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RC1 Binding by Pierre Gignoux

Brand: Dynafit
Model: Dynafit RC1 by PG
Availability: Discontinued

Carbon fiber bindings? “Why not,” says mad boot-scientist Pierre Gignoux, now working with the mad binding-scientists at Dynafit. Designed to work (only) with the RC1 boot, the binding easily wins the weight crown. At 66 grams without screws, it is borderline ridiculous. Operating without springs, entry into the binding requires ramped notches cut into certain boots made by Pierre. The ramps force open the pins just enough to get in. Exit involves pushing (with your hand only!) the lateral carbon fiber protrusions. Yes, that means there is a left and a right binding. Feel free to name them.

  • Light.
  • Fast.
  • French.
-> ounces
Weight (pair) 132g
Boot Compatibility RC1, Pack Ultimate
Brakes No
BSL Adjustment No
Riser Heights 1
Vertical Release Fixed
Lateral Release Fixed
Crampon Ready No
Specs Verified Yes
Materials Carbon fiber, aluminum
Skimo Co Says
Usage World Cup racing
Notes Requires PG boots
Bottom Line Ultimate in gram counting
Question from Anthony O
Does the latest versions, work with the latest version of PG (non pintec) dynafit DNA boots? To be clear, this boot https://www.dynafit.com/en-us/dna-by-pierre-gignoux-boot-08-0000061332

With this binding https://www.dynafit.com/dna-binding-by-pierre-gignoux-08-0000048773
Answer from Jeff
Hi Anthony! Yes, either version will work with any PG boots. Not recommended with any non PG boots.
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Question from Brian L
Can you step into these with the Alien RS, or other boots with the Dynafit Quick Step-in sockets?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Brian! I definitely wouldn't try. I heard of a guy doing it successfully but also the only failure I've seen on this binding was when somebody tried stepping into it with a boot that doesn't have the ramps that are required for entry. Needless to say that warranty claim was denied.
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Question from Simon T
Does this come with a paper mounting template?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Simon! I believe that should come with the boot!
Answer from Simon T
Really. Never seen a mounting template with a boot before. Are you saying the binding definitely doesn't come with template!?
Answer from jbo
Hi Simon, it doesn't (seems like few bindings do these days). There were templates with the RC1 boot; it was one long strip that was sized to each boot. That said, they are pretty easy to make using the binding as a template.
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Question from Simon T
Mentions above that these work with the RC1. Do they also work with the Pierre Gignoux Race 400
Answer from jbo
Hi Simon, yes, that is the same boot!
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by Pete (used product a few times)
I bought a used pair of these quite cheaply and decided to push them into a general touring application with traditional touring boots. A few people have tried this with a modicum of success, and I resolved to attempt it myself. Slipping the toe piece on is difficult, but manageable, the toe piece rotates too easily and the heel to toe delta is quite low out of the box. To solve these problems I added a carbon heel shim raising the heel delta by ~.75cm, Rounded the ends of the binding pins,added a second stainless steel screw to each toe piece, and edited my old TLT5's tech fittings to look similar to PG's. After doing this the bindings operate decently, I've been skiing them on Vapor Nanos in powder but am not willing to push them much harder than that.

I would not recommend skiing these with anything but a PG boot, unless you are willing to put in quite a bit of stressful work on expensive items. The fact that a binding can be 66g is incredible, perhaps carbon toe pieces, and boots with ramps under the tech fittings are the future.
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Question from audhage
Has anyone done a realease test of this binding (or Version 3) combined with the PG boots? Of course there is no official values, but it would be very helpful to have some idea of the lateral and vertical release values.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Audhage! Thanks for reaching out! Tough to say exactly how high the release values are as it depends on a multitude of factors, but "high" might be the best answer I can give you.
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Question from Spindogg
Is this heel piece the same screw pattern as the Low tech race 2.0?

is this heel also plastic like the LTR2.0 or is it metal of some kind?
Answer from jbo
Hi Spindogg, yes this is the same heel piece as the LTR 2.0. It is not metal.
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Question from DrSkimo
Is it out of the question to use these bindings with any other boot? I'm asking if its just not possible or is it simply not recommended for a specific reason like theoretical safety issues?
Answer from jbo
Hi Beast_coaster, the matching boots have angle ramps below the toe fittings that help spread the wings when stepping in. Transitions without those are much less pleasant, and may lead to over-stressing the fiber.
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