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G3 Brakes

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Replacement brakes for G3 ski bindings. If you've broken a brake or are switching skis and need a new width, look for your G3 brakes here.

ION brakes - Stoppers that work with both the ION 10 and ION 12 bindings. You likely wouldn't get in trouble for putting some brakes on the ION LT 12 binding either. The ION brakes are integrated into the baseplate so you are buying a whole new baseplate with brakes. That means you will need to remount your bindings to install the brakes. Price is per brake (x1), so you will need 2 for a pair of skis. Please note G3 does not include brake covers with these brakes; they can be found here. Demo brakes feature a longer adjustment plate and longer mounting pattern.

ZED brakes - Removeable brakes for the ZED 12 binding. This brake can easily be installed or removed with a #3 Pozi screwdriver. Available in 85mm, 100mm, 115mm, or 130mm widths. Average weight of 85g each. Sold in pairs (x2).

Question from John
Hey there. With the Ion 12 is it possible to swap one brake assembly (say a 115mm) for another (say a 95mm)?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for the question, John. Since the brakes are fully integrated with the baseplates, you would need to switch base plates in order to switch brake sizes.
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by Aaron Benevich (used product regularly)
Zed brakes will fail if you use them flat touring (i.e., where the brake is stowed and you're not using a lifter). I'm on my third pair. They work fine if you do not use the flat mode, but that sucks. Otherwise, the bindings are pretty great.
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Question from CODY J
I Just bought the Ion, 130mm is this just the break or is it the whole base plate?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Cody, this is the brake and baseplate sold as one whole unit!
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Question from Eemeli
I bought 115 brake. But this base lenght was 160mm and my blindings are 200mm?! So screw holes dont mach? And my blindings ar g3 Ion 12...? Why this was different?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hello Eemeli. Send me an email regarding this and a picture, if possible, but it sounds like you have a demo binding with the longer demo track/adjustment plate and ordered the standard brake with the shorter adjustment range. Eager to get to the bottom of this though, so send me an email at help@skimo.co and we can address it.
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Question from Vinh Tang
Has anyone managed to install these on a pair of ION LT?
Answer from Nate
Hi Vinh, we haven't tried it here in the shop and haven't heard from G3 if it's officially possible. Looking at the housing, it appears that it could work but I'm not positive.
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Question from Tim Adams

I’m looking to get replacement brakes for my ION 10’s to go on my rossignol soul 7. They are 106 underfoot. Will 100mm be too tight, any chance of bending them out?

Presuming you currently have a pair in stock?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Tim! It's possible it'd work though we don't have a Soul 7 here to try it with so I definitely can't say yes or no with confidence. At the moment though it looks like I only have one 100mm brake in stock.
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Question from Charlie
I bought 1x 100mm Ion brake thinking it was a set. I need another 100mm brake, do you have another one in stock? If not, do you know when you will have one?

Answer from Nate
Hi Charlie, I'm sorry, but we are currently out for the season. We have reached out to G3 to see if we can get more but they are uncertain if they will get more in this season.
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Question from Drew
Is the price per brake or for a pair?
Answer from jbo
Hi Drew, these are priced individually.
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Question from Steve
What size brake should I use for a G3 Roamr 100mm ski?

Answer from jbo
Hi Steve, definitely the 100s!
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Question from Paul
Hi Guys,

Can this part be used to convert an LT Ion into a non-LT Ion?

If not, is there any solution to change from LT to non-LT? Asking for a friend who realizes his skis with the LTs get used for inbounds more often...

Answer from jbo
Hi Paul, we haven't actually tried this, but we cannot see any difference between the heel housings. It should work!
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Question from David
Any chance you can offer the LT base plate as I'd like to go brakeless on my Ion-12
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey David, at this point we're unable to offer the ION LT Baseplate as a stand-alone part.
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