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It used to be that Search and Rescue operators recommended that b*ckcountry (can't use the full word, gotta keep Big Backcountry off our case) recreationists take mirrors to signal for help when they get lost-- not anymore!! Nowadays, if you're in the backcountry and need a rescue, simply find a long stick and hold your Fischer Travers CS boots up in the air, and their glowing green hue will attract every rescuer within a 15-mile radius. In addition to their hi-vis paint job, the Travers CS boots have a spec sheet that tick's nearly every necessary box on the "What Backcountry Skiers Want" list. A huge range of motion in the ankle, the super-adjustable Boa lower-boot closure system, and a stiff carbon sole are just a few reasons to grab a pair of these featherweight touring boots for yourself. Fischer's nifty stance-improving technology, Somatec, positions your feet in a faint v-shape that improves power transfer down to your ski edges, while the Grilamid lower shell takes a punch better than Mohammed Ali (the Skimo Co boxing team? Featherweight division only). If you like skin tracks, soft snow, and long days, then Fischer Travers CS ski boots are sure to be a perfect companion for all your snowy endeavors.

  • With a kevlar sole, the Travers CS is designed to be solid and stiff and able to handle hard skiing with minimal shell flex and slop.
  • An adjustable velcro strap and sliding buckle make for easy and fast transitions.
  • A notch in the back cuff of the boot beds the ski/walk lever and eliminates unintentional transitions while booting and scrambling.
  • Brass rollers smoothly allow the Boa cable to tension the lower boot without any hotspots.
  • The Grilamid lower shell can be punched to accommodate odd and strange feet.
  • Soma Tech, Fischer’s secret sauce, angles your feet outward three degrees for a more natural, powerful stance.
  • Toe and heel lugs make automatic crampon attachment easy and fast.

convert to ounces
1044g [27/27.5]
Weight (pair) 2088g [27/27.5]
Buckles BOA + Tour 45mm + Buckle
Boot Sole Length 276mm [25.5]
286mm [26.5]
296mm [27.5]
306mm [28.5]
316mm [29.5]
326mm [30.5]
Binding Compatibility Tech only
Cuff Rotation 80°
Forward Lean(s) 14° + Velcro spoiler
Specs Verified Yes
Materials Grilamid shell, Carbon in the sole
Liner Custom moldable Palau
Sole No-Torsion
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski Touring, Ski Mountaineering
Notes Carbon sole added for better power transmission
Bottom Line A perfect balance between up and downhill performance.
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Aaron O
How do these compare to the Scarpa F1 (blue first gen) in terms of weight and downhill performance? I like my Scarpas on the up, on the down, they are kind of meh.
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Aaron,

Thanks for reaching out! Compared with a Scarpa F1, the Fischer Travers CS will save you some grams on the way up, but will be a little softer flex for the downhill.
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Comment from Walker Dixon
It's useful to know that Fischer also has a phone app that uses your phone camera to generate a 3D image of your foot. The app then calculates the optimal size (in half-size increments) to fit your foot for a specified Fischer boot. I'm surprised these boots aren't readily available in my Cascade region yet, but they should be. The app nailed the fit. shipped them out of state without a hitch. Thanks!
Reply from Forest D
Interesting. I used the App and it told me I need a 29.5 boot. My current boot (Dynafit) is 27.0
Reply from jbo
Thanks for the feedback on the sizing app, Walker & Forest! The potential for this (and competing) technology is promising, but the consistency of the output still hasn't beat the heuristics methods we use with our boot fitter.
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Question from Alex
What size would you recommend for me? I wear a 10 wide for shoes, and have a pair of 27.5 Atomic Hawx 130s that were fitted at the shop.
Answer from Jeff
Alex, for a more educated answer, please fill out our Boot fitter and we can get back to you on that. The Hawx is rather narrow, did the shop have to punch out a lot? The Travers have a wider last and probably would be a good choice.
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Question from Nick
How do these compare to the Travers Carbon? I am looking to get either of those or the F1LT next season.
Answer from jbo
Hi Nick, except for colors, this is the exact same boot as the Travers Carbon from previous seasons.
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