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To start, these bindings are sturdily built out of metal and POM, providing an exceptionally stout construction at a very reasonable weight. Complementing this hard-working construction is the Elastic Response System, which gives the heel room to move fore and aft, keeping your release values consistent through variable terrain. Speaking of the heel, the Pin-Up Evo bindings now utilize an Auto Locking Skibrake System. This innovative system allows the ski brake to be automatically engaged simply by switching from ascent to descent mode, which will surely reduce the time spent transitioning. With release options ranging from 3-8 or 5-10, these bindings are meant to adorn the skis of almost anyone. As Hagan themselves attest, the Pin-Up binding is a binding that leaves no one dissatisfied.

  • Auto-Lock Skibrake System automatically engages or disengages the brake when put into ascend or descend modes.
  • Elastic Response System helps keep release values working through tumultuous terrain.
  • Integrated crampon mounts are integrated, but you could remove to save weight.
  • Fully adjustable lateral and vertical release values.
convert to ounces
302g [8, 97mm]
304g [10, 97mm]
Weight (pair) 604g [8, 97mm]
608g [10, 97mm]
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   75, 86, 91, 97 [Pin Up Evo 8]
86, 91, 97, 102, 108, 120 [Pin Up Evo 10]
BSL Adjustment   20mm
Riser Heights   2 + flat
Vertical Release   3-8 [ Pin Up Evo 8]
5-10 [Pin Up Evo 10]
Lateral Release   3-8 [Pin Up Evo 8]
5-10 [Pin Up Evo 10]
Crampon Ready   Yes, Removable
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Aluminum alloy, POM, stainless steel
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski touring
Notes Innovative auto-locking brake
Bottom Line Elegant and lightweight touring binding
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Nikolaj
Hi there hello,
So is Hagan Pin Up Evo essentially rebranded ATK RT Evo? I don't see any difference apart from colour and brand name, and all the other Hagan bindings match very well to other ATK models.
Answer from jbo
Hi Nikolaj, yes for this season they are the same. A divergence appears to be coming for 24/25.
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Question from Rowan K
I'm curious if there are other binding jigs out there that work for mounting this binding? As a boutique brand, I'm finding it tough to find a local shop that has the Hagan jig. Thanks!
Answer from Niko M
Hi Rowan! The mounting pattern follows:
Toe - 30 x 27
Heel - 45/25 x 60
This is the same pattern as several popular ATK bindings such as the Crest, which many shops are able to mount. Thanks!
Answer from Rowan K
Thanks Niko! That's super helpful.
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Question from Justin B
Are the brakes removable on these? Will AL11 work?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Justin, the brakes do come off but the AL11 Brake Seat Cover does not fit. It is only compatible with the non Evo brake system.
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Question from Michael M
Does this heel piece have the same 45 x 60 mm mounting pattern as the other Raider/Core heels? Thanks.
Answer from Niko M
Hi Michael,

They do not share the same mounting pattern. The most rearward screws are spaced at 25mm. Thanks!
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Question from Eric
Your specs incorrectly say this has 4+ flat heel positions. It has 2+.
Answer from Jeff
Eric, You are right. This model doesn't work the same as the Raider models. Will update and post the riser heights when we get a pair to check out.
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Question from DGG
Are the features of this (10) binding the same as the new ATK Raider 11 Evo? Any bells/whistles missing?

Also, might you be able to describe a bit more about how the auto-brake works. ATK site says something about rotating the heel piece. I have the C-Raider 12 on another pair of skis, and I only rotate if I need to go flat on ski for a while (dreaded almost no-angle logging road approaches). Button brake is easy, since I only have to stow the brake when ski is in hand at the bottom to re-apply skins. At the top I can engage the brake with a tap of the pole handle.

I'm also considering the C-Raider 10. Any comparo thoughts? Since I'm not charging hard (at all??), I keep all binders (ATK, Kreuzspitze, inbounds) below 8.

Thank you!
Answer from Ian C
Hi DGG, this is the leaner version with a streamlined toe piece akin to the ATK Crest or Hagan Pure. Hagan's Raider Evo rebrand can be found here:

Both this and the Core 12 Evo use a system where the heel piece rotates 180 degrees from ski to tour mode, which automatically retracts the brakes. You can view a demonstration here. This eliminates the need to press a brake button but introduces a mandatory heel rotation step. I suppose the Evo system would slow down the minimum time needed for a transition to skinning, but gives you flat plus two risers all on the same heel position.

The C-Raider is another amazing binding in the ATK lineup. It's similarly burly to the ordinary Raider but has a unique toe piece with carbon composite to drop the weight a few dozen grams. I view the C-Raider as one of the lightest possible freeride bindings. Just as durable and well made as anything else made by ATK. A release value of 8 would be perfect for any of the aforementioned bindings.
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Model: Pin Up Evo

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