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Arc'teryx Procline AR Carbon Boot


The original Procline Carbon boot took a novel step. It’s split-cuff design offered unique range of motion, allowing never-before-seen lateral movement for off-camber skinning and climbing. Arc’Teryx has continued to refine the design and has pushed the envelope further with the Procline AR Carbon. This boot is for those wishing to drive a bigger ski than the original could handle, but still want the range-of-motion and snug fit. The AR Carbon has an integrated Grilamid tongue to stiffen the forward flex and increase the boots downhill prowess. It scarcely affects the walk-mode and may even improve certain types of climbing. Arc’Teryx also upgraded the shell material, using Ultramid in the lower to increase the stiffness of the boot. The Procline AR Carbon is the boot that many are seeking, especially those still holding onto their TLT5s. Uninhibited climbing with stiffness, strength and power for the descent.

  • Rigid, responsive Ultramid shell offers durability and sports-car performance.
  • Warm, thermoformable Ultralon closed cell liner with cuff and tongue reinforcements.
  • 110 Flex gives dramatically improved ski-ability versus the original Procline Carbon.
  • Aluminum Cam Lock Power Strap is quick to tighten or loosen during transitions.
  • Rigid tongue for increased stiffness and downhill support.
  • Integrated gaiter protects from snow and wetness.
  • Wider cuff buckle for increased power distribution.
  • Vibram sole keeps you glued to the ridgelines.
convert to ounces
1301g [27.5]
Weight (pair) 2602g [27.5]
Buckles   2 + Power strap
Boot Sole Length   275mm [25/25.5]
285mm [26/26.5]
295mm [27/27.5]
305mm [28/28.5]
315mm [29/29.5]
325mm [30/30.5]
Binding Compatibility   Tech
Cuff Rotation   Forward 42°, Backward -35°, Internal 12°, External 24°
Forward Lean(s)   13.5°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Ultramid shell, Grilamid and carbon cuff, Softstretch gaiter
Liner   Ultralon Lite AR thermoformable
Sole   Vibram Top85 Touring
Skimo Co Says
Usage Backcountry skiing, Freetouring
Notes Snug and low volume fit, great for TLT5 fans
Bottom Line Walk easy, ski hard
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Questions & Reviews

Question from I G
My Procline AR back cable broke. Anyone know where to get it fixed, or how to replace it?
Answer from Ian C
Hi I G, we have been able to fix these with some success. We recently ordered some parts which should arrive soon if they are not already floating around the shop! If you want to drop off these boots or send them to us, we can take a crack at a repair.
Answer from NICOLA M
Also mine broke the same way last April!! At the shop where I bought them could not help me since they are not receiving any replacement part from supplier / manufacturers..this is very disappointing since it is a Salomon company. I wrote to arc'teryx And after a long emailing the wrote me the replacement was sent to me but just never arrived nor answered to any other mail.. this boot were very expensive and I just used them for 3 season ( approx 90 times). I am a sailor and I fix them with 2mm dynema core, I don’t know how long it will last ..
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Question from Eric S
Why aren't you guys selling this boot anymore?

Has it be disconctinued entirely (by Arcteryx)? Or have you just found they don't sell since they're so specialized?
Still on the lookout for something to replace my TLT5s!
Answer from jbo
Hi Eric, Arc'teryx discontinued their ski boot line, but the design lives on with the Salomon X-Alp. It is still the boot we recommend as "most TLT5 like" in fit.
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Question from Andy
Previously, in response to the boot fitter questionnaire, Trace suggested the Movement Freetour or the Arc'teryx. There is no way I can try either on and the nearest bootfitter is a full day trip. So here's my status:

I've worn MP29 in 6 different Dynafit boots; I wear a 28.5 in the Scarpa F1. Hiking boots/bike shoes are US 11, EU 44.5-45. My best fitting hikers are leather Scarpas with PU midsoles. I wear orthotics: 1 custom, green Superfeet, black Superfeet, and Specialize BG. Several reviews, and my wife's experience say some people have to go up 1 full size; what do you think for me?

TLT5 M was a good performance fit, but after a couple of years caused an aggravated metatarsal bump on my right foot.
Mercury was an outstanding performance fit with molding the OEM liner and with a punch for the metatarsal bump.
TLT6 M was a good comfort fit. After wearing out the OEM liner and replacing it with a Palau Tourlite, I had to go to a thinner footbed to reduce pressure on the top of my foot untill the liner was more broken in.
Scarpa F1 is a good to slightly loose in the heel comfort fit.

So what are the chances of me getting a good, not loose, not overly tight fit out of the box or with a little home rice-method thermomolding in the 29/29.5 Arc'teryx Procline AR Carbon?

Will the Procline be a significantly more aggressive downhill boot than the Scarpa F1 (which I find superior to the TLT6 downhill, but inferior for skinning)?

From what I can tell it seems the Movement boot would not necessarily augment performance overall (skinning or downhill) over the F1?
Answer from Jeff
Andy, It is tough, come visit us to try boots on and ski the Wasatch.
Size 29 would be your size, but is it the right width. Judging from your comments, most likely a Performance fit. The Procline would be the narrowest of the bunch. Without trying on, hard to tell if a punch would be all you need to make it work. From all the feedback we have received , it would ski better then the F1, how much more...
The Movement would be very comparable to the F1.
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Question from Thatcher Kelley
How do these compare to the X-Alp in terms of downhill performance?
Answer from jbo
Hi Thatcher, the addition of the tongue in the AR is a very noticeable step up in ski performance, with a hardly noticeable step down in walk performance.
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Question from Peter
Any thoughts on how these are different from last year's procline?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Peter! Fit-wise, they are pretty dang similar. The liner got a huge upgrade in terms of construction, but they fit pretty similarly compared to last year's Procline. The biggest difference is the tongue. The tongue made the Procline a serious contender in the 1300g+ weight category and after trying the Procline and the Procline AR on at the same time, it didn't really lose any walking freedom, but the downhill performance definitely went to the next level.
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Question from Eric S
Will this boot fit the same as the as the Salomon and Arcteryx boots from last year?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Eric! We were able to ski a handful of these boots at the beginning of last season and they seemed to keep the same shape but vastly improved the construction of the liner. It's very comfortable and fits remarkably similarly to the prior editions. That was a prototype/pre-production model though so I can't comment on if they changed the liner for the production models or not. We'll find out soon!
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Model: Procline AR Carbon

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