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Nothing screams "I love spring" more than the Hagan Ski Crampon. Well, maybe choosing Cinco De Mayo as your favorite holiday but that's beside the point. The Hagan Ski Crampon provides utter grip on utterly bad skin tracks. Forged from aluminum, into small alligator teeth, it's not too often that you get this strong of a ski crampon in such a small package. Compatible with all Hagan bindings, this crampon adds a good amount of versatility to your kit, allowing you to drop all previous knowledge of proper skinning techniques. The Hagan Ski crampon will feel equally at home on your rack, in your pack, or on the skin track.

  • Hagan binding compatibility for enhanced AWD performance.
  • Crafted out of pure, unadulterated aluminum.
  • Multiple size options ranging from 70mm to 120mm
  • Available in one color: Midnight Mystery (Black)

Stock Note: If the size you're looking for is out of stock, check out the BD & ATK crampons which are the same thing.

Width* Weight (g) Weight(oz) Measured Width
70mm 51 1.8 70mm
86mm 86mm
91mm 69 2.4 91mm
97mm 74 2.6 97mm
102mm 75 2.6 102mm
108mm 82 2.9 108mm
120mm 88 3.1 120mm

*Please note that Hagan ski crampons are exactly the width specified so measure your ski where the crampon will sit and make sure to order a higher number.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from drew
My Atomic Backland 95's measure between 94-95mm where the crampons would sit. Are the 97mm crampons big enough or should I get the 102mm for extra wiggle room?

Also, do these slide into the Dynafit crampon slot easier than the Dynafit brand crampons? My Dynafit brand crampons are near impossible to get into the slot while on the bench in my garage. I'd bet it would be 100% impossible outdoors. Bindings are the ST Rotation 10.

Thanks x2!
Answer from Jeff
Drew, The 97mm Hagan will fit that ski perfectly.
Sometimes you can bend the receptor on the Rotations a bit to make the crampon slide in a bit easier. But some people have better luck with the ATK.
Answer this question:

Eddy v (downright abused product)
These are lighter than Dynafit crampons, come in more sizes so you can more perfectly pair them to your skis, and still fit in Dynafit bindings (or at least so I've been told, I'm on ATKs/Hagans). They perform just as well, so I really see no reason not to get these instead if you have the Dynafit style crampon attachment.

If you haven't had ski crampons before - they're a lifesaver in spring melt-freeze conditions, especially when sidehilling. They'll make an annoying sound while you use them (all ski crampons do this) but it's still a lot less annoying than constantly slipping around on refrozen snow!
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