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Replacement brakes for G3 ski bindings. If you've broken a brake or are switching skis and need a new width, look for your G3 brakes here.

ION Brakes - Stoppers that work with both the ION 10 and ION 12 bindings. You likely wouldn't get in trouble for putting some brakes on the ION LT 12 binding either. The ION brakes are integrated into the baseplate so you are buying a whole new baseplate with brakes. That means you will need to remount your bindings to install the brakes. Price is per brake (x1), so you will need 2 for a pair of skis. Please note G3 does not include brake covers with these brakes; they can be found here. Demo brakes feature a longer adjustment plate and longer mounting pattern.

ZED Brakes - Removeable brakes for the ZED 12 binding. This brake can easily be installed or removed with a #3 Pozi screwdriver. Available in 85mm, 100mm, 115mm, or 130mm widths. Average weight of 85g each. These received an update in 2022/23 using a different black plastic. Sold in pairs (x2).

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Alicia Zimmel
Hey! My G3 Ion 12 bindings are 5ish years old… will these brakes be compatible to replace my broken brake?
Answer from jbo
Hi Alicia, yes the brake interface has not changed over the years.
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Question from William
I plan on mounting the Zed 12s with the attached brake on a pair of Blizzard 105s. Will the 100mm brake fit? Also, I know the brake spring cover is sold separately, what does it do and is it necessary? Thanks!
Answer from Will McD
Hi William, I just checked and the 100mm will easily fit your Blizzard 105s. A pair of brake spring covers actually comes in the box with the brakes, but all they do is help prevent ice and snow buildup in front of the heel and under the brake.
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Question from Pavel
I have skis with 101mm waist and ION 10 Bindings. I need to replace one of my broken brake stoppers. Unfortunately, I don't see 100mm stopper on your menu. Do you expect to have that size in the near future?
Answer from Patrick C

We are expecting more brakes very soon. If you send us an e-mail to we can set you up with a notification to let you know when they arrive!
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Question from Fred
Is it possible to remove the brakes on the ion to get at the front mounting screws? I just need to be able to get at the guts of the boot sole length adjustment mechanism.
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Fred, the ION brakes are integrated into the heel baseplate, so they're not separately removeable. When the brakes are locked up, you can access the front heel mounting screws, though.

It's also okay to remove the entire heel and remount into the original mounting holes if you really need to take apart the heel.
Answer from Fred R
Thanks! I need to get at the screw,nut, and spring mechanism so I had to take the plate off. Now my question is whether to put glue in the screw holes when remounting and if so whether to use epoxy.
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Question from Sam
Are all zed brakes compatible with zed bindings? I have an older model zed brake with the most recent zed 12 binding. The brakes aren't locking when in tour mode, trying to figure out if its an installation issue or compatibility issue. Thanks.
Answer from Brett S
Hey Sam, all Zed brakes are compatible with all Zed bindings.
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EG1 (downright abused product)
I was excited about the optionality to use/remove a brake on this binding depending on the type of skiing I was doing. Quickly realized that they're not very strong and do make the binding less pleasant on the up (they rattle a bit, often freeze making transitions more annoying also). I stopped using after losing one on a deep day while going up (no idea how that happened).
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Question from Michael
if I have skis that are 110mm at the waist, do I need to get the 115mm brakes, or would 100mm still work?
Answer from Jeremy L
Thanks for the question, Michael. Though most brakes have a couple millimeters of give, in this case the 115mm version would be the better choice.
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Question from Bridget Brunner
I need some breaks for my older ions. They are maybe 10 years old…
Well these brakes work with my older ion bindings
Answer from jbo
Hi Bridget, the ION was launched in 2014/15 and the current brakes will work with all editions. They come with the integrated baseplate so you need to move the heel turret over and remount.
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Question from sam
is it possible to just order (1) new brake? I have the SENDr 112s, what brakes should I order?
Answer from Cole P
Hey Sam, we sell ION brakes individually, but ZED brakes as a pair. We only have brakes for the ZED binding in stock currently. For your SENDr 112's I would recommend the 115mm brake.
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Sam (used product a few times)
These failed me on only my fifth day of use, skiing them on mellow terrain inbounds during a routine ejection. And the best part is that because of limited skiing due to COVID, I'm out of the one-year warranty period to have them replaced for being defective! Yay!

I'm glad the failure happened inbounds, because it could have been horrible in consequential terrain, sending my brakeless ski rocketing downslope and the cracked brake in the other direction. The brake itself relies too much on flimsy plastic connections, and cracked at a weak spot - the plastic bit connecting the spring loaded section to the heel pad.

