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The Gara (Race) Overglove is Ski Trab’s way of keeping all 10 of your digits cozy and dexterous. Lightweight overgloves are the preferred way of employing thin race gloves in sub-zero temperatures. Instead of Velcro that can ball up with snow and be rendered useless, the Ski Trab uses a double-layer lycra cuff with a sturdy pull tab to seal out the elements. Thanks to a generous amount of insulation in the liner, you can stay healthy, wealthy, and wise down to -18°F according to Trab (actual results may vary depending on your circulation and whether you're wearing a glove underneath). The palm features a lateral opening to allow easy and unobstructed access to your fingers when you need to rip skins, manipulate boot levers, or eat a cookie. You can even tuck the finger cover under an elastic restraining loop on the back of the hand if you need to vent for a longer stint. The Gara Overglove is a necessary piece of gear and should always be in your pack if you are prone to cold hands or enjoy skiing between November and March.

  • 3-layer polyester softshell is breathable and windproof.
  • 140g of polyester insulation maintains its rating even if it gets wet.
  • Double-layer elastic lycra cuff seals out the cold while allowing for easy donning.
  • Grippy silicone is printed on the lycra around the palm opening.
  • DWR finish on the shell for added water-repellency.

Update 2019/20: Ski Trab decided to go stealth and released their popular Gara Overglove in a (mostly) black design.

Update 2021/22: Ski Trab has stepped their game up once again with more black, more stealth, more little logos. They are also referring to this glove as the, "Overglove Gara Plus."

Update 2023/24: Ski Trab is going through a "blue" phase, which we are quite excited about.

convert to ounces
53g [M]
Weight (pair) 106g [M]
Cuffs Stretchy neoprene
Screen Touch No
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Polyester shell, nylon palm
Insulation None
Skimo Co Says
Usage Touring, cold races, warming up
Notes Palm slit to allow finger access without removing
Bottom Line The answer for cold temps and moving fast
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Questions & Reviews

Michael K (used product regularly)
Absolutely the best ski touring mitten I’ve ever used! I used them for a week ski touring in BC and several times locally in VT. I run hot, I’ve worn them in lower temps (teens into the 20’s) I start with Smartwool liners on, then as I warm up, I expose the liners through the split or simply take the liners off. They haven’t gotten sweaty-wet like the nordic touring gloves I’ve used in the past. The split gives me some finger dexterity but they are baggy and have caught them in my bindings.
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Question from Misha
How do these compare to non-racing gloves or mittens, e.g. Black Diamond Guide gloves or Mtn Hardwear Compressor mitts?
My fingers get very cold even in big gloves, so I'm thinking about switching to mittens, but ideally still keep some dexterity and weight savings if possible. Thank you!
Answer from Jeff
Misha, These aren't like regular Cold weather ski Mittens, like the gloves you are comparing to. These are designed to throw over lightweight touring gloves for added warmth.
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Comment from Michael M
In regards to sizing...

I wear a medium in most BD, CAMP, and OR gloves. I bought these in a medium and they fit well as an overglove. Big enough to fit over a medium BD heavyweight soft shell glove or the medium Trab Gara Aero glove, but not sloppy.
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Brian O (downright abused product)
This is a great everyday touring glove with many handy features. I've been touring with these in very cold conditions, down to -25⁰C with a 30mph wind. That is the limit for me with these gloves. I have exceptionally cold tolerant hands in general.

I wear these without an underglove while touring in cold weather. Fingers can squirm out unassisted. A quick shake returns the fingers to the warmth of the mitten. My hand will also squeeze out of the finger slit completely, to have my whole hand available, without the need to put my gloves elsewhere, and then getting my hand back in the glove is even easier. They are easy to wash. The port or flap on the wrist wraps and exposes a watch face perfectly. The only downside is that the wrist without a watch has too much room and the glove can slide around or a coat sleeve will slide off.

They have been very durable. I wore these 12-14 hours a day, 5-6 days a week, for 4 months. There are some signs of wear, but for a glove this light, I expect much more wear. These things are tough!

