or visiting our online boot fitter. Thanks!
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Question from Chris L
Will you be getting any more sizes of this boot this year? 28.5 or 29.
Answer from Jeff
Chris, sorry to say but Fischer ran out early this season. Including the CS model.
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Question from nicholas k
Can you keep the top buckle buckled and still move in walk mode? I.e. if you wanted to keep them tight and climb some ice?

Been using the Proclines for a couple seasons (first rando boot, second ski boot). Looking for something that skis better as I've wandered more into skiing after thinking it was just something I was going to do to get to ice climbs.

A general comparison to the Proclines would be appreciated too! I'm interested in peak bagging and resort uphill (usually followed by some chair laps, but not concerned with charging hard), and enduro skiing in general.

Answer from Jeff
Nicholas, Yes you can keep the top buckle closed, it is not connected to the ski/walk lever. It is just an option for making for freer hiking. Arc'teryx had mountaineering in mind when they created the Procline boot, and from what I hear it skis very well, especially the AR version. The Travers Carbon will be superior for doing laps and long distance endeavors. As for the downhill portion, it will ski as well as the regular Procline.
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Question from JPM
The sensation I get when comparing this boot (Carbon Cuff) to my Travers Carbon's (now the backup boot) is, when skiing the Hannibal 96's, the skis feel much wider, float even better and controlling and maintaining speed is a simpler task. When on the Travers 90 Carbons, and the cuff is snugged up more so than when skiing the Hannibal's, the skis float pretty dang well in deep snow, bust through crud and hold an edge on very firm surfaces. Am I nuts or am I just learning how to ski? I hope It's learning how to ski. I just got rid of all my skis with a waist greater than 96mm.
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey JPM, the CC version is definitely performing amazingly for us as well, glad you're loving the new boots so much!
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Question from JMC
On the third day of use, my new Fischer Travers CC boots developed significant play (in ski mode) in both boots and a subsequent "thunk" with every flex forward coming from the upper cuff. I haven't been able to diagnose it yet but it seems to come from the pivots of the upper cuff. Have you seen this or heard from anyone else with the same issue?
Answer from jbo
Hi JMC, we haven't seen that issue, but always happy to help with a warranty case. You can set one up in your account or send an email to
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Question from Ryan Tetz
How does this boot compare with the Dynafit TLT 8 in performance head to head?

I’m looking for a new boot to possibly upgrade from my old TLT 5. I don’t consider it stiff/strong enough to really push a 100 mm ski and didn’t love the buckle problems or cuff swapping ideally. I’m open to other recommendations too, but have looked at the Travers and TLT 8 so far. I have a wide foot overall FYI.

I like to do long tours/light weight still, but also want a setup that is fun on the downhill. Considering pairing with a Dynastar Mythic is similar category ski.

This boot looks impressive though. I’ve also tried the Dynafit One PX in the past.
Answer from Jeff
Ryan, yes the CC is an impressive boot. The new CC increases lateral stiffness and loses 40g. The Travers strong suit is hiking with its impressive 80 degrees ROM. But stiffness/downhill performance would give a slight edge to the TLT8. Fit, the Travers is a medium width/volume and the TLT8 has the widest forefoot. So sounds like they may be the better fit out of the box. One new interesting boot is the Skorpius. THe Skorpius has tall, surprisingly stiff cuff for its weight. All of these boots would drive a 100mm ski.
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JPM (used product a few times)
Fischer Travers CC 27.5
Fischer Hannibal 96 176
Body weight 150 lbs
Height 5'6"
Skier Type II-III

I took the boots out for two short tours from Albion lodge up Summer road to the top of the Albion lift. Skiing down was limited to groomers due to a fluid extraction procedure done on my knee four days prior.

Comparing these boots to the Travers Carbon (18-19), the CC is much more laterally stiff. Noticeably so both skinning up and skiing down. The stiffer cuff did not inhibit cuff rotation and with the buckle fully locked opened, the ski did not roll over anywhere on the skin track. Skiing down, considerably less ankle/foot movement is required when rolling and flattening the ski. Forward flex is easily controlled by the buckle strap

Both boots are comfortable and warm. I can't say I favor either boot at this time however, the carbon cuff does provide added lateral support and if needed, a stiffer flex.

This was a short review and I will update the review as my knee heals.
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Dusan F (used product a few times)
Hello there,
I purchased a pair of Travers CC-s a month ago via a retailer across the border from me in Austria (with a nice discount without the possibility of exchange/return). Ended up selling them because they were too large in size 29.5. Last week wanted to order again in size 28.5 but it seems the CC is out of stock (available again in January 2020). Ended up buying the CS.
So, the CC in size 29.5 weights 1.135 kg and the CS in 28.5 weights 1.1 kg (single boot). This boot fits much better than e.g. Atomic range, which is too narrow for my feet.
Regarding the flex (though on my carpet) the carbon cuff feels a bit stiffer (I’d say no more than 10 flex) but when pressed hard the cuff sort of “brakes”. The Grilamid cuff feels softer and eventually also gives up but seems a bit more elastic. In terms of flex I’d say this boot is comparable to La Sportiva Solar/Skorpius (app. 90 flex) while Scapra F1 might be a little bit better going down (although weighting in 300 grams more per boot).
Given the fit out-of-the-box (including my flat feet) and huge range of motion (I’d say almost too much especially backwards) I give 5 stars to the entire range.
Hope this helps. Regards from the sunny side of the Alps
Reply from jbo
Thanks for the input, Dusan, the boots function really well on this side of the pond too!
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Question from mbillie1
Does anyone have a sense of roughly how much stiffer the carbon cuff makes these? I’m unspeakably happy with my “old” Carbon Travers but curious if these will drive 110+ underfoot, or if it’s more like 5-10% stiffer.
Answer from jbo
Hi mbillie, the extra stiffness and increase in max ski width is not drastic, more in the 5-10% range. Same story with the weight savings.
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