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The Helio 200 LT is the slimmer little brother that the Helio 200 has been hoping and asking for all these years. By ditching the adjustment plate, keeping the smooth Monolink 1.0 toe wings, and retaining the ability to independently adjust vertical and lateral release, the Helio 200 LT is ready to tackle the biggest vertical days filled with aggressive and dynamic skiing. Despite the 200-gram name, this slender sender is in a lower weight class that rivals some bindings in the race category. Its all-metal construction means that this binding will remain faithfully by your side (and around your ski boots) for years to come. The geometry of the toe piece works in unison with the independent heel pins to ensure an easy time stepping in, even in the fluffiest of conditions. If you’re after an exceptionally light binding designed to handle the rigors of big mountain descents, the search ends here with the Helio 200 LT.

  • Monolink 1.0 toe piece gets rid of a set of toe-arm springs, reducing weight and complexity.
  • Cam Release System places the heel pins on a sliding axis for a more accurate release.
  • Two heel risers and a flat setting help find the perfect climbing angle.
  • Easy Entry System allows you to step into the toe like a pro.
  • A new lever design adds a seat for a pole tip for ease of exit.
  • Independent vertical and lateral release settings adjust from 5-10.
  • No need to rotate the heel to start climbing, just flip a flap.
  • Optional crampon receptors (+8g) accept Helio crampons.
convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 358g
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   None
BSL Adjustment   Fixed
Riser Heights   2 + flat
Vertical Release   5-10
Lateral Release   5-10
Crampon Ready   Removable Accessory
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Aluminum alloy, stainless steel
Skimo Co Says
Usage Everyday ski touring & mountaineering
Notes Cam release system makes for smooth step-in and vertical release
Bottom Line Fully adjustable lateral and vertical release under 200 grams
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Ramsay de Give
Do you know where it would be possible to find a mounting template for this binding - purchasing from a friend who offered to sell. Thank you in advance!
Answer from Ramsay d
I found a template online. Thanks for the great resource SKIMO
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Elliot D (used product regularly)
Great bindings for everyday touring use. They are incredibly light, easy to step into when putting them on, and have adjustable release values which can give the user some peace of mind depending on their dimensions and skiing style/objectives. I gave 4 stars because the heel riser could be magnetic like its brother, the Helio 200 bindings.
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Ben (used product regularly)
I love these bindings. I have added adjustment plates and crampon receptors so they are functionally the same as the Helio 200. I love lightweight gear, but I have a history of knee injury and mediocre ski ability so I am wary of fixed release bindings, so these are the best of both worlds with full release adjustment and minimal weight gain compared to race-style bindings.

While these bindings are excellent, if you have the extra cash I would recommend getting the Helio 200 instead of the 200 LT for one reason: magnetic heel riser. The riser on the 200 LT is average, not too difficult to flip with a pole (same one as on the Hagan Pure/ATK Crest) but the Helio 200 has a magnetic flap that makes flipping up and down nearly telepathic. Like with all ATK-made bindings you need to lock out the toe for most skinning. Also consistent with my other experiences with ATK bindings the anodization on the toe lever will get scratched when you use it with a ski pole.
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Question from David Ohanesian
Is the difference between the BD 200 binding and the BD 200 LT primarily the length adjustment plate and lack of leash or is there a difference in the toe or heel themselves?
Answer from jbo
Hi David, the toe piece is machined a bit more simply in the LT, subtracting cost while adding 8 grams. Also the heel is a bit different, with the holes positioned for a fixed mount (though you can still add a plate).
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Question from Brian
How high does the highest heel riser go? I have the Solomon MTN Tour. Does the 200 LT lift as high as that?
Answer from jbo
Hi Brian, the highest LT riser is a couple of centimeters lower than the highest MTN riser. See our list of riser heights for all the gory details.
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Question from Greg peters
Can you add an adjustment plate to the LT?
Answer from jbo
Hi Greg, you sure can! The BD ones are a natural fit.
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Question from Zak
So are these exactly the same as the Helio 200 without the adjustment plate and crampon receptors? Also, will offer just the heels at some point?
Answer from jbo
Hi Zak, aside from the packaging and aesthetic differences, the LT uses a different toe piece. It is the cheaper toe found on the Helio 145 & 180 vs the lighter race toe found on the Helio 110 and 200. The heels are likewise machined a bit differently and the LT has jig support for a fixed mount (the 200 does not). We do not have a good supply of just heels at this time.
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