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When we saw the design drawings and early prototypes for the new GT binding, we knew Kreuzspitze was onto something good. As is their style, the small Italian machine shop quietly worked to refine the binding while paying no attention to marketing and associated bombast. The resulting GT is a lightweight masterpiece which adds both lateral and forward release adjustability to a race binding. Unlike some other race bindings, you don’t have to hesitate to ski it unlocked. Race-weight with little compromise is the new now.

  • Innovative composition of Ergal aluminum, titanium, steel, and structural carbon fiber.
  • Heel pieces have lateral and vertical release adjustment from 5-10 on the “tech” scale.
  • Toe levers have two lock positions to work with various degrees of boot wear.
  • Detents every 90° let you use a riser or skin with your heels flat on the ski.
  • Optional heel flaps and an additional heel riser can bolt on to increase speed during transitions and provide even more versatility.
  • Lateral elasticity is similar to touring tech-bindings with spring-on-post design.
  • Integrated crampon receptors accept most crampons, slid in from the side.
  • Optional adjustment plates adapt to various boot-quiver needs.
  • Fully compliant with ISMF racing rules and a very low weight, 161g.
  • Designed and produced in Italy, patent pending.
convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 322g
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes   Optional
BSL Adjustment   With plates
Riser Heights   1 + flat
Vertical Release   5-10
Lateral Release   6-9
Crampon Ready   Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Ergal, hardened steel, titanium, carbon fiber, techno-polymer
Skimo Co Says
Usage Touring, mountaineering, racing, cuddling
Notes Fully adjustable release
Bottom Line Could be the one
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Damon Turney
Hi, I just bought these Kreuzspitze GT binding heels.... and a user's manual would be nice. For example, out of the box, I'm unable to rotate the U at all (there are supposed to be rotation "detente's" every 90 degrees but I can't rotate it at all). Probably I'm supposed to unscrew the bolt on the underside of the binding, but I don't want to unscrew anything without a proper manual telling me what I'm doing. Can someone at SkiMo provide more information?
Answer from jbo
Hi Damon, I can send you a manual, I will follow up via email. They are much easier to turn when mounted. Prior to mounting, you can use a clamp to grab the base. The screw is for disassembly...not recommended.
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Question from KWB
I'm considering purchasing the Kreuspitze GT binding, along with GT flaps and risers, 18mm adjustment plates and heel support pads and I have a couple of questions. 1. Does the binding come with a mounting template or could I rent a mounting jig from you? 2. Do you have the longer screws I will need to mount the Heel support pads to the 18mm adjustment plates? 3. Can you install the GT Flaps and Risers to the bindings for me? It looks like it may be a bit tricky to do this. I have looked at most of the bindings you offer, have gone back and forth on witch one would work best for me. I'm looking for a lite, full featured binding. Looks like you guys like the Ski Trab Titan Vario.2. What do you think?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your questions, KWB!

1. The bindings do not include a paper mounting template. Typically, these can be found online. Just make sure you follow the print instructions and have it in the correct layout. Since jigs are relatively delicate we are unable to rent them out. We could mount your skis for you, though! If this interests you, please reach out and we can give you the details.

2. The Heel Support Pads come with longer pan head screws and an adjusting bolt.

3. We can install the hardware for you! If we mount the binding there is no cost to do this. If we don't mount the binding there may be a small service charge since they are more difficult to install if not on a ski.

