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The new Vertex looks destined to become the crown jewel of the X-Series skis from Movement. Replacing the Bond-X ski at 84mm underfoot, the Vertex-X adds a mini ABS sidewall underfoot so it can hold up even better to the rigors of everyday touring and mountaineering. It keeps the relatively straight edges near the tip and tail that are a godsend when side-slipping or traversing steep, hard snow. A slightly redesigned tip and tail shape is integrated with light rocker to make turns more fluid. The ski features the high-end North TPT construction that makes the X-skis so light and stable. The Vertex-X has an early nomination for mountaineering ski of the year.

  • CTS Light is an ABS sidewall located only underfoot for good balance of weight & strength.
  • Edges are straightened near the tip and tail which helps track and slide securely on icy snow.
  • Lightweight Paulownia wood core is buffeted by poplar strings for excellent rebound.
  • Patented Thin Ply Technology (North TPT) wraps the core with interleaving carbon fibers.
  • Full 2mm of edge and P-Tex 4000 base material is hard enough to withstand some abuse.

Update 2016/17: Movement updated the colors but kept the ski awesome.

Update 2017/18: The Vertex-X has been discontinued in favor of the Alp Tracks 84 which has the same great shape and profile.

Lengths (cm) 161, 169, 177, 183
convert to ounces
1015g [161]
1075g [169]
1100g [177]
1140g [183]
Weight (pair) 2030g [161]
2150g [169]
2200g [177]
2280g [183]
Dimensions   119-84-108 [161]
119-84-108 [169]
120-84-109 [177]
120-84-109 [183]
Turn Radius   17m [161]
18m [169]
19m [177]
20m [183]
Skin Fix   Round tip, flat notched tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Light rocker tip & tail, camber underfoot
Shape   Flat edges near rounded tip & tapered tail, medium sidecut
Construction   Hybrid carbon cap & sidewall
Core   Paulownia + poplar
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski mountaineering & touring
Notes Half-sidewall adds durability and dampness
Bottom Line Drool
Compare to other Low-fat Skis

Questions & Reviews

Andy (used product regularly)
I bought the 177 with Superlight 2.0 bindings as a fall/spring/summer ski last year for long alpine & glacier tours on firm snows to ½ foot of soft snows over supportable crust mostly to replace my Volkl Snowwolfs. The most fun ski I've ever been on--light, quick, sure-footed; a joy to skin up with; easy to make all shapes of turns, on open slopes or in the trees. Barely noticeable on the backpack. Nice and sturdy underfoot (and I am 225 lbs). They tour and ski down just fine with my TLT6M without accessory tongue or power strap (but I carry a Booster Strap and accessory tongue if it seems the snow could get cruddy). No wonder they were ski of the year for Skialper a couple of years ago! My other bc skis include the Cho Oyu (also skied with Superlight 2.0s and the TLT6), the Movement Shift (skied with a Plum Guides & Scarpa F1), Voile V8 (Plum Yak & Mercury), and Fischer Ranger 98ti (with Kingpins and Mercury), the latter 2 mostly lift-served sidecountry). I like the Chos in ½-1 foot of powder or new snow over firm and the Shifts (now ~ the Control) in all kinds of tricky deep snow and crusts, but the Shifts, with the F1s, weigh 3.5 lbs+ more than the V-EX & TLT6.
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Question from magnus
What is the recommended boot center for the 183cm model?
Answer from jbo
Hi Magnus, there is a little arrow on the topsheet that indicates recommended mid-sole.
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Question from Rick
Hi Guys !
Hey if possible could you provide me with a straight tape pull length on the 177cm and 183cm Vertex-X ?

Thanks !
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Rick. The 177cm measures out to be 175.4cm and the 183cm measures out to 181.4cm.
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Peter Adler (used product regularly)
I got these skis in Feb. 2016 as a light-weight and spring snow complement to my Voile V8s (which I love). I mounted them with Plum 135's. I skied them probably 15 days or so last spring in everything from frozen spring junk to knee deep powder. Two main impressions:

1) If the snow is smooth, they ski great. Firm snow, corn, power, doesn't matter, these are fun. Very lively, can do little turns or big turns. They float nicely on powder and hold on hard snow. However, if the snow isn't so smooth, I start to get thrown around. Maybe a better skier could make them work better in rough conditions?

