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Ski Trab Magico.2


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When Golden State signed Kevin Durant in 2016, dub nation wondered if another superstar was what the team really needed. Many fans worried that management was trying to fix something that wasn’t broken, but in the end, this gamble would pay-off big time. The Warriors went on to win the NBA title back-to-back in 2017 and 2018, proving that the adage ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ isn’t without exception. Much like the Golden State fans who worried about the KD trade, we may have doubted Ski Trab’s decision to rework the original Magico (but only for the briefest of moments). Luckily, the Magico.2's are everything the original Magico's were, only better in every way. Ski Trab's insanely durable 14-layer Aramid construction remains the bedrock of the ski. The shape and profile have been updated to enhance the skiability without compromising any performance. Ski Trab added some rocker, widened and lengthened the tips (the ski measures ~2cm longer in the 171cm length), and altered the flex of the ski so turn-initiation is easier and the back half of each turn is rock solid. This updated flex pattern allows you to carve the wind buff at the top of the couloir, nimbly hop turn through the steep choke, and then float through the pow fields at the bottom without compromise. With a waist measuring somewhere in the mid-80mm range (depending on the length you buy), the Ski Trab Magico.2 is a magic(o) all-mountain ski, and is ready for almost any type of snow (like we said in the original Magico listing, show us someone who can ski breakable crust *well*. We're waiting).

  • NoShock, a semi-soft barrier sitting between the edge and the core and which covers the tip and tail entirely, absorbs vibrations and provides stability.
  • The sidecut and flex pattern of the Magico 2 were built in tandem with one another, and work together to help the ski feel stable and damp.
  • With 10% flex underfoot and 20-30% flex in the tip and tail, you get the playfulness you want alongside the stable platform you need.
  • HiConnect is an internal carbon bridge that spans the guts of the ski from edge to edge, ensuring torsional rigidity.
  • Polymer inserts run lengthwise along the tip and tail, dampening vibrations and protecting the core of the ski.
  • DuoTail splits the tail down the middle, providing extra sensitivity as you finish a turn without hooking.
  • Sorry for the basketball reference, we do try to spice things up occasionally.
  • Aramid honeycomb in the core provides an optimal strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Ski Trab offers a 3-year warranty on this ski, which is made in Bormio, Italy.

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Lengths (cm) 157cm, 164cm, 171cm, 178cm
convert to ounces
990g [157]
1020g [164]
1055g [171]
1105g [178]
Weight (pair) 1980g [157]
2040g [164]
2110g [171]
2210g [178]
Dimensions 116/87/104 [157]
116/86/104 [164]
116/85/104 [171]
116/84/104 [178]
Turn Radius 19.5m [157]
21.1m [164]
21.1m [171]
23.2m [178]
Skin Fix Attivo clips
Specs Verified Yes
Profile Control Progressive Flex; contact points moved out for longer tip/tail
Shape Control radius technology; moved widest point of tip forward
Construction 14-layer Attivo process w/ HiBox carbon cage
Core Aramid honeycomb
Skimo Co Says
Usage Mountaineering, speed touring in all conditions
Notes New shape and profile will make for even easier turn initiation
Bottom Line The Champion

Questions & Reviews

Jeff (used product a few times)
I have been lucky enough to demo these for a couple of weeks for spring/mountaineering conditions. I have also used midwinter in some powder. These skis are simply amazing. A ski so light (and some may say narrow) can ski well in any condition I have encountered. You can read all the high tech materials and construction above, all I can say it works. This year they took a great ski and tweaked it to make turn initiation even easier. I only skied the previous edition once, but I would have to say they accomplished that goal.
If you are looking for a Spring ski or an all Mtn/around ski, this one will do it all. I have skied in 6 and 8" powder and it does that exceedingly well, sure even deeper would be just fine. This photo was May 24, so fresh on a spring base, and varying wet and cutup down low. Fast and smooth all the way. This will be my next new ski.
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Question from Christof N
Hey guys. I noticed in the specs it shows the waist width DECREASING as length increases. Am I reading this right? I’m not questioning SkiTrabs genius if that’s the case, just never seen that before in a ski line. Also, thoughts on length. This would replace my series 1 Helio 88/168cm as my speed touring/mountaineering ski. It will be used with a Travers Carbon CC boot and Titan release binding. 164 vs 171 is what I’m debating. The next ski in my quiver is a Helio 95 in 173cm, so I’d like this to be a obvious step down (up) in regards to weight and performance. Would the 164cm be too small? 5’10.5”, 170 lbs, and I'm a strong skier. Thanks again for all the help over the years!
Answer from
Hey Christof, you are reading the specs correctly, the waist width is decreasing as the lengths increase. Ski Trab designed these to keep turning radius similar without adding width to the tips and tails which would increase the ski weight. After reading your description, I would recommend the 171cm length, the 164cm is great for climbing but I would be worried you would want something a little longer for the down.
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