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Salomon MTN Summit 9 Binding & Brake

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What light upon yonder ridgeline breaks? It is the East (face), and the Salomon MTN Summit Binding is the sun. Arise, fair Summit 9, and kill the envious competition, who is already sick and pale with lust for your features, lightweight construction, and durable materials.

This likely is how Shakespeare would describe the featureful MTN Summit 9. Inspired by the Salomon MTN Tour, the MTN Summit inherits many of the features that make its concurrent progenitor so popular: full riser access from flat, simple yet burly brakes, the patented Step-In Aid on the toepiece, and the ability to enter/exit tour mode without twisting the heel. Taking their design to the next level, Salomon added fore/aft elasticity and an adjustable lateral release, both in the heel, helping to keep the binding reliable in variable terrain. The binding is made using a unique fiberglass polyamide that offers better shock absorbency without compromising weight or strength, firmly placing it on the cutting edge of alpine touring bindings. One run on Salomon MTN Summit 9 Binding with brakes and you'll be asking yourself: “Did my heart love till now? forswear it, sight! For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night.”

  • PA-Glass composite construction is lightweight, durable, and absorbs shock well, yielding a smoother downhill ride.
  • Lateral release is adjustable from 4-9 to accommodate a wide range of skiers.
  • AutoFlex system allows for forward and backward travel of the heel piece, helping prevent pre-release.
  • Step-in Aid makes entering the toe piece as easy as could be.
  • Can tour on the engaged brake lock for the quickest possible transition.
  • Two heel risers can be accessed without turning the heel turret.
  • Literary references date back to 1597.
convert to ounces
396g [90mm]
Weight (pair) 792g [90mm]
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   80, 90, 100, 110
BSL Adjustment   50mm
Riser Heights   2 + flat
Vertical Release   Fixed
Lateral Release   4-9
Crampon Ready   Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Fiberglass PA, aluminum
Skimo Co Says
Usage All-mountain touring and skiing
Notes Transitioning to ski-mode can be done without rotating the heel tower
Bottom Line Light on release but not performance
Compare to other Lean Bindings

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Aaron
If you shim the toe with a 3.2mm plate, does the heel still have contact with the stomp pad, or are you floating on the pins?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Aaron, this binding does not have a stomp pad, you're on the heel pins in the normal configuration. On the braked version, your boot contacts the brake platform and holds it down when you're in the pins, and that will continue to work with shims.
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Question from Earl
I am planning to mount these on skis that previously had the Backland Pure binding. I see they kept the same hole pattern. Does the mounting position put the heel riser in the center of the track (i.e. 25 mm of adjustment forward and backward)?
Answer from Emmett I
Hi Earl,

Yep, the mounting position puts the heel in the center of the track! So you should be able to pretty much just drop them into the old holes and be dead center.
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Question from Simon X
Wish you all had a great winter as much as I did.
How do these compare, other than specs, performance-wise to my current set up (alpinist 8 with 95mm lightweight ski)?
Medium build 8-Din aggressive from time to time.
Answer from Jeff
Simon, Performance and features are very comparable. At an 8 , you would probably want to go with the 12 model (6-12 release values).
You will get a much better system of risers. And the heels have some nice Lateral Elasticity, that the Alpinist doesn't have. Will help absorb some vibrations and shocks and minimize pre release.
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