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Hagan Heel Pieces

Brand: Hagan
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If you did in fact have your bindings mounted when you lost your toes, that means you also lost a heel piece. Get a replacement for that here.

Binding Weight
ZR 39g (1.4oz)
Ultra 40g (1.4oz)

Question from Yann Troutet
Hi, I'm trying to put together a Franken-binding. I'm looking for the smallest possible heel piece that still rotates 90 degrees for flat mode. More specifically, I need to know how wide the top of the heel piece is when rotated in flat mode. I'm hoping to find one that is no more than about 38 mm wide (with the riser flap down), and, ideally, protruding out no more then 20 mm off to either the side relative to ski center... La Sportiva's RSR looks tiny, but I gather that those are discontinued. The Hagan option looks promising. Would it fit my requirements? Thanks for all your amazing, detailed help!
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Yann! Not sure exactly which direction you're aiming for, but here are a few pics of the binding when measured.
Answer from Trace Leches
Also, here's a view from front to back.
Answer from jbo
Hi Yann, the Hagan Ultra is the skinniest in terms of "flat mode width".
Answer from Yann T
You guys are awesome! Yeah: the 52 mm measurement is what I needed to know!
Answer from Yann T
Follow-up question: is the 52 mm axis centered on the ski when in flat mode (i.e. does the top part protrude 26 mm to each side relative to ski center)? When in flat mode (turned 90 degrees), I suspect that the pin end might protrude out further to one side than the U end. Does it?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hi Yann! Looks like it's centered for the most part.
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