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The compromise between lightweight packability and reliable grip is a perennial challenge that skin makers are trying to address. How much mohair? How much nylon? How much of the bottom of the ski do we want to cover? G3 has been making skins for years, and their Minimist line was created to address that very challenge. The Minimist Glide skin is a 70/30 momix skin that packs the best parts of mohair and nylon into a lightweight package that can be relied upon for big backcountry missions and steep skin tracks. With a new backing material, G3 was able to get these skins to pack up incredibly small. Even more innovative, they inserted a carbon fiber inlay into the tips to make 'em a bit stiffer and prevent snow from creeping under the edges. G3's twin-arm tip attachment fits any ski tip shape, and their 16mm tails clips can be adjusted to fit various ski lengths, or to address skin stretch over time. These skins come pre-cut in various lengths and widths to provide the most tailored fit possible. Don't slip when the skin track gets steep or lug an ounce more than necessary next time you head into the backcountry-- with the G3 Minimist Glide skins, you can have it all.

  • G3 used a unique backing material when building their Minimist line of skins, key to making a functional yet lightweight skin that packs up tightly and compactly.
  • Carbon fiber skin tip eliminates snow creep and keeps the skins stuck to the bottom of your skis, right where they're supposed to be.
  • Tapered tail saves material and increases glide while still providing the reliability of tip and tail attached skins.
  • 70/30 mohair/nylon blend strikes the perfect balance between durability and functional glide.
  • Trim tool and carry bag included.
  • Adhesive rated to -22* F/-30* C.
  • Made in Canada.

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Questions & Reviews

Ben (used product a few times)
Grip and glide on these is comparable to 70/30 blends from other manufacturers, the tail clips are so-so, but the tip attachments are the absolute best in the business. The tip clips are the only reason my review is 2 stars instead of 1. The glue on these is the deal-breaker, it is way too sticky. The skins are very hard to pull apart and pull from your ski bases. In warm temperatures the glue sticks to your ski bases and you need to use solvents to get it off, major hassle. *disclaimer, the version I used was originally purchased in 2019, not sure if G3 has changed their glue since then*
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David P (downright abused product)
I have 2 pairs of these skins.

-The carbon reinforced front keeps snow creep at bay without needing the massive plastic piece of the Alpinist skins. That's awesome.
-The plush glides well, grips well, and seems fairly durable.
-The tip connection takes a hair more time to get on right, but has been durable and rock solid once I get it on (the little grabber arms sometimes need a hand at the start to keep them from falling off).
-Super packable and foldable.

-The tail clip is pretty bad. It has a tendency to slip so you need to readjust it which isn't easy especially if you have gloves on. That's not a huge deal.
-The worst part is the tail clip on heavily cambered skis. The tail fabric strap drags on the snow and gets chewed up by firm spring snow. The G3 warranty has been great to me here, but just be aware that these skins are not good for a low tail. If they fixed this tail, I would give these skins a 5 star review.
-Glue, it's a bit too sticky, but nothing some dog hair or sawdust can't fix.
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Alex (downright abused product)
I agree with the reviews above about the lifespan of these skins. G3 has done a great job to warranty any issues but within 30 days the carbon insert had torn in the tip, the backing delamed and the glue near the tail started to leave residue on my bases even after waxing. Granted I have super glued and duct taped them to the point that they work and are now about 100 days in but the final insult to injury was the tail clip that is almost impossible to adjust when you really need to. My money is on G3 revamping these in the near future and I will definitely try again because I love the packability and glide.
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John S (downright abused product)
Plush: great
Weight: great
Glue: separates from G3’s new lightweight backer if folded glue-to-glue. Give back some of that weight savings by packing cheat sheets. Lame.
Tail fix: awful convoluted buckle is near-impossible to adjust with gloves hands and loosens in use until the strap is well broken in. Lame.
Tip fix: disintegrates under normal skis-on skin ripping. If you want these to last, remove your ski at transitions and remove the skin carefully. Extra lame.
Durability: any contact with rock results in cuts and tears. Cuts easily against ski edges so be extra careful on those transitions. Kinda lame, but understandable given the light weight.

Would not recommend. Two pairs of these (one a warranty replacement) have not survived one full season of use. When the tips explode, you’ll get to experience G3’s legendary customer non-service.

3 of 4 Minimist skins I own look like the attached photo. Glue failing, tip exploded, full of cuts and tears.
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Cedric B (used product a few times)
I've had these skins since last year, and haven't used them more than about 10 days. Last year I was on a hut trip and 2 other people had the same skins, brand new as well. we quickly discovered that unlike our other g3 skins which we had been skiing on for the last 10 years these skins will peel the glue from the skin if stuck glue to glue. The only way to avoid this is to roll the skin, skin side to glue side. All of the three sets performed the same.
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Question from cass
I'm deciding between the G3 Minimalist Glide and the Pomoca Climb 2.0 for my G3 SEEKrs. The previous question compares packability with the Climb Pro S-Glides -- how does packability compare to the Climb 2.0? Any other comments comparing these 2 models would be helpful as well. Thanks!
Answer from Jeff
Hi Cass, you have some great questions here.
The new Climb Pro S Glides have lighter backing this year, making them the same weight and packibility as the Climb 2.0. A slightly narrower 115 Minimist, with its nicely tapered tail, feels maybe a touch more packable than the Pomocas. G3 glue is sticker than Pomoca which could be good or bad depending on your climate and use. For a Pomoca skin with even smaller packability and weight, look at Free Pro 2.0.
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Question from Michael M
Is the tail strap on these stretchy like the other G3 skins? Or is it a non-elastic fabric? Thanks.
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Michael, it is a non-elastic fabric!
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Question from Justin
How's the glue on these? I have some Climb Pro S-Glides, and I would consider those to have the best glue I have used. BD is too sticky for my taste.
Answer from TSB
Hey Justin, we agree that the Pomoca glue is simply magnifique! G3 has recently overhauled their skin glue, which we hope has solved the glomming/oxidizing issues of the past. Here's a video describing G3's new glue compound and how they developed it. The new G3 compound is no doubt less sticky than the BD adhesive.
Answer from Ryan
I also have Climb Pro S-Glides, as well as the Minimist glide skins, so I hope I can provide some clarity. Without a doubt, I think Pomoca has the best glue in the industry right now, and I haven't found anything else quite as good. I also think Pomoca also has the highest quality construction and are the most durable. But, with no hesitation, I would choose the Minimist skins over my Pomocas any day. They are so freaking light and thin, and you can store them comfortably inside your jacket pocket. They're 1/2 as thick and 1/2 the weight of my Pomocas, and the weight reduction from this also makes a big difference while skinning. The new G3 glue is plenty good enough, and I've had no problems with them so far. They are SLIGHTLY harder to pull apart than my Pomocas, but they're by no means too sticky, and do a good job of resisting snow buildup. I anticipate the glue may not last as long as the Pomoca glue. Even after being spoiled by the Pomoca quality, I think the Minimist is absolutely worth this small compromise, and would recommend it over the climb pro s-glide.
Answer from TSB
Thanks for the input, Ryan! Glad to hear G3 has come up with a product that is working well for you. Just for others' information, the 115mm x 161-177cm Minimists weigh in at 612g new in plastic, while the 120mm x 165-180cm Climb Pro S-Glides come in at 686g new in plastic.
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