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G3 Minimist Glide Skin

Brand: G3
Model: Minimist Glide
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The compromise between lightweight packability and reliable grip is a perennial challenge that skin makers are trying to address. How much mohair? How much nylon? How much of the bottom of the ski do we want to cover? G3 has been making skins for years, and their Minimist line was created to address that very challenge. The Minimist Glide skin is a 70/30 momix skin that packs the best parts of mohair and nylon into a lightweight package that can be relied upon for big backcountry missions and steep skin tracks. With a new backing material, G3 was able to get these skins to pack up incredibly small. Even more innovative, they inserted a carbon fiber inlay into the tips to make 'em a bit stiffer and prevent snow from creeping under the edges. G3's twin-arm tip attachment fits any ski tip shape, and their 16mm tails clips can be adjusted to fit various ski lengths, or to address skin stretch over time. These skins come pre-cut in various lengths and widths to provide the most tailored fit possible. Don't slip when the skin track gets steep or lug an ounce more than necessary next time you head into the backcountry-- with the G3 Minimist Glide skins, you can have it all.

  • G3 used a unique backing material when building their Minimist line of skins, key to making a functional yet lightweight skin that packs up tightly and compactly.
  • Carbon fiber skin tip eliminates snow creep and keeps the skins stuck to the bottom of your skis, right where they're supposed to be.
  • Tapered tail saves material and increases glide while still providing the reliability of tip and tail attached skins.
  • 70/30 mohair/nylon blend strikes the perfect balance between durability and functional glide.
  • Trim tool and skin savers included.
  • Adhesive rated to -22* F/-30* C.
  • Made in Canada.

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