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Sometimes, a binding is so well made and popular that the manufacturer has no choice but to make it again. Such was the origin of the Oazo 6 when skiers demanded that they be able to ski the Oazo safely with a lower release value, and now popular demand has squeezed yet another iteration of the Oazo family out of Plum. Introducing the Oazo 4; a slightly less Oazoy Oazo than previous Oazos, but not lacking any of the Oazoness that makes an Oazo an Oazo. The Oazo 4 shares the same design with its stiffer spring-bearing siblings, sporting the same two riser heights (including a flat on ski mode), adjustable lateral release, and included crampon clips that support the effortless Plum ski crampons. The elongated heel piece is easy to rotate to the flat-touring position, though one of the risers also works as a race flap for extra speedy transitions. The fixed vertical release is tuned to around 4 so that lighter skiers can ski with confidence knowing that their binding will release when it needs to. Machined from a block of aluminum, the toe piece is equipped with Plum's "Too Facile" technology that makes entering the binding a breeze and the toe lever locks in and out with a satisfying click. If you are looking for a low release value binding that is packed full of functionality at a competitive weight, the Plum Oazo 4 is one of the better options available.

  • Optional brakes can be screwed onto the heel baseplate.
  • Machined aluminum construction is backed by a 3-year warranty from Plum.
  • Included crampon receptors (+9g) quickly accepts Plum ski crampons.
  • Vertical release value of around 4, lateral release is adjustable from 5-10.
  • The heel is adjustable fore/aft for multiple boots.
  • A binding so nice they made it thrice.
  • 100% Made in France.

Update 2022/2023: The Oazo 4 has a new baseplate with a longer 25mm of adjustment vs 20mm. It now has an optional brake that can be added and removed with a single screw. The binding no longer comes with leashes.

convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 434g
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   Optional 80, 90, 100, 110 [2022/23]
Leashes included [2021/22]
BSL Adjustment   25mm [2022/23]
20mm [2021/22]
Riser Heights   2 + Flat
Vertical Release   Fixed
Lateral Release   4-10
Crampon Ready   Yes, Removable
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   7075 Aluminum, POM
Skimo Co Says
Usage Backcountry skiing, ski mountaineering, recreational racing
Notes Lower vertical release value than the Oazo 6
Bottom Line Lightweight, efficient binding for lighter skiers
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Questions & Reviews

KPseattle (used product regularly)
Going into second season with these. Love these bindings for their DIN range for smaller/lighter folks. Mine are mounted on DPS Pagoda Tour 112 using the optional wide mounting plate. Feels solid underfoot. The bindings work really well and and are light for the features you get.
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Question from Jack Z
Hey Skimo team, got a 2 part question:

- Am I able to take out the U-spring on the Oazo 4 and swap in a Din 8 U-spring so I can effectively make an Oazo 8 in this black/gold colorway? I know Plum posted a YT video on how to do it, but that was just replacing an 8 spring with an 8 spring. Are the heels the same so that I can do it across the versions?
- Likewise, are the toes the same with regards to clamping strength? The Oazo 4 toe springs have the same force as the Oazo 8 springs?

Answer from Will McD
Hi Jack. You are able to change between U-springs of different strengths so you can make your gold Oazo 8! Similarly, the toes are the same between the Oazos (and the race 170 & 150), just with different paint jobs.
Answer from Jack Z
This is awesome, thanks for answering!
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Riff (used product regularly)
I’ve got a half season on these now, and I’ve been quite pleased. Prior favorites are Salomon MTNs and ATK Trofeo plus. I’ll describe the tradeoffs related to those. I like/need higher lifters due to old injuries, despite still laying pretty low angle skinners, so i like having a second lifter option. I’m not too particular about exact release values and have been happy with purely u-spring heels, but adjusting lateral release on Oazo is fine. I always ski with leashes so brake options aren’t important to me either.

Oazo is 100 grams lighter and only a little less convenient for flat mode over MTN; also the Oazo has a slightly smaller mount pattern if you care. They both use the excellent Plum ski crampon mount, and have ice cutter slots in the toe pins. Both excellent, but I’m preferring the Oazo for all but the widest/rowdiest skis.

Oazo has more lifter choices and easier rotation of the heel vs Trofeo, for only a 20 gram penalty. Oazo also has superior (in my opinion) ski crampons. Oazo also has ice cutter slots on the toe pins, trofeo does not. I’ve lost faith in the ATK Monolink toe for wider skis, so the Oazo wins there too. I’m only using Trofeos for skis under 100mm now, and for the 20 gram difference I’d set up everything with Oazos if I could afford it.
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