2) The uphill fun factor is for real. I've been touring for over 20 yrs and always enjoy skinning. So I was really surprised that the weight difference between these and my (fairly light) V8s could make such a difference. I really got a kick out of just floating up the skin track. I ended up taking these out more often than I expected to because of this.

Overall, I'm really happy with these skis and would certainly recommend them.
Reply from Rick S
Peter, if you're still out there, what are your physical dimensions and what length Vertex did you get ?

Thanks !
Reply from Peter A
5 11, 155, I got the 177 but I probably could have gone smaller.
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thomc (used product a few times)
These are lovely skis, although I've only used them for a few days of spring skiing at Snowbird. In terms of dimensions and performance, they are comparable to my tried and true Trab Stelvios (maybe 10 years old?), with the addition of a bit of rocker and no additional chatter. The swing weight feels lighter, and that make sense as I think the Trabs come in around 2400 gms for the pair vs 2100 for these (without binders), but it may be a state of mind thing. They are certainly more nimble and responsive. Regarding the above comment, I don't mind the lower heel on the superlights, which are on half my skis, but prefer a higher heel plug for my everyday drivers, which these are intended to upgrade. I went with the Plum Guide and it's really a lovely step up from the old speedturns I still use and appreciate. More on that separately. I will also update this review when I have a chance to ski them next season - 4 stars for now because I really have not skied them enough to know. It's my hope they will be even better than the trabs in deeper snow, given their rocker.
Reply from thomc
Second thoughts. Seems like more of a 5 star offering inbounds. Nimble, damp, responsive, carve tight or long, does all that well. And is insanely light for all this. Yet to ski in deep snow anxious to do so.
Reply from thomc
Update after a season in the East on piste, and Wasatch and Cham on and off. Still very good. Got a chip on the edge but skis this light with a lower profile sidewall do have that potential, and easily mended with Jason's good advice. They are not as supportive in powder or on hardpack as the Denali, and not much lighter. I also like the Dynafit skin attachment at tip better like Brian H, but lack the DIY moxie to carve my own. I feel a home grown cut in a tip is a potential vulnerability, at least the way I ski. That said the Movement was great in UT powder and on corn in EU alpine spring conditions. I am bigger and I think a more substantial ski suits me better at 6'2" 195lbs, except for ski mountaineering. That is where this ski shines for me, and I may try a simpler binding, like my TLT super lights or speed turn. The Plum is lovely but the 2 screw adjustment plate has slipped and requires care and attention. The brake is great and light, and I do like the higher heel plug if you are slipstreaming behind certain Utards who will be nameless but still lay a steep track...
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Comment from Brian h
I've been aware of Movement skis since 2010 when a French friend of mine came to Jackson to ski with me. He was sporting a pair of Logic X's. I couldn't believe how light they were and he loved them. When I spent some time in Chamonix in 2014, I saw numerous pairs of these skis on the tram. I finally got a pair a few weeks ago and love them. Freakishly light mounted with race bindings, these are my new favorites for all around skiing in the spring. I've used them in all conditions including blower powder. They seem to be a tad more forgiving than other mountaineering skis I've had and I don't pay an immediate price when I find myself temporarily in the back seat. The early rise tip makes turn initiation in funky snow worry free. The light weight is a joy when turning in high consequence terrain.

I mounted them with the Kreuzspitze SCTT binding and Binding Freedom inserts. No issues there. I'm not sure there is a better ski alpinism board out there.

My only complaint is that they don't come with a tip notch for front end skin attachment which, like most skimo racers, I prefer. Of course, I quick hit with a drill and dremel tool solved this shortcoming no problem. Details here.
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John Schwieder (used product a few times)
So far super impressed with these skis! I wanted a light set-up since I have back pain issues. I bought these and had Skimo mount Dynafit Speed Superlight bindings on them. These are a joy on the uphill (though the Superlight binding doesn't have enough riser height for my taste) and the downhill performance is amazing especially given the weight. I've only skied one backcountry day, and one area day, in conditions varying from re-frozen hardpack to medium then heavy powder. They handled all those conditions just fine. These skis won the European ski magazine, Ski Alper ski of the year award for classic ski alpismo and I can see why!
Reply from John S
So I've had a chance to ski these a few more days and I have found this ski difficult in rough snow surface conditions , like chalky firm snow and refrozen where I have a tough time with chatter and getting 'bucked' with the skis. Maybe it's my technique, maybe it's the weight... I'm still happy with the soft snow and crud or even firm snow -as long as it's smooth- performance but I'm ready to try something new for rough, firm surface conditions.
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