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Michael M

Michael M




5' 10"


175 lbs

Shoe Size


Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:

100+ days / year

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How do these compare to the Pro Tour Low Volume liners? I have some Pro Tour LVs in a pair of boots that will need to be replaced soon. Thanks.
Markus, I had this issue on my MTNs. A couple drops of green Vibratite helped snug them up nicely. Apply, wipe away the extra, and let it cure. They were extra tight after that. Flip them over back several dozen times to break them in and they seem as good as new now.
Hello, Is there any way to order or purchase a replacement sternum strap for this bag? The plastic clip that attaches to the rail on the shoulders straps broke (from the female end). I could try to rig something but I don't want to strap anything too tight around the shoulder strap because the trigger is in there. Does Mammut sell replacements? Thanks.
Any comments on how much differently these ski compared to the original version of the 95? Is there much of a perceptible difference between the old and new models? Looking at the comments from the 85, it seems the old and new version of that ski weren't that much differently. Is it the case for the 95 as well?
Can I mount any binding on this ski, such as a Salomon MTN? Or is Volkl still technically recommending it fit in the H-shaped pattern from the older BMT skis?

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