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Finally, after years of waiting, the mystical Mistico.2 has arrived. Compared to the 1st generation, the Mistico.2 sports a revised geometry, designed to provide better flotation in soft snow and easier turn initiation. The 14-layer Italian construction is made with careful attention to detail, providing the on-snow performance properties of the iconic cars that share its homeland, leaving you gasping with exhilaration after every run. This 14-layer construction also provides exceptional durability, helping keep your skis intact for many seasons of fun. Like a loving yet stern Italian grandmother, a layer of 3k carbon is wrapped around the core of the ski, allowing the Mistico.2 to keep the robust torsional rigidity its predecessor was known for while flexing longitudinally just enough to be compliant in other snow types. As Ski Trab themselves attest, the Mistico.2 provides the best combination of uphill and downhill performance. While we didn't think anything could top the original Mistico, we are pleased to report the Mistico.2 has found a way.

  • Honeycomb Aramid core delivers performance, lightness, and durability.
  • Revised geometry provides better handling across a wide array of snow types than its predecessor.
  • High Modular Carbon Cage surrounds the core to provide torsional stiffness without being overly harsh.
  • High-end base material and HRC 52 steel edges provide durability and precision.
  • Attivo.2 tip and tail skin attachment points allow you to rip the precut skins from the tip, similar to a race ski.
  • Ski Trab backs up its product with an excellent, 3-year warranty.
  • Made in Bormio with exquisite attention to detail.
Lengths (cm) 157, 164, 171, 178
convert to ounces
1020g [157]
1060g [164]
1100g [171]
1135g [178]
Weight (pair) 2040g [157]
2120g [164]
2200g [171]
2270g [178]
Dimensions   122-92-109 [157]
122-92-109 [164]
122-90-109 [171]
122-90-109 [178]
Turn Radius   19.1m [157]
21.2m [164]
21.5m [171]
23.6m [178]
Skin Fix   Attivo.2 tip & tail
Specs Verified 171 & 178 only
Profile   Tip rocker, camber underfoot, slight tail rocker
Shape   Medium sidecut
Construction   14-layer cap
Core   Aramid honeycomb Aero
Skimo Co Says
Usage All-mountain, all-conditions
Notes 3 year warranty
Bottom Line The best combination of uphill to downhill performance in the Ski Trab line
Compare to other Mid-fat Skis

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Questions & Reviews

Question from vegard bakkejord
Hi. Just wondering, im 1.76 cm, what size would you recommend for a springtouring ski?

decently good skier, havent decided on using la sportiva solar or scarpa f1's.
Answer from Carlos M
Hi there,

I would go with the 171cm length in this ski. It is a pretty stiff and aggressive ski, not one you want to size too long.
Answer this question:

Anthony O (used product a few times)
I'll bite. I've got about 10-15k on these, not much but I know how they ski now. At first I was intimidated based on the recommendations and sizing, I am 6'1/185 cm and 205lbs, seeing that a 199cm skier was told they could ski the 178 or 171 boggled my mind and I assumed it must be an incredibly demanding ski. I did not want to compromise surface area for float and I ski 191 heavy skis regularly so figured I should be able to handle a 178 no matter how demanding. Based on my past with trab, relative mount point preferences, and boot choice I decided that it should behave pretty normal and not be punishing if I bumped the mount up so I mounted +1.5 cm with trab race binders which I think suits floppy light boots (I am skiing them with F1 XTs). This worked a charm for me and I feel like the ski is very neutral, predictable and not punishing. That being said, it's a 1100g ski. So the behaviors of that weight class are still present. However the overall composure as long as you just keep trusting it is best in class. I also would expect that it certainly would be punishing if you mounted on line and got sloppy or were not a physically strong skier. I can manhandle it if I get knocked backwards without much effort but it obviously prefers forward skiing. It is incredibly stiff and cambered, fun to carve longer radius turns.

So my recommendation is size down if you you want to mount on line and use floppy light boots. size more true to size and go +1 or 1.5 cm to ski with floppy boots and have a casual experience. If you want a game on ski that will punish you and have supportive boots then go more true to size (I just average the mount points of most of skis and generally prefer around -10 from center). Also if you are not heavier bodyweight wise I'd also expect it to be more demanding and err on downsizing.

Trab durability has always been top in class so no worries there. I think that use case for skis of this weight are pretty nil but if you know where you would want to use it or want a fitness ski with some good surface area relative to weight then its hard to beat. A good citizen race ski for a Clydesdale.
Comment on this review:

Question from Taylor

I am 199cm tall and very interested in the Mistico, but I'm worried the 178 would be too short for me. I'm a good skiier in all conditions. I'd like to use the ski all season for fitness laps as well as be able to take it out for tours in fresh powder.

If you think it's too short, do you have any recommendations for other super light touring skis that are available in a longer size?

Thanks for your advice!
Answer from jbo
Hi Taylor, this ski is OK to go shorter than usual. It's quite a powerful ski and the tail is quite supportive, such that the longer lengths can be a handful. If you're on the lighter side, and especially for fitness laps, you would do just fine on the 178 in my opinion.
Answer from Taylor G
I just registered an account to respond and say thank you for the quick and great advice! And also thank you for making this website become such an incredible, valuable resource for everyone. Happy new year!
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Question from Sam B

I am wondering what the technical/construction differences are between the Ski Trab Ortles 90 and this ski, both in the 171 cm length? How does that correspond to performance and/or ideal use?

You folks are the best, I appreciate any help y'all can provide,
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Sam, the Mistico.2 uses Trab's Honeycomb Aramid core, which is impressively strong and damp for its weight. The Mistico.2 is a stout and generally stiffer ski. The Ortles 90 uses a variation on their Liwood core to achieve dampness and a rounder flex profile at a slightly heavier weight, particularly in the tails where it is noticeably softer and friendlier than the Mistico.2. Size for size, the Mistico.2 rewards great technique whereas the Ortles 90 allows for more variability in how they'll allow you to ski them.

Please feel free to reach out to for more details!
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Model: Mistico.2

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