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Salomon MTN Binding & Brake

Brand: Salomon
Model: MTN with Brake
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The Salomon Mountain Lab has done it again, this time it’s the MTN binding with a brake. The brake follows the “simpler is better” philosophy, which is a breath of fresh air for a lightweight ski touring binding. The toe and heel unit feature a wide mounting platform, which gives it stout and aggressive performance on wider powder skis, but because of this it will also readily take control of narrower mountaineering skis without issue. The brake is retracted/deployed with the use of a large lever that folds out of the way when not in use.

The toe piece is built out of as few pieces as possible, which contributes to the reliable performance: fewer parts to break, repair, or wear down. A patented Step-In aid guides your boot into the toe piece, but moves out of the way as soon as your boot is in the binding to not impede range of motion on a technical skin-track. An integrated crampon receptor offers rigid attachment for icy spring mornings.

The heel housing is sandwiched between a threaded adjustment track and two risers. The housing rotates 90° to expose a flat mode which makes long approaches more natural and efficient. It rotates easily back to ski mode when you’re ready to point it down the fall-line. The risers are strategically machined to reduce unnecessary weight and easily manipulated to offer climbing versatility. The most unique part about the heel piece is the combination of simplicity and function found in fixed-release race bindings, with the option to install different springs for different release values. The MTN binding comes with three in the box: Women’s, Men’s, and Expert which dictate forward and lateral release values simultaneously. The springs can be changed in a matter of minutes at home. The threaded adjustment track offers a generous 30mm of range so you can accommodate a boot quiver. The MTN binding is the lightweight tech binding for everybody and their mom (Mom’s spring not currently available).

  • Wide mounting pattern establishes power and sure-footed performance.
  • Three riser options including a flat mode to make approaches more approachable.
  • Three included springs to adjust release value to your preferred setting.
  • Five brake sizes at your disposal: 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 110mm, and 120mm.
  • Step-In Aid helps you get into the bindings when your heart rate and elevation are sky high.
  • Long toe lever makes it easy to switch modes in a flick.

Note: This binding accepts both Plum and Dynafit crampons, though with the latter the included crampon keeper clip must be used to prevent any lateral movement during use.

-> ounces
395g [90mm]
Weight (pair) 790g [90mm]
Boot Compatibility Tech
Brakes 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 110mm, 120mm
BSL Adjustment 30mm
Riser Heights 2 + flat
Vertical Release Women's, Men's, or Expert
Lateral Release Women's, Men's, or Expert
Crampon Ready Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials Aluminum, steel, plastic
Skimo Co Says
Usage Touring
Notes Brakes come in 5 widths
Bottom Line Lightweight touring binding with brakes
Question from Michael D.
Hi, Can I get the Salomon MTN binding in the "Pure" version like the Atomic? Obviously they are the same binding made in the same place. I don't want brakes but would like the blue lifters. (I'm guessing that Salomon designed this binding so I would also rather support them). Thank you for your time. M.
Answer from Cole P
Michael, great choice of binding! Salomon does make a brakeless or "pure" version but we are sold out. The brakes are optional when you get the binding and could be mounted as a brakeless binding just make sure you put the brakeless baseplate under the heel piece.
Answer from Michael D
Great thank you so much. Can I buy the leash from you? Am I correct from the photo that it looks like the factory leash attachment loop on the toe piece lever is still also offered on the brake version. Thanks.
Answer from Cole P
Michael, you are correct. The toe pieces have the leash receptor and are interchangeable between the two bindings. You can purchase any leashes to work with the bindings; unfortunately the Salomon/Atomic leashes are out of stock. I would recommend the Dynafit guide leash. It has a similar length with a lighter clip that works great. You can see the guide leash by clicking here.
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Question from Matt
Can brakes be easily swapped on these? I am purchasing a pair with 90 mm brakes. Can I swap them out for 100 mm brakes prior to mounting?
Answer from Jeff
Matt, very easy before mounting. The heel piece is separate and sits on top of brake plate.
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Question from Michael
I have these mounted without brakes. To add brakes I understand I'll need to unmount the heel and swap out the baseplates. Does the braked version have any extra holes that need to be drilled to do this?
Answer from TSB
Hey Michael, there is a fifth heel-pattern hole that needs to be drilled to attach a baseplate with brake. It's quite easy to add that fifth hole if you (or your favorite local ski tech) have a Salomon/Atomic binding jig.
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Question from Sally
I have a Salomon QST 106 with Salomon MTN binding and break. I am looking to buy some DPS Yvette's with 112 underfoot. Can I use the same Salomon MTN binding/break combo? If not, is the break replaceable with a larger size?
Answer from Jeff
Sally, if you have the 110mm brakes they should work on the Yvettes.
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Question from Matthew
Has anyone else had trouble with the brakes popping back out when touring with the heel lifters? Trying to figure out if I’m doing something wrong over here. Thanks!
Answer from Patrick C

My thought is to make sure that the lever to hold the brakes up is firmly set without any snow in the way. I have this binding and have not run across this issue, but in deeper snow I could see compaction under that lever keeping the system from properly engaging. If you continue to have issues please e-mail us at help@skimo.co so that we can help you out!