I honestly love the bindings and have the Zed on both of my touring skis. But now I am hesitant to buy a replacement brake or use the functional brakes on my other set, inbounds or in the backcountry. These should hold up to a routine ejection!!!
Reply from Alex
This has happened to me 3 times on multiple pairs of zed mounted on different skis. The pin that fits between the intact hole shown and the broken piece either walks forward releasing the pin and the tension on the brakes or splits that housing that is broken in this image. I've tried loctite to hold the pin in place but to no avail. Fortunately I can just remove the brakes and go back to leashes while G3 has warrantied them but at this point I'm at a loss and not sure what to do.
Reply from Christian S
I have had the same issue on 2 different pair of skis. On one pair the rear plastic holding the pin cracked but did not brake, unlike the picture. The other pair did not crack but the result is the same. The pin holding the spring some how drive it selfs forward releasing the spring, et voilà! No more brake on your rocket flying down the hill ready to get lost in the Backcountry or ready the hit someone at the resort. Apparently G3 has changed the plastic for this winter (22-23) so there is hope.
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Louis G (used product a few times)
Using these on Zed 9 bindings. They've been adequate in use, but I felt they weren't particularly robust while installing them. The snow shim specifically requires a bit of finagling, and the documentation and videos available aren't the most helpful.

Once installed, however, they have operated trouble free.
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Question from joe marin

Do you know if/when you'll get base plates for the G3 ion 12/10 in the 100 mm or 115 mm size? I have a pair of legend 106's coming in and figured either would work for them.

Answer from Tristan M
Hi Joe,

It looks like you have already reached out to us with an email as well. I will set up a notification that will alert you when that item is back in stock!
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Question from Jeff
For a 106 mm waisted ski, would it be better to use the Zed 100 mm brake and bend the legs out a bit or just go with the 115 mm wide brakes? Thanks!
Answer from Zak M
Hey Jeff, yes the 100mm Zed brakes should work well with just a touch of bending.
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Question from Kyle
I have a G3 Ion 10 binding; the housing for the length adjustment screw cracked. My local ski shop told me that I'm going to need a whole new baseplate, however my skis are 109 mm underfoot and your Ion brakes are 85. Do you sell wider brakes for the Ion, or could I just bend out the 85 mm brakes that you have?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Kyle,

Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, if the housing on the BSL adjustment screw cracked, you will need to get an entirely new baseplate. Additionally, Zed brakes will not be compatible with an Ion binding. At the moment, we only have the 85mm Ion Brake, which can be bent at most 7mm wider. However, we have more brakes at different sizes on the way soon. If you email us at, we can send you a notification when that item is back in stock.
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Question from John
Hey there. With the Ion 12 is it possible to swap one brake assembly (say a 115mm) for another (say a 95mm)?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for the question, John. Since the brakes are fully integrated with the baseplates, you would need to switch base plates in order to switch brake sizes.
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Aaron Benevich (used product regularly)
Zed brakes will fail if you use them flat touring (i.e., where the brake is stowed and you're not using a lifter). I'm on my third pair. They work fine if you do not use the flat mode, but that sucks. Otherwise, the bindings are pretty great.
Reply from Christian S
Kind of defeat the purpose of the low ramp angle of the binding doesn’t it?
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Question from Cody J
I Just bought the Ion, 130mm is this just the break or is it the whole base plate?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Cody, this is the brake and baseplate sold as one whole unit!
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Question from Eemeli
I bought 115 brake. But this base lenght was 160mm and my blindings are 200mm?! So screw holes dont mach? And my blindings ar g3 Ion 12...? Why this was different?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hello Eemeli. Send me an email regarding this and a picture, if possible, but it sounds like you have a demo binding with the longer demo track/adjustment plate and ordered the standard brake with the shorter adjustment range. Eager to get to the bottom of this though, so send me an email at and we can address it.
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Question from Vinh Tang
Has anyone managed to install these on a pair of ION LT?
Answer from Nate
Hi Vinh, we haven't tried it here in the shop and haven't heard from G3 if it's officially possible. Looking at the housing, it appears that it could work but I'm not positive.
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Question from Tim Adams

I’m looking to get replacement brakes for my ION 10’s to go on my rossignol soul 7. They are 106 underfoot. Will 100mm be too tight, any chance of bending them out?

Presuming you currently have a pair in stock?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Tim! It's possible it'd work though we don't have a Soul 7 here to try it with so I definitely can't say yes or no with confidence. At the moment though it looks like I only have one 100mm brake in stock.
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