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Peanut butter and jelly, peas and carrots, Sonny and Cher - some things were just made to go together. When it comes to your Backland or Salomon MTN bindings, the perfect match is the Atomic Ski Crampons. No need for a plastic clip to keep other branded ski crampons in place, these thoughtful add-ons are made to nestle into your crampon receptors easily and securely. As if they just stepped out of a hot yoga session, your crampons will stay perfectly centered as you send it up that icy skin track. Keep it simple, keep it secure with Salomon/Atomic's Ski Crampons.

Width Weight Measured Width
80mm 99g 81mm
90mm 105g 91mm
100mm 112g 101mm
110mm 118g 111mm

* Stock Note: If these are sold out check out the Plum crampons for the same functionality. Both of these crampons also work with the braked versions of the bindings, e.g. the Backland Tour.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Doug
I have Black Crow Freebird skis (90 mm waist) mounted with Salomon MTN bindings. Is the Atomic Backland the best ski crampon for this set-up? Will a 90 mm crampon work or will I need 100mm. Thanks
Answer from Emmett I

These and the Plum ones will work. We've got a full compatibility chart here. I would measure the exact width of the ski at the heel piece and make sure it's under 91mm, which is what both the Atomic and Plum crampons measure at.
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Question from Sam
Is the Ski Crampon from the Atomic Shift compatible with the Backlands?
Answer from jbo
Hi Sam, unfortunately not. You'll need this Backland version. For a full breakdown, see our list of compatible ski crampons.
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Question from Mike
Black Crows Orb have a 90mm, will the 90 crampon be compatible or recommend sizing up?
Answer from Jeff
Mike, it should be a nice snug fit.
Our little chart above shows it measure at 91mm, so room to spare.
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Question from GOB
I have skis that are 112 at the waist with MTN bindings. Would the 110 ski crampons work?
Answer from Jeremy L
Hi GOB. I just tried to slip a pair of the 110s over a 112mm ski and it didn't quite fit. Would recommend going with the 120mm width.
Answer from Gabi B
Thanks Jeremy - I have a relatively short BSL, do you think that could make the difference and possibly use the 110?
Answer from Jeremy L
Unfortunately not. The inner width of the 110mm crampon is 111mm, so I don't think it'll work for a 122 mm-waisted ski.
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Question from Eric
I have a Black Crows Navis Freebird which is 102mm underfoot. Which size crampon would be best for this ski? I am using the Salomon Mtn bindings without brakes. Thanks
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Eric,

Ski crampons have a pretty low tolerance. Outside of the measured 101mm of width on the 100mm crampon, you cannot stretch them for any additional. I would recommend the 110mm wide ski crampons for the Black Crow Navis Freebird.
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Question from kian
Hey I own a pair of Atomic Backland 100s, they are 99 at the waist. The 100mm crampons seem too tight of a fit, the 110mm is my only logical step. Is 5mm of play on each side of the ski too large?
Answer from Brett S
Hey Kian, the 100mm crampon has a slightly wider waste width than 100mm and should work well with your ski. The 110mm width would have a bit too much overlap and wouldn't be ideal.
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Question from Andrew
I have a pair of Atomic Backland bindings and looking to purchase some crampons for them. The Backland version is not available in my ski size but says that the Plum crampons will work. However the picture on the Plum version references the binding with a red arrow including a "hook" that does not exist on my bindings. So are the Plum crampons compatible with the Atomic Backland binding (even without the piece indicated by the red arrow). Please advise...thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Andrew, yes these will work with the Backland bindings. The red arrow was to help folks with older Plum Guide bindings, not applicable to the Backland.
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Question from Joel
Is this crampon compatible with the Armada Tracer Tour bindings (since the Armada Tracer Tour binding is the same as the Atomic Backland binding)?
Answer from jbo
Hi Joel, yes they are! You are correct, it's the same binding as the Backland.
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Brian W (used product a few times)
Its does it's job and I don't have to think about them. Exactly what I was looking for in a ski crampon. I have the 100 mm version on my Backland 98's, fits great
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Question from chance c
Are the Atomic Backland crampons interchangeable with the Plumb crampons?
thanks for your time and energy
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Chance,

The Atomic Backland crampons are interchangeable with the Plum crampons.
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