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Ski Trab Magico.2

Brand: Ski Trab
Model: Magico.2
Shipping: FREE*
Availability: Fall - Notify Me
Price: $999.95

When the Golden State Warriors won the NBA championship in 2016, many people believed they were unbeatable. Despite their success, coach Steve Kerr and management were satisfied, and when the news broke that Kevin Durant was signing with the Warriors for a two-year deal, the phrase 'super team' was bandied about. Prior to the 17/18 season, sports analysts quoted statistics which promised dizzying offensive production. Regardless of your personal preference, the dominance of the Curry/Thompson/Durant/Green warriors was undeniable and nearly unstoppable.

If you transfer this storyline to the world of skiing, the engineers and athletes over at Ski Trab are Steve Kerr and the demanding management, while the Ski Trab Magico.2's are the 17/18 and 18/19 Warriors. Bearing the lofty title of "Jason's Favorite Ski" (even more prestigious than "NBA Champion"), the Magico 2's are everything the original Magico's were, only better in every way. Ski Trab's insanely durable 14-layer construction remains the bedrock of the ski. The shape and profile have been tweaked for even greater skiability, with a focus on ease and joy. Trab added some rocker, widened and lengthened the tips (the ski measures about 2cm longer in the 171), while tuning the flex of the ski so turn-initiation is a breeze and the back half of each turn is rock solid. The mounting point was moved forward to require less input, while still being amazingly responsive when driving. This allows you to surf, carve, and ski fast without losing the classic Magico versatility; meaning you get to carve the wind buff at the top of the couloir, nimbly hop turn through the steep choke, and then float through the pow fields at the bottom. With an 85mm waist, the Ski Trab Magico.2 is a magic(o) all-mountain ski, and is ready for almost any type of snow (like we said in the original Magico listing, show us someone who can ski breakable crust well. We're waiting).

  • NoShock, a semi-soft barrier sitting between the edge and the core and which covers the tip and tail entirely, absorbs vibrations and provides stability.
  • The sidecut and flex pattern of the Magico 2 were built in tandem with one another, and work together to help the ski feel stable and damp.
  • With 10% flex underfoot and 20-30% flex in the tip and tail, you get the playfulness you want alongside the stable platform you need.
  • Polymer inserts run lengthwise along the tip and tail, dampening vibrations and protecting the core of the ski.
  • HiConnect is an internal carbon bridge that spans the guts of the ski from edge to edge, ensuring torsional rigidity.
  • DuoTail splits the tail down the middle, providing extra sensitivity as you finish a turn without hooking.
  • Aramid honeycomb in the core provides an optimal strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Ski Trab offers a 3 year warranty on this ski, which is made in Bormio, Italy.
  • Sorry for the basketball reference.

Lengths (cm) 157cm, 164cm, 171cm, 177cm
-> ounces
1000g [157]
1032g [164]
1055g [171]
1100g [177]
Weight (pair) 2000g [157]
2064g [164]
2110g [171]
2200g [177]
Dimensions 116/87/104 [157]
116/86/104 [164]
116/85/104 [171]
116/84/104 [177]
Turn Radius 19.5m [157]
21.1m [164]
21.1m [171]
23.2m [177]
Skin Fix Attivo clips
Profile Control Progressive Flex; contact points moved out for longer tip/tail
Shape Control radius technology; Moved widest point of tip forward
Construction 14-layer Attivo process w/ HiBox carbon cage
Core Aramid honeycomb
Skimo Co Says
Usage Mountaineering, Speed touring in all conditions
Notes New shape and profile will make for even easier turn initiation
Bottom Line The Champion

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