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Plum Oazo 4 Binding


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Sometimes, a binding is so well made and popular that the manufacturer has no choice but to make it again. Such was the origin of the Oazo 6 when skiers demanded that they be able to ski the Oazo safely with a lower release value, and now popular demand has squeezed yet another iteration of the Oazo family out of Plum. Introducing the Oazo 4; a slightly less Oazoy Oazo than previous Oazos, but not lacking any of the Oazoness that makes an Oazo an Oazo. The Oazo 4 shares the same design with its stiffer spring-bearing siblings, sporting the same two riser heights (including a flat on ski mode), adjustable lateral release, and included crampon clips that support the effortless Plum ski crampons. The elongated heel piece is easy to rotate to the flat-touring position, though one of the risers also works as a race flap for extra speedy transitions. The fixed vertical release is tuned to around 4 so that lighter skiers can ski with confidence knowing that their binding will release when it needs to. Machined from a block of aluminum, the toe piece is equipped with Plum's "Too Facile" technology that makes entering the binding a breeze and the toe lever locks in and out with a satisfying click. If you are looking for a low release value binding that is packed full of functionality at a competitive weight, the Plum Oazo 4 is one of the better options available.

  • Vertical release value of around 4, lateral release is adjustable from 5-10.
  • Includes Plum Leashes so you don't have to wait until spring to find your skis after ejection.
  • Machined aluminum construction is backed by a 3-year warranty from Plum.
  • Included crampon receptors (+9g) quickly accepts Plum ski crampons.
  • The heel has around 19mm of adjustment for multiple boots.
  • A binding so nice they made it thrice.
  • 100% Made in France.

Update 2021/2022: The Oazo 4 is starting the 2021/22 winter season with a new brilliant color update! If you're a fan of lime green and are in the market for a lightweight touring binding, look no further!

convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 412g
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes   Leashes included
BSL Adjustment   19mm
Riser Heights   2 + Flat
Vertical Release   Fixed
Lateral Release   4-10
Crampon Ready   Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Machined from solid 7075 Aluminum
Skimo Co Says
Usage Backcountry skiing, ski mountaineering, recreational racing
Notes Lower vertical release value than the Oazo 6
Bottom Line Lightweight, efficient binding for lighter skiers
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Model: Oazo 4 MPN: P-2500

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