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Blending their years of experience working with carbon fiber and their heritage as a ski pole company, SCOTT has created a new spin on an old concept that is sure to please folks aimed at light ’n’ fast missions in the mountains. This unique piece of gear includes an innovative sliding grip that makes adjusting the strap height a breeze, allowing you to find the perfect position for whatever slope you find yourself climbing. You can also just grab the extra-long grip lower down when sidehilling or for overcoming obstacles. Remove the straps altogether for a clean mountain stick that easily plunges upside down into snow. The RC Pro comes with multiple basket types, so if your searching for glory at your Tuesday night skimo race, or hunting for untracked pow, you’re covered. Since leaving your ski pole behind in the summer can be a sad affair, multiple tip options allow you to press your new favorite pole into summer usage as well. A light pole that offers all-season versatility, the RC Pro from SCOTT should be on your shortlist of new mountain companions.

  • 16mm Carbon shaft is incredibly stiff for great power transfer.
  • Sliding S-Mountain and S-Lite straps help easily customize pole length.
  • Interchangeable trail and powder baskets allow you to find the right combination for dirt and snow conditions.
  • PA Summer adaptor with Carbide Tip provides all season versatility.
  • SC carbon shaft is light to make the vertical gain easier.
  • Long rubber sleeve makes side-hilling a breeze.
Lengths (cm) 115, 125, 135
convert to ounces
183g [125]
Weight (pair) 366g [125]
Sections 1
Grip Long rubber sleeve grip
Basket & Tip Interchangeable S3.4 and S3.9 baskets with carbide tip
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Carbon
Skimo Co Says
Usage Fast and light ski mountaineering
Notes Comes with sliding S-mountain and S-lite straps
Bottom Line Lightweight 16mm diameter carbon pole for efficient uphilling
Compare to other Fixed Length Ski Poles

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Questions & Reviews

thomc (used product a few times)
I liked the idea of these more than they played out in practice for me, but give them 4 stars because I think the design execution is decent, if pricey. I think the thin profile of the pole is probably good for smaller hands (not mine.) I do think the foam grip gathers snow less than comparable designs (batons d'alain or black crows, both of which can become badly iced in the wrong snow/temperature conditions). The leash design is good if you want a movable option, The grip does give a more precise feeling to plants (think a thinner shaft ice tool) due to the smaller diameter, but in the end it was just not for me: the lightness made them feel less balanced and correct in their swing weight than poles I like. I prefer batons or older Leki BC poles (I like the pommel like top you can push off with, which a Whippit also offers but less comfortably). Another expensive toy my son won't let me sell...
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Question from Paul
Is this one pair for this price or one pole for this price?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Paul, this price is for a pair of poles!
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Question from Ben
Will you be getting more of these in 135+ length soon?
Answer from Patrick C

Hello! Unfortunately, we do not plan on bringing in any more of the SCOTT RC Pro poles.
Answer from Ben
Why is that? I am hoping for something lighter than a Baton with a better strap system that still has a longer grip, do you have any suggestions?
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Question from Ray Huntzinger
Bought their poles from you guys last year and the plastic cap on the pole came out and is lost. Is there replacement ends available or is this a warranty issue.
Answer from Brett S
Please send us an email with pictures to and we can get you sorted!
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Question from Ben
Would it be possible to buy the sliding straps separately? If so could you effectively rig them on to Batons?
Answer from Ian C
Hi Ben, the pole straps are available here! They adjust with a pretty simple cinch so I would imagine they would work fine on the batons.
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Question from Eric
Are replacement "S-Mountain" straps available?

Thank you!
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Eric! At the moment we don't have any, however, please send us an email to and we can check if we can get them in!
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Model: RC Pro Ski Pole

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