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Virtually guaranteed to put a smile on your face, the Aski Verglas is stable, precise, and confidence inspiring in variable conditions and steep terrain. A carving skiers dream, the Verglas probably could hold an edge on glass. The skis are built with a skeleton of thermoplastic infused with carbon to make a strong ski with a buttery feel. Tip and tail rocker keeps it above soft snow while dynamic camber secures a great edge hold. Aski skis err on the side of performance, but the company managed to make them light enough to get our attention. The Verglas is a rocket ship that will take you to new places.

  • Thermoplastic Carbon shell offers an amazingly damp ride (and not just for a light ski).
  • Polymeric blended core with high elastic modulus to help create a uniform flex.
  • Carbon/Kevlar base sheet provides protection from impact and speed.
  • Spatula shaped tip with double rocker helps you stay above pow and crud.
  • Dual camber design makes it surprisingly agile and reliable on firm snow.
  • Excellent stability on bumpy snow and edge hold on marble.

Update 2018/19: The skis have updated graphics with more eye-pop. Same damp feel and rocket-like properties.

Lengths (cm) 165, 175
convert to ounces
1110g [165]
1190g [175]
Weight (pair) 2220g [165]
2380g [175]
Dimensions   111-79-93
Turn Radius   21.1m [165]
24.3m [175]
Skin Fix   Notched tip, flat tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Double tip rocker, camber underfoot
Shape   Rounder tip, longer radius, flat tail
Construction   Carbon shell with Polycell core
Core   Polycell
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski mountaineering, fast and light
Notes Super smooth and very stable at speed
Bottom Line This ski will put a smile on your face
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Christian
Hi, looking for a spring objective/citizens skimo ski that won’t rattle me fillings out when skiing refrozen. These seem like the ticket, but are there any others you’d recommend? I also like the longer radius of these. Looking for something about 169-173 cm. Thanks!
Answer from eric
Christian- You pretty much will not find another ski that has a long radius and super damp, non teeth chattering edge hold as good as these!
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Anthony O (used product regularly)
What more is there to say other than the description, "guaranteed to put a smile on your face." Truly, the only ski in the category ive skied that has no comparison in feel. Ive skied x alps, maestros, and alp tracks in this category. This ski just encourages you to go faster. It will turn as much as youd like it too, but its preference is speed. The faster you go, the more stable and unique it feels. Higher turn radius and ski shape give it unbeatable edge hold and security on steeps and they jump turn and grab to icy slopes like lasers. I downsized my first pair which made it excellent at narrow steeps and tighter trees, but when i opened it up with the terrain, the stability and dampness made me want even more ski-not because i found it lacking, but because it has an addictive feel. I am 186cm, and after skiing the 165cm for a season im gonna bump up to the 175cm. However, do not be alarmed by the shorter sizes. I found the 165cm to be as stable at speed or more than some 177cm alp tracks i have. They are so damp and stable they dont require the same length as other skis imo. But be forewarned, if you like speed, they are addictive. If you like turny skis and dont like pointing your tips down then you may not like this as much, but i doubt youll find anything as stiff stable or damp in the category.
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Pete (used product a few times)
I've been skiing 164cm on variable spring snow. I'm not as enamored with these skis as others are, they ski quite well at speed, and are quite damp, but the weight and stiffness is not competitive with other skis in the price range. If you like railing at high speed these are great, but I don't think they are the best for long mountaineering objectives and steep skiing. If you look into the construction process it's interesting how much rubber goes into Aski skis, much more than other brands, entire sheets as opposed to VDS just lining the ski edges, this is probably why they're so damp, and heavier than the competition.

Why in the world did they choose such a wide tip notch, classic race tips attachments don't work, you have to buy ski trab's.
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Question from Anthony O
whats your recommendation for low fat ski thats the most fun and reliable in bad conditions. looking at this and the salomon x alp. want something in the high 70s, low 80s that i can used in the spring as a daily volcano driver. weight is of lowest priority to me. just came off the ski trab maestro and want the opposite end of the spectrum. will "the rocket" fit the bill? also will you be getting any more 166cms?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Anthony! The X-Alp could be an interesting choice for you! Excellent edging, forgiving and round flex pattern, and a pretty impressive weight! But if weight is not a high priority for you the Verglas is a great ski that likes to go fast and not look back as the performance is pretty much unmatched. Very much the opposite of and X-Alp in terms of flex pattern though. For a ski that's good in bad conditions, isn't wildly light but places an emphasis on durability and longevity that's also in the 80mm waist category, the Objective is basically the unanimous favorite at the shop.
Answer from jbo
Hi Anthony, we just got a pair of 166s!
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Stano at SkinTrack (used product a few times)
Last week I had the pleasure to demo these skis on a tour in Wasatch. After much of my "unwillingness" guys insisted that I try them out. This is how it went:
Despite wearing my brand new (and still not properly fitted) skimo race boots it took me 2 turns to figure out how to ski them - any way I wanted to. From long high speed turns to short wiggles in tight aspen trees I was absolutely amazed. The snow was good (soft powder) so I cannot speak to how they would ski crust but I have never skied such responsive and stable planks. I skied the 176cm version (I am 186cm).
The price is definitely little higher than I like to pay for skis but I am going to try to save up over the summer to pull the trigger for next season. After all, skis define so much of our experience in the mountains.
Test them out and be ready to fall in love.
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