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Movement Alp Tracks 84 Ski - Women


The Women’s version of the Alp Tracks 84 uses a slightly different mix of carbon fibers to adapt the flex to female skiers. Not quite as stiff, the ski is still light, damp, and reliable. Movement’s most advanced construction process is labor intensive, involving special squeezing steps to get the skis so light and robust. This ski is made in a limited edition run that top female athletes and true skiing enthusiasts will enjoy. The Women’s 84 has ABS sidewalls that absorb shock, rubber in the tips to absorb vibration, and a price that will absorb your money. Worth every penny though, as this ski line is tops on the weight-to-performance scale. Fly uphill and down with the Movement Alp Tracks 84 Women’s ski.

  • Varying-thickness Tour Edges are thicker underfoot for impact resistance.
  • VA-Tech Fiberglass & rubber layer in the tip reduces vibration at speed.
  • Double Plate Reinforced binding area is backcountry confidence inspiring.
  • Mini ABS sidewall underfoot absorbs impact and improves edge hold.
  • Base material is impact-resistant P-Tex 5000, polished for a smooth glide.
  • Forest management certifications obtained with the Karuba wood cores.

Update 2017/18: The skis get a graphics makeover but otherwise remain the same.

Update 2018/19: The AT84 was replaced by the 85.

Lengths (cm) 153, 161, 169
convert to ounces
880g [153]
970g [161]
1025g [169]
Weight (pair) 1760g [153]
1940g [161]
2050g [169]
Sidecut   118-84-107 [153]
119-84-108 [161]
119-84-108 [169]
Turn Radius   16m [153]
17m [161]
18m [169]
Skin Fix   Basic tip loop, tail clip
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Twin rocker, camber underfoot
Shape   Round shovel, square tapered tail
Construction   Carbon wrap half-cap w/ mini sidewalls
Core   Ultralight Karuba wood
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski mountaineering, classic touring
Notes ABS sidewall absorbs shock
Bottom Line High-end mountaineering ski
Compare to other Women's Skis

Questions & Reviews

Question from Mikaela

I am looking for a pair of light skis to mount black diamond 75 mm telebindings on. Can you mount telebindings on the alp track 89?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Mikaela,

I would not recommend mounting a tele binding on the Movement Alp Tracks 89. Movement specifically states that will void the warranty on their skis. One potential option for a Tele mount would be the K2 Wayback 88. K2 does not have any specific stipulations for tele bindings. Additionally, the Wayback 88 is great in a wide variety of conditions, as well as being relatively light! If you have any further questions, reach out to us at
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Question from Christine Portmann
Hello from Canada,
i spoke with someone earlier today on the phone. Very pleasant and informative thanks.
i am definitely taking my time with my research. It can be a bit overwhelming as so many choices and so many opinions.
Over the last 25 yrs i have had a few backcountry skis. First was a super old set up with Silveretta bindings, next 2 were telemark, most recent the Kastle 98 with Daimir scout frame binding. The latest mainly used at resort and out of bounds powder seeking missions.
As i had mentioned i am now ready for something lighter and ready to try the pin bindings. I am thinking in the mid 80's width. A few options i have looked at are Trab Altiva, Elan Ibex 84, Fisher Transalp 84, Blizzard zerog85, Dynafit Tour, and Movement (i think Alp Tracks).
A ski for my day missions getting up mountains here on the island...super tight terrain through trees, sometimes carrying skis at the same time would also be nice if this can cross over for some multi day tours.
My question at this time is typically what are you recommending for length for someone like myself with a height of around 5ft 4in?
My Kastles are 168cm and they are too long for the steep uphill switchback turns.
Answer from Jeff
Christine, We will continue to help on your Quest. A ski in the 160cm range should be perfect. Not only to make all those kickturns, but need a very quick turning ski too. Look at the Movement Alp tracks 85, we have it in a 161cm. It is the newer womans model which has a new more advanced 5 axis carbon layup.
You should also look at the Atomic Backland UL 85.
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Question from Julia
What do you recommend for bindings with this ski?
Answer from jbo
Hi Julia! There are several options that would work. Best bet is to narrow it down based on YOU, using our binding finder.
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Question from Anthony O
my wife likes really flexy skis, she currently is on the movement balance. does this have more forgiving flex? shes also looking at the womens ultra vector. or do you have anything else in mind? she wants something in the mid 150 cm range
Answer from Nate
Hi Anthony, I would say that the flex and performance of the Alp Tracks 84 is definitely more forgiving than the Balance. I don't think you could go wrong with this ski, especially for the weight vs the Ultra Vector.
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Model: Alp Tracks LT 84 Women

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