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When the phrase “low tech” is spoken around here, we’re immediately transported back to the tech binding renaissance of the early 90s that saw Dynafit introduce many category-defining products to the market. A descendant from this product lineage was the Superlite 2.0, which with its excellent lateral elasticity, adjustable lateral release, and fixed vertical release, satisfied most everyone looking for a capable yet lightweight binding that was built to withstand the test of time. As an ode to this period, Dynafit is releasing their “Low Tech” binding, which uses the chassis of the Superlite 2.0 but with a funky twist that celebrates the retro designs of years past. With the Low Tech binding, you have a chance to own a limited edition binding that embodies the true spirit of being Low Tech; lightweight, simple, and durable. Get yours before they’re gone.

  • Can be used with optional brakes.
  • Lateral release can be adjusted between 5-10 to suit your specific needs.
  • Rotating the heel piece gives access to two heel riser heights, letting you ascend the steepest skin tracks.
  • Proven toe piece design is simple and durable.
convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 356g
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   Accessory 75, 90, 105
BSL Adjustment   Accessory plates
Riser Heights   2 + unofficial flat
Vertical Release   Fixed
Lateral Release   5-10
Crampon Ready   Yes, Removable
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Forged 7075 aluminum, chromoly & stainless steel, high-strength synthetics
Skimo Co Says
Usage Lightweight touring & mountaineering
Notes Fixed vertical release
Bottom Line Coolest lightweight binding available
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Joe G
Thanks for your response. What about mounting an ATK Haute Route 10 without the adjustment plate with a speed turn 2 toe?
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Question from Joe
Hi there,
I’ve loved the simplicity of the speed turn 2s, however the ramp angle is really killing me, those heel tower pins are 16mm above the toes. So, I was going to shim, and though I’m sure the shim would help, it’s just raising me further from the ski base and accommodating that really rough heel tower. I’m wondering if I could buy this low tech heel piece and mount it with the speed turn toes, basically reduce the delta angle by swapping for a much lower heel tower instead of shimming. Is this compatible/ possible? On the heel page I see the term “unsanctioned super binding”, but it seems like the speed turn toe isn’t really that different from the low tech toe. If you think it would work would you be able to send me the dimensions of the heel base platform, and the distance between the screw holes? Thanks as always.
Answer from Jeff
Hi Joe, Yes, doing what you suggest will give you an even lower ramp angle then shimming. About +7 instead of +10.
Mixing those Toe pieces would not be a problem.

Our chart will all mounting patterns is found here mounting patterns
You will need to mount the Superlight heel pretty close to center of the existing holes to work. Depends on where your heel is on the adjustment track now.
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Question from Gary
I am looking for jut the toe pieces for my split board with hard boot bindings (Phantom boots and bindings)
Answer from Jeff
Gary, Just toe piece are found here -- Dynafit Toe Pieces
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