Patrick // Skimo Co
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Question from Jay
Are these bindings compatible with the Scarpa F1 boot 2016 model (first year after the F1 Evo fix)?
Answer from TSB
Hey Jay, yes, the MTN binding and the F1 would go together well.
Answer from Paul L
Can you comment on Ramp/Delta. Looks like (on your page) the delta is 8.5 on the Backland which I assume is the same binding...is that correct for this binding with the brakes...also using the F1 which have a pretty aggressive forward setting so hoping that 8.5 is accurate.
Answer from TSB
Hey Paul, yep, the delta stays at 8.5mm regardless of brake usage! If you're used to moderate ramp angles and boots with solid forward lean, the Backland/F1 combo may be perfect for you. If you want a similar binding with a lower ramp, check out the Plum Oazo.
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Question from Andre
Is the brake removable? Do you sell the leash, too?
Answer from Teddy Young
The brake is removable, in a sense. The binding must be unmounted, brake removed, and brake replaced with a plastic spacer that comes in the box.

We do have leashes sold separately, and the brakeless version does come with leashes!
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Question from Eric
Would you expect a downhill performance difference between the Solomon Mtn Binding and the Dynafit Speed Turn 2.0 on Atomic Backland 107 skis?
Answer from Jeff
Eric, No, there would not be any detectable difference in those bindings or any in the 'touring category'.
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Question from Trish
Just got these bindings and I went brakeless for low weight and simplicity. I'm now wondering if there are tips or tricks for swiveling the base 90 degrees to go from hiking/climbing mode into downhill mode with a pole? I've only done it by bending over and using my hand to turn the heel base. Not a big deal, but it's getting harder for this stiff gal to get all the way down there! Anyone figured out a pole technique for turning this? No one had explained to me how the binding with the brake never required swiveling the heel, so I"m now wondering if I should add the brakes?
Answer from jbo
Hi Trish! You don't have to rotate this binding to get into climbing mode. Just flip the flaps over the pins.
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Question from Dane H
Is the brake easlily removed and re-installed? Or do you make your brake/brakeless choice up front once and for all?
Answer from Nate
Hi Dane, I wouldn't say that removing the brake is difficult, but it does require complete removal of the heel piece from the ski which could potentially strip the holes if done repetitively. I would suggest making the decision you think you'll be sticking with up front, but know that you can change your mind without too much of a problem.
Answer from Dane H
Sounds like quiver killers should be part of the order. thanks!
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Comment from Trace Leches
Here's a picture of the Dynafit crampon keeper installed. It'll save the crampon and binding from marring each other up.
Reply from Trace Leches
And here's a picture of the stopper knot you have to tie so you don't lose the crampon keeper.
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Question from Will Marsh
Can I put 100mm brake on a 103mm waist ski or should I get 110mm brake? I'm guessing that either one works?
Answer from Nate
Hi Will, you can likely make the 100mm brake work, but the standard advice has you going with the 110mm.
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by Eric S (used product a few times)
Love them. Skimo did a great job mounting the heel piece with Quiver killers, so I can easily remove the brakes for days when I'm doing a long tour and don't need or want them. Not quite "easily", as it takes a bit of fiddling and "snapping" the baseplate on or off from the actual binding. But this isn't something I expect to do often, and it's a very nice feature.
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Comment from Eric S
I though it would be useful for folks considering this binding to recognize that they accept Dynafit, ATK *AND* Plum crampons. The great thing about the Plum crampons is that they drop in from the top, rather than slide from the side. Much easier, and far more secure, and less prone to icing.
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Question from andrew
So the brakes are removable?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Andrew! Removable is kind of a funny word for it, but this binding does come with hardware for both braked and brakeless operation. The heel piece sits on a either a brakeless or a braked plate, so you have to unmount the binding to swap one way or the other. I wouldn't call it "removable", but maybe more "compatible" with either style of operation.
Answer from Trace Leches
Here is the brakeless baseplate.
Answer from Trace Leches
And a 110mm braked baseplate.
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Question from ansel
Does the braked version come with the non-brake base plate? (If you are undecided on brakes, or to use the brakes separately with another set of bindings)
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Ansel! Yup, you got it! The braked version is basically the brakeless version, minus the leash, plus an extra set of braked baseplates.
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Question from Snow
How does the height off the ski in flat tour mode compare to a dynafit radical st 2.0? The brake seems to create a little more ramp angle in flat mode from the look of it...
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Snow, thanks for reaching out! You're right, that large throw lever does create a pretty solid platform to stand on, which increases the height (it measures about 28mm off the top sheet, fyi), but the toe piece itself is pretty low to the ski. The Radical 2.0 heel in flat mode measures about the same height actually (it's just shy of 29mm off the top sheet) but the toe is much, much taller than the MTN binding.
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