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Taking kids out into the backcountry while they're still young can be a rewarding, exciting process, but doing so requires the right mix of equipment, weather, and snacks. While pin tech bindings and boots have yet to be scaled down for the smallest kids, Contour has a solution that bridges the mechanical gap between the wee ones and the backcountry. The StartUp adaptor clips into traditional alpine bindings, and traditional alpine boots clip into the adaptor to create an uphill ascension system that mimics AT bindings. Included in this kit are trimmable 95mm wide Contour skins that can be cut to fit skis up to 140cm long, with the skins being made of the same 65/35 mohair/synthetic blend that many other adult Contour skins are made from. We can't promise that they'll be breaking FKT's and putting up 10k vert before work with this gear, but starting them in the backcountry while they're young could lead to a lifelong hobby. Plus, preparing some future trailbreakers helps everyone!

  • The adaptors weigh just shy of 850g per pair, and pack up compactly to fit neatly inside your pack for the descent.
  • With the range to fit boot sole lengths between 245-305mm, the adaptor can adjust to a growing kid (or kids).
  • Trimmable skins can be cut to fit any youth ski, and once cut will function just like adult skins.
  • Not included: thermos of hot chocolate, fruit snacks, sandwich, and pack of tissues.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Tracy
Hello! I am wondering if there's any chance these would fit a bit of a smaller boot?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Tracy,

The Contour Kids Touring Adapter is designed to fit a boot sole length range of 245-305mm. If you would like to dive into more details, reach out to us at!
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David J Tepper (used product a few times)
My 8 yr old son went skinning with me a few weeks ago for the first time and they worked pretty well. He fell over on a double fall line section of trail while ascending and one boot popped out as his boots are the minimum BSL at 245mm. No other trouble beyond that.

The one thing I would suggest here is that you purchase tail clips for the skins as the package does not include them and most skins will fall off eventually without tail clips, especially with sloppy use by kids.
Reply from AARON O
I have used these without tail clips for a few years now - my theory is that kids just don't do enough laps to make tail clips necessary (they quit before the skins do)?
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Question from Sinead

I know it says the skins are for a ski up to 140cm. Any chance they would work on a 157 Revolt 95? He's 12. Advanced skier. New to touring so I don't want to spend too much on skins just yet. If they would definitely not work, then what would you recommend?

Answer from Julieana
Hi Sinead, unfortunately I think these skins are going to be too short for that ski. You have a few options; you could buy some skin material off the roll, buy some tip and tail attachments that you can find here, and build a skin yourself. If you want to buy something that already comes with the tips and tail attachments and just needs an edge trim I'd suggest the Voile Hyper Glide Skins.
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Question from mongo
can adults with smaller feet use these? weight limit?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Mongo, these touring adapters work better for lighter-weight individuals. Contour doesn't specify a max weight for the bindings but based on the materials I wouldn't suggest using them for someone who is heavier. You could check out a binding called Daymaker touring bindings as a more robust alternative.
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Orest (used product regularly)
My 7, 10 and 12 year old boys love these. I bought one set not knowing which of them would be into it, and may have to buy 2 more in the fall! Great product after you dial it in after fiddling a bit.
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Question from Jeff
I'm wondering if this Contour Kids StartUp Set has an end of season sale price.
I'm in Logan, UT.
Answer from Cole P
Hey Jeff, thanks for reaching out but unfortunately, this product is not going to be on an end of season sale.
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