The wrist cuff material could be made of something that sheds snow better. Also, the Ski Trab logo paint on the palm will peel off and stick to your skins.

Overall, I am very happy with this glove. The attention paid to every detail of this glove is impressive and probably unsurpassed.
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Nils A (used product regularly)
The Ski Trab Gara Overglove is a great choice for ski tours and mountaineering. I've taken it on my backcountry tours in Tahoe and on my hike up Whitney.
The gloves are lightweight, compact, and warm -- something I really appreciate since I have Raynaud's. The glove is also durable. I picked the size large for my hands (23cm palm circumference and 21cm hand length) and I have a good roomy fit.
Overall, I highly recommend the Ski Trab Gara Overglove for anyone in need of a reliable and warm option for winter sports.
Reply from Kevin J
Thanks for this review! I, too, have Raynauds. What do you wear under these?
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Question from Brian
I don't see much reference to water resistance? I know this has the palm opening but I am in the PNW Cascades and just wondering whether rest of the glove materials will help keep out the wet? Thinking of using this as my downhill/warming glove for touring.
Answer from jbo
Hi Brian, these are water repellent with the DWR but not waterproof. Trab has the waterproof overglove for that, which isn't insulated.
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Question from J. Brandon M
Hand circumference about 8” plus. Length about 7.5”. What size do you recommend.
Answer from Jeff
Hi Brandon, We went over in person. With a thin glove, the Medium works. With a bit thicker insulated glove, the Large size will work better.
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Question from Shannon
Hi, do you know how the sizing compare to La Sportiva Overglove?
I have them in a size small and they are too roomy, circumference if hand is 7.5. The extra room is really in the wrist and length, even with glove or other mitts underneath.
Answer from jbo
Hi Shannon, these have bigger size deltas. The small is smaller than the Sportiva small and the large is larger than the Sportiva large.
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Question from Max M
I just bought the black diamond heavyweight screen tap gloves in a size small. I'm thinking of getting these overgloves to put over them. Do you think I should get a size small or a size medium? I obviously don't want them to be slim like the screen tap gloves, but I wasn't sure if they run big or 'true to size' since they are overgloves

Answer from Patrick C

I would go with the small!
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Question from Nils
Thoughts on how these gloves compare to the Dynafit Borax? Are they warmer? More resistant? Is the mechanism for getting your hand out better/worse?

I'll email to get notified when L/XL is available :) Thanks
Answer from Zak M
Hey Nils, overall I would say that the Gara Overglove Plus outperforms the Borax with all your requirements. Also, I would prefer the mechanism for getting out of the mitt with the Gara Overglove Plus more than Borax. Here's a picture to help give you an idea as well! Thanks
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Laura T (used product regularly)
Great mitten for cold training days and races! After searching for something that would provide extra warmth, but not be too bulky I was very happy to come across these. Being able to quickly rip a skin or access my phone with a glove liner has been a huge plus without having to expose my hands.
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Question from Andrew
Will you be getting these in XL anytime soon?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Andrew, feel free to shoot us an email at and we can get you on a notification list for those overgloves!
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Question from Emily Froberg
Will you be getting these in other sizes?
How do you determine what size is right for me?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Emily, thanks for reaching out! We should be getting more sizes in 3 or 4 weeks, and unfortunately we have not been able to get a sizing chart for them. However, we do offer refunds on returns in new condition within 30 days!
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Question from Roy H
How is the sizing of these compared to the La Sportiva overmit? I felt that the S in the Sportivas was a little too big..but then again I wasnt wearing a lightweight glove when I tried them on.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Roy! I just tried them on and they're pretty much identical in terms of sizing. That being said, make sure to try them on while wearing the glove that they're supposed to go over, that'll make a huge difference in fit. If you fit a small within reason, but will be wearing a glove underneath, the medium is probably the safer sizing choice. If you're wearing a super lightweight glove underneath though then the small is probably fine.
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