If you are after an incredibly light binding that offers the ability to control the lateral release, this is a good choice. The Vario .2 is 186 grams heavier (with the 7-9 U-spring) but will be the better skiing of the two. If you want the lightest option, the GT would be a good choice. If you are willing to carry 186 grams more up the hill and want the better skiing of the two, go with the Vario 2.0. Please feel to reach out to us at help@skimo.co if you have any more questions!
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Question from Dima
Are integrated crampon receptors compatible with Dynafit crampons?
Answer from jbo
Hi Dima, yes they are!
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Question from Dave Landman
Is this really feasible as a race binding if you have to spin the heel on a skin to ski transition? Seems like it would be awkward and slow.
Answer from jbo
Hi Dave, spinning the heel is not ideal for racing. For race use, I would add the optional heel flaps that you can flip down over the pins.
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Question from Maria
Hello. Does this binding come with some sort of a setting manual, because I didn't get any. I would like to know, how to set the release values, what is the indicator. Thank you.
Answer from TSB
Hi Maria, if you ordered the GT binding from us you should have received a user's manual! Reach out to help@skimo.co if this did not happen. In brief, there are two screws on the rear of the binding which set the lateral and vertical release.
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Comment from Calvin E
Mounting the optional heel flap or riser was a little tricky on the two sets of bindings I just mounted, so I wanted to warn others/provide some tips. The issue is getting the small screw out of the top of the heel binding so you can install the flap/riser. Both of my sets had been assembled with red (permanent) locktite. The only way you can turn the screw out without stripping the head, is to heat it up enough to melt the locktite - even then, the screw is quite tight. The binding will try to spin, so you need another person to hold it, or better yet, put it in a bench vise before mounting on ski. A soldering iron on the screw will soften the locktite if you are very patient - I used a butane torch - faster, but it smokes the carbon fiber a bit. A high quality 2.5mm allen tip will be needed to turn it. I installed the new screw holding flap/riser using blue (not red) locktite.
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Cal (used product a few times)
Very nice binding - and at a reasonable price! I tried a set and love them, so just ordered another set with optional flaps, risers, and plates. Very light-weight, and strong. Nice low ramp angle. I like the way you can customize the binding to get the features you like. The binding will spin, but you rarely need to do so if you get the optional flap. You can access all but the flap mode without spinning it. Flat mode works great with my TLT7 boots, no heel interference. Only improvement I can think of is rounding off the sharp corners on the tension adjustment housing - that can hurt your fingers when you spin the binding. Not an issue if you are wearing gloves, and easy to fix with a file or Dremel.
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Question from Pete
It looks like the heel uses a U-spring, and the ends of the U have some kind of sheaths on them. What are those for? Do they spin so you can get more consistent release and/or reduce wear on your boot's heel fitting? Or is that wishful thinking on my part.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Peter! You nailed it. There is a U-spring that can slide in and out of the "sheath" which helps dictate release value. Can't believe nobody else has thought of using that method before! I have not ever noticed that they spin though, I think there is something in there stopping them. That being said, I have easily a few hundred days on my GTs by this point and the pins are nowhere near worn out.
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JohnB (used product regularly)
I've been using these bindings now for about 80 days and love them. I weigh 145lbs and use TLT6 boots and ski mostly soft snow. I use them on 112mm skis. I wanted something where I could set the release to around 6. These things are a dream to tour with and I've had no issues with them. I bought the optional extra risers with the heel flap but in the end I hardly use them. My only complaint is that its hard to attach a leash to the toe (when you want one).
Reply from Calvin E
A Plum leash with the thin cord can be pulled through the small hole in the toe lever with fishing line. You can then complete a girth hitch to hold it in place.
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Question from Robert W
My skis have quiver killer inserts for the Dynafit Radical ST. Looks like the fore/aft distance between holes on the heel piece is roughly 52mm. The front two holes for the heel piece look to be 31.5mm and the rear holes look to be 36mm apart. What adjustment plates would I need to buy to enable the heel pieces on these bad boys to screw in to my already quiver killed mount holes? Toe piece compatibility is not an issue as I am mounting the whole binding to a different pair of skis than the ones I have quiver killed.
Answer from jbo
Hi Robert, you need the 14mm adjustment plates, found here.
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Question from Teague H
It doesn't look like the hero riser for the SCTT will fit this heel. Is there one available?
Answer from jbo
Hi Teague, there is a new high riser option for the GT that screws onto the race heel-flap accessory. We should have them in the next day or two and will update the listing.
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Question from Brendan
I see that someone already asked if the heel peices are available alone.
I'm not seeing them.
Answer from jbo
Hi Brendan, we are currently out of stock on the heels, sorry!
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Question from Fedor
Hello Jason,
What is recommended heel gap for these bindings?
Does Kreuzspitze make optional heel risers for the GT similar to those which they make for the SCTT bindings?
Thank you,
Answer from jbo
Hi Fedor, these use a 6mm gap, though you can go closer. There are a couple accessories in the works for this binding, but nothing in production yet.
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Question from Fedor F

Is it possible to by only heel pieces of these bindings?
Answer from jbo
Hi Fedor, yes we have those listed here.
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Question from Chris W
Is the toe hole pattern the same as the SCTT? If they made the GT match the radical 30x39, I'd consider a set...
Answer from jbo
Hi Chris, the hole pattern is identical to the SCTT. Unfortunately it doesn't match the Radical toes, but just about every other race toe.
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Question from John B
Hi Jason
Just wondering if you have any specs on the dimensions of this binding? Do you know what the heights of the toe and heel pins are? I want to figure out if I can use the Kreuzspitze ski brake with this binding and my boots (TLT6).
Answer from jbo
Stand by, should have them this week...
Answer from Gordon W
Hi John, we have the toe pins at around 29 mm, and the top of the heel pins at 31mm. Middle of the heel pins is listed in our pin height list.
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Comment from Elliott B
I'm gonna need some new skis to put these on!
Reply from jbo
That can certainly be arranged!
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Question from Joe
Hi J

Do you know what the difference in pin height will be with adjustment plate/dynafit adapter?

Ps the Kr. heels are working great. More energy for more laps of pow making friends envious. The gear weight gap from "normal" is massive here in NZ

Answer from jbo
Hi Joe, the K plates are 5.5mm thick, but we don't have measurements just yet for the stock pin heights. Thanks for the feedback on the SCTTs, I'm looking forward to the new normal.
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