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Built with the same inspiration that guided Fischer in the development of the Transalp Pro, the Transalp Tour W is built for badass gals looking to put in big vertical days without too much compromise on the descent. Because “shrink it and pink it” just doesn’t cut it anymore, Fischer optimized the Transalp Tour W for narrower, low-volume feet. The mix of Pbax Rnew and TPU finds a good compromise between weight and durability while the Double Lock Ski/Walk provides a stout backbone that stands up to hard descents. Because getting up is more than half the battle, the 80-degree range of motion and rockered Vibram sole will help in the bootpack and skin track. The Transalp Tour W was created for hard-charging adventurous women seeking to get far from the trailhead.

  • Mix of Pbax Rnew and TPU finds a balance between weight and stability.
  • Preformed Liner and power buckle system for a precise out-of-the-box fit.
  • Double Lock/Ski Walk mechanism provides stability for aggressive descents.
  • Full Rubber Sole for traction on icy ridges.
  • Adjustable forward lean lets you dial in your stance preference.
  • Velcro Spoiler helps accommodate all calf shapes and sizes.
  • Quick Fix Strap Closure provides a convenient and quick option to get in and out of boots.

Update 2023/24: Fischer updated the color palette on this otherwise fine pair of boots.

convert to ounces
1346g [24.5]
Weight (pair) 2692g [24.5]
Buckles   2 + power strap
Boot Sole Length   254mm [22.5]
264mm [23.5]
274mm [24.5]
284mm [25.5]
294mm [26.5]
304mm [27.5]
Binding Compatibility   Tech, Hybrid, ISO 9523
Cuff Rotation   80°
Forward Lean(s)   14°, 17°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Pebax - RNew
Liner   Heat moldable liner
Sole   Full rubber sole
Skimo Co Says
Usage Touring
Notes Double lock ski/walk mechanism
Bottom Line Skis hard walks like a dream
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Sarah S
Hi! Trying to pick a pair of touring boots that fit well and are on the lighter side (but not shooting for most-ultralight). My resort boots are a Salomon s/pro alpha at 100flex and the bootfitter who sold them to me said I had fairly narrow feet and a medium-high instep.

I see that these fischers are the same width last - would you anticipate a remarkably different fit at the same mondo size? Also looked at some scarpa gea's and the Salomon MTN summit, but saw comments saying they were wider/higher volume so maybe not as similar a fit.
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Sarah,

These are a medium width and medium to slightly lower volume. They run pretty true to size length-wise. I'd recommend filling out our  boot fitter so that we can give you personalized recommendations!
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Question from GOB
Is the last on this boot really narrower than the Transalp pro? What about the toe box?
Interested because I am looking for a narrower touring boot.
Answer from Carlos M

As far as we can tell, the width of the shell is the same between Transalp boots of the same mondo size. There is a liner difference which optimizes the Women's version for women's narrower feet. However, there are boots with narrower lasts out there, so if you are looking for a new touring boot, please shoot us an email at describing your needs, and we'd be happy to work with you to find the right boot!
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Question from Raina
Is this boot shell running on the 26/26.5, or the 26.5/27? Also, wondering if this boot is significantly different than the yellow men’s/unisex transalp pro model.
Answer from jbo
Hi Raina, it's a 26/26.5. As compared to the Transalp Pro, it's not a massive difference. This version uses a different mix of materials, namely TPU in the cuff, resulting in a slightly softer flex (110 vs 120 on the Fischer scale) and a couple more ounces in the same size.
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Question from Gina
I'm trying to decide between the Scarpa F1, Scarpa F1 GT or Fischer Trans alp. These are half a pound heavier per boot than either of those options. Does is ski that much better?
Answer from Emmett I

Firstly, reach out to us at or fill out a boot fitter to go more in-depth!

These will have a more progressive flex than particularly the Transalp or F1. The GT will also have a pretty progressive flex.

Keep in mind that the most important factor when choosing boots is fit! The boots you've mentioned all fit pretty differently.
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