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Here at Skimo Co, we understand the challenge lighter skiers face when trying to find the appropriate gear. Boots are often too big, skis are too long, and the release values on bindings are too high. We deal with this challenge all year, and are now excited to offer the Plum Oazo 6 binding, one of the lightest and most capable touring bindings on the market made specifically for lighter skiers. With a typical three-stage locking toe piece (open, ski, skin), built-in ski crampon attachment points, and three heel-riser settings, the Oazo 6 is a fully featured binding that is burly enough for steep lines and light enough for massive vertical. Gone are the days of compromising safety for performance, or performance for better fitting gear-- the Plum Oazo 6 is a serious binding for serious skiers who simply need lower release values to ski safely.

  • Optional brakes can be screwed onto the heel baseplate so you can temporarily meet a race or resort requirement
  • Mid and high risers deploy while the heel piece is in ski mode and sit atop the pins, while the flat walk mode requires you to rotate the heel.
  • Plum claims that the Oazo 6 forward release value is around 6 while the heel has an adjustable lateral release of 5-10.
  • Includes removable crampon attachment (+9g) that accepts Plum crampons that drop in vertically and easily.
  • Adjustment plate under the heel offers adjustability to accommodate all your different boots.
  • Heel risers are 0, 41, and 54mm from the surface of the ski for plenty of climbing options.
  • Plum offers a 3-year warranty on the Oazo 6 binding.
  • Made in France.

Update 2022/23: The Oazo 6 has a new baseplate with 25mm of adjustment. An all-new brake can be added or removed with one screw. Leashes are no longer included.

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Weight (pair) 434g
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   Optional 80, 90, 100, 110 [2022/23]
Leashes included [2021/22]
BSL Adjustment   25mm [2022/23]
20mm [2021/22]
Riser Heights   2 + flat
Vertical Release   Fixed
Lateral Release   4-10
Crampon Ready   Yes, Removable
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   7075 Aluminum, POM
Skimo Co Says
Usage Backcountry skiing, ski mountaineering, recreational racing
Notes Ski crampon attachment point is removable to save weight
Bottom Line A simple, robust binding for lighter and faster skiers
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Brian h
Does the new base plate still line up with the 170 heel drill pattern?
Answer from jbo
Hi Brian, yes it does!
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Emily (downright abused product)
I have these bindings on two pairs of skis, and overall I am extremely pleased with them.

-Good safety & release reliability for the weight class
-Reliable/easy to click toes into with positive feedback from toe pins
-Fast transitions from walk-to-ski by flipping heel risers back
-Heel risers easy to operate with pole

-Broke a toe release tab, but it was quickly warrantied by SkimoCo (thanks!)
-Hard to turn heel riser to flat mode. If you flip between flat mode and low riser often (which I don't), this might be an issue.
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Beth (used product regularly)
Super happy with this binding; two friends of mine have both bought it after seeing how well it was working for me and how light it is. Clicking the toe in goes really easily and smoothly, and I'm psyched on the efficiency of the heel piece's uphill/downhill transition. To go from uphill-with-low-riser mode to downhill mode, you just flip the riser tab up and stomp your heel down. No acrobatics or ballet twists required. It feels super light and minimal but skis nice and hard, too. I got the Oazo 6 since I'm a lightweight human who doesn't need a high DIN.
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Question from Joan
The Oazo 6 says it is for Lighter skiers. Is there a weight range for this reference?
Answer from Will M
Hey Joan!

Thanks for the question. The difference is the U-Spring in the heel piece which is labeled at a 6 for forward release! To determine whether you'll be better suited for the Oazo 4, 6 or 8 then I encourage you to use our Binding Finder to determine your release value. It takes into account weight, age, skier type, height, and boot sole length.
Answer from Maya A
and what is the table shows that I am 5 in release? would it better to go for 4 or 6?
Answer from jbo
Hi Maya, that is up to you whether you'd prefer lower or higher release value. If you're not sure, I'd suggest a fully adjustable binding such as the BD Helio LT.
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Question from Jack
What is the difference between the Oazo 6 and Oazo 8?
It seems the 6 goes down to a release value of 4 while the 8 only goes down to 5. Does the ski crampon attachment point remove on the 8, or is the only available on the 6?
Answer from Cole P
Hey Jack, we believe that the Plum Oazo 6 and Oazo 8 are identical besides the vertical release and color. The Oazo 8 has a vertical release at an around an 8 and the Oazo 6 vertical release is around a 6, both should have an adjustable lateral release of around 5-10. Crampon attachments are the same on both models and are both removable.
Answer from jbo
Hi Jack, the lateral release indicators go down to 4 on both bindings, but we haven't been able to get one to test that low, so we feel 5 is a better minimum guideline for both.
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Question from Kristine
Does this binding have the same hole pattern as the Plum Pika?
Answer from TSB
Hey Kristine! The Oazo is patterned off of the venerable Plum Race 170 rather than the slightly wider pattern of the Pika/WEPA. If you're curious about re-drilling for the Oazo, let us know; we can look at hole overlap between the two bindings.
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