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We always hear talk about “one-ski quivers,” the “perfect boot,” or recently “dual-certified helmet that’s vented enough to climb in.” What about the “one-glove quiver”? While some are too breathable and others too warm, Ski Trab’s Maximo glove is just right. With a nylon wind-mitt hidden in the cuff, the Maximo goes from a breathable and dexterous glove to a trail-breaking gauntlet that’s ready to throw down. Primaloft insulation along the back of the hand keep your fingers happy, while a sturdy leather palm handles the majority of the abuse brought about by everyday skiing. The cuff is made of “Airprene,” a breathable version of neoprene that has a built-in pull tab so you can slip them on easily and still seal out the elements. A unique feature is the crystal watch window, which allows you to wear your watch on your wrist, rather than halfway up your arm. The Maximo is the new go-to glove for everyday ski touring.

  • Crystal watch window allows you to read your watch display without pulling your sleeve up.
  • Airprene cuff is breathable and durable.
  • Stowable wind shield hides in the cuff until it you need wind-blocking warmth.
  • Durable pull-tab built into the cuff for easy on/off.
  • Primaloft insulation is breathable and warm even when wet.
  • Touch-screen compatible.

Update 2019/20: Ski Trab changed the watch window to be a neoprene cover to help avoid fogging, as well as updated the colorway and went with a (mostly) black design.

convert to ounces
134g [M]
136g [L]
144g [XL]
Cuffs Airprene
Screen Touch Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Neoprene, leather, Primaloft
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski touring
Notes Watch window on wrist
Bottom Line Warm, water-resistant, cold-weather ski touring glove
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Dustin J
The "watch window" is a holy grail for me. I've had jackets customized to include a watch window. Does anyone know if the cuff and watch window are long enough to line up with a watch with built in HR monitor? AKA - The watch has to be worn a little higher (typically above the funky (medical term) wrist bone). The attached photo is my dream.....
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Dustin,

Thanks for reaching out! The watch window is relatively close to your hand. It works with a Suunto Ambit 3 Peak, but if you wear your watch further up your forearm, it may not work as well. If you have any further questions, reach out to us at
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Question from Brendan T
Can anyone speak to the durability of these? I have hands that run cold. On cold mornings I have had to skin my first couple laps with massive overmitts on. I pull them off to transition skins then put them back on. Rinse, repeat ... annoying. Looking for something that provides dexterity, insulation, and optional wind-proofing. These seem to fit the bill. I'm not afraid of the price tag unless they can't make it through 1-2 seasons of ski mountaineering.
Answer from Zak M
Hey Brendan, overall the Maximo glove is a great fully featured option for someone who is looking for a slightly warmer glove. Durability for the gloves is overall quite good, but in an ideal world you would store the windshield while transitioning to avoid tearing it. As long as that's accomplished 1-2 seasons with moderate to high use should be do-able.
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Question from becca
Hey, how does ski trab mens vs womens glove sizing compare? Is it typically like W's M= Mens S or are they identical in size? I have a pair of women's M gara evo's that are too small, wondering if I should order mens M or L.
Answer from jbo
Hi becca, the women's and men's sizing is the same with Ski Trab gloves. I just uploaded a new size chart which may help.
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mbillie1 (used product regularly)
Update for the new version: they fixed the main issue with the gloves by replacing the foggy watch window with an overlapping cloth opening on either hand, so you can use your watch on your right hand if you see fit. Also the updated stowaway mitt is seemingly quite a bit more durable. It's still fiddly to put back with the gloves on, but whatever. These are the only gloves that afford this level of dexterity and also keep my hands warm in ~0F temps. I'm going to buy another pair in my size before they sell out.
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Question from mbillie1
Will you be getting stock of these in other sizes? Although they have performed admirably, my size L's are finally beginning to disintegrate due to excessive wear.
Answer from Jeff
Not this season, Check back this Fall
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mbillie1 (used product a few times)
So these gloves are a little confusing to me. They fit great and are plenty warm - kept my hands warm in temperatures as low as I usually wear gloves before switching to mittens, and that's without the overmitt on. They also don't do that thing some gloves do (ahem CAMP) where when you take them off with sweaty hands, the fingers all prolapse and it's impossible to get them back on. They look pretty cool too. So that's all good.

But the differentiating feature is supposedly the window through which to view your watch. This fogged up almost immediately on me every time I've used them. The cuff fits fine over my watch (Suunto Spartan Sport) and for the first 5 to 10 mins of a tour all is well and good, but once I heat up, it's unusable. May as well have no watch window at all. It's not the end of the world but I do subtract a star because that "feature" is pretty useless imo. I'll try treating it with some anti-fog stuff for glasses, maybe that'll work, but buyer beware.

Also the stow mechanism for the overmitt (which is a very thin hardshell) is strange, and it's hard to get the mitt comfortably back inside its snow location with the gloves on. You sort of have to fold it in order for it to fit without pressuring your hand.

Those are 2 pretty minor gripes and for me with coldish hands the main thing is that they're warm enough and I can remove them without the liner inverting, but I felt it strange.
Reply from Trace Leches
I have these gloves too and have been thrilled with them so far, however the overmitt storage and watch window are kinda funky. Not bad, just not the absolute highest level of perfection I'm accustomed to with Trab! I guess I'm spoiled.

I have the same watch and haven't been able to get the window dialed just yet either. Toying with the idea of taking a razor blade or seam ripper and just cutting the window panel out entirely. The placement of it is perfect, better than any other glove I've had, but the window panel was maybe a bit overkill? Time will tell. I'll post a more thorough review of these when I get more time in them.
Reply from mbillie1
Fwiw: I took some small scissors and cut out the plastic thing. The gloves rule now. It helps to wear a long sleeve thing (skinsuit top) under your watch, so that you don't expose any skin, but maybe not necessary depending on temperature / outer layer. I've also found the cuff mitts to add considerable warmth despite not being insulated, though I still can't get them back in their pocket with the gloves on. If they're annoying I just tuck them under the gauntlet. Problem(s) solved!
Reply from Trace Leches
Mark! Dude that's awesome! Thanks for letting me know that you made that adjustment, I think I might do the same. I love wearing my watch, but most gloves make you wear it halfway up your arm in order to not interfere with the bulk of the glove. This is my favorite glove for staying warm and wearing a watch at the same time, but yeah the window is my only gripe with it.
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