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Atomic Backland Carbon Boot

Brand: Atomic
Model: Backland Carbon
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The Backland Carbon Boot from Atomic is a very serious boot, and it got a serious makeover for 2019/20 season. So serious, in fact, that we aren't gonna make any jokes for the rest of this product listing (well, maybe one at the end). All the updates are aimed at improving the skiability of the Backland without adding any weight. Atomic incorporated a BOA closure system on the lower shell of the boot, ensuring that the fit feels even, snug, and sturdy. A 40mm cam power strap improves on the thinner power strap that older models featured, and the taller cuff means a more direct boot-to-ski feel on the way down. With carbon loaded polyamide making up the cuff and shell on this updated model, this boot can be altered (by a boot tech) to fit almost any foot. Atomic took a great boot and made it better in every way while still preserving the unique customizable fit that made older models so popular. The updated Atomic Backland Carbon boot is functional, reliable, and looks like boots RoboCop would wear-- perfect for serious skiers who do serious things in the backcountry.

  • The Frictionless Pivot provides an efficient and smooth stride, allowing for a natural walking motion that doesn't try to reinvent the wheel-- it is just walking, after all.
  • Updated shell and cuff material offers excellent lateral power transmission so you can consider using these boots on fatter skis.
  • BOA closure system wraps the foot evenly and snugly, you can ski down without slop then skin right back to the top in comfort.
  • Free/Lock 2.0 ski/walk mech is proven solid and still really simple to use while offering great support in ski mode.
  • Full rubber sole means confidence when walking on stuff that isn't snow, which does happen in the real world.
  • Fully moldable shell and liner means it can fit some big hooves.
-> ounces
1110g [27/27.5]
Weight (pair) 2220g [27/27.5]
Buckles 1 + 40mm Cam Strap + BOA
Boot Sole Length 268mm [24/24.5]
278mm [25/25.5]
288mm [26/26.5]
298mm [27/27.5]
308mm [28/28.5]
318mm [29/29.5]
328mm [30/30.5]
Binding Compatibility Tech only
Cuff Rotation 74°
Forward Lean(s) 13°, 15°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials Carbon infused polyamide, Carbon fiber
Liner Memory Fit 3D Platinum Light
Sole Skywalk Full Rubber
Skimo Co Says
Usage Lightweight touring
Notes Breathable Liner
Bottom Line A sweet boot now streamlined and sexy.
Question from Chris Cawley
Care to compare these to Arcteryx Procline AR? Up/down performance?
Answer from TSB
Hey Chris! The word from Subcommandante JBo is that the Backland Carbon is "less supportive" than the Procline AR, which was a "sweet boot." But, he says, "it walks better."
Answer from Chris C
"Thanks" for the "beta!"
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Question from Eric S
I really want to hear more about this boot as soon as you guys have tried them. They received a very strange and not very believable review at Wildsnow.com. Things I'll be curious about are

1) How they ski vs. a TLT6.
2) How do they fit? I'd love it if they fit narrower than the F1.

I realize you guys probably haven't been on them yet. Just a heads up I expect to buy 'em from you if you convince me they are as good as they sound!
Answer from jbo
Hi Eric! We were able to ski the new Backlands and I also found that review strange. The stiffness of the new version is somewhere between a tongueless Backland and a tongued Backland since, hey, they removed the tongue. It's taller, more responsive, applies pressure more evenly, and walks great without having to remove anything, making it a nice boot for those who prefer simplicity versus the removable tongue system. Similar story as compared to the TLT6 as those were comparable boots.

The listed 98mm last is way off, felt wider and more voluminous than an F1.
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