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Black Diamond Helio Adjustment Plates

Brand: Black Diamond
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If you ski a lot, chances are pretty good that you have more boots than you have feet. These Black Diamond Helio Adjustment Plates are the perfect way to ensure maximum “swap-ability” between your skis, boots, and bindings. The plates are thin to keep a low profile against the ski and have four tension-bolts for maximum hold. At a light 33g per side (with hardware) and a slim 5.2mm height, the plates fit any of Black Diamond’s Helio bindings and offer 28mm of total adjustment range. The adjustment plates are sold in pairs with nuts and bolts to attach the bindings.

Question from Brendan
These are pretty narrow and I'm wondering how wide of a ski I can get away with mounting them on? I weigh 150 lbs. and ski fairly non aggressively.
Answer from Teddy Young
As long as the release value of your binding is appropriate, the area of the mounting pattern is not a big concern, especially at your weight and skier type. Should be good!
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Question from Nate Moody
Hi there,

Out of curiosity, is the hole pattern of the Helio heel pieces the same width of the old Sportiva RT's? Or more directly, is this adjustment plate the same as other ATK heel adjustment plates?


Answer from jbo
Hi Nate, yes the Sportiva RT heel will work on this plate. For a complete list of compatibility, see our reference table for hole patterns.
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