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The Kreuzspitze Ski Crampon is an adjustable-width security tool that weighs only slightly more than a fixed crampon. The ski crampons come in two sizes depending on how much ski you can handle. The Small size has three size positions: 68mm, 82mm, and 96mm. The Large also has three positions, just wider ones: 102mm, 116mm, and 130mm. If you have more skis than the average person should, the adjustable ski crampon is a cost-effective traction solution as it’ll single-handedly replace a stack of ‘pons. The story goes that if you give a skier a ski crampon, they’ll be back for another pair once they get new skis. But if you give a skier a Kreuzspitze Crampon, they’ll never have to come back because they’re busy skiing on multiple skis with only one set of ski crampons.

  • Dynafit compatible connection for use with most bindings.
  • Replaceable blades in case you crampon so much you wear them out.
  • Crampons weigh 113g and 130g for Small and Large, respectively.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Colten Crowe
I have the Dynafit Speedturn 2.0's on an older Voile Vector with a waist of 96mm. I plan on buying an 85ish width lighter ski in the future. Would the small-sized crampon listed work for my current skis or would I be better off just buying the dynafit crampons at 100mm waist?
Answer from Jeremy L
Thanks for reaching out, Colten. The 100mm Dynafit would certainly work on your 96mm waisted ski but would be a bit too wide for the 85. The Kreuzspitze, in the small size, would fit the bill if you didn't want to get two sets of the Dynafits.
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Question from Brandon
Are these compatible with ATK (Crest, Haute Route) bindings? I'm guessing they are as the ATK crampon page says they are compatible with Dynafit-style toe pieces. I was thinking about the small for 77mm/88mm skies.
Answer from Will McD
Hi Brandon, these are compatible with ATK bindings as well as any other "Dynafit-style" crampon receptor. I would indeed go with the small version for those waist widths.
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Question from Sven
Hi Skimo,

What's the length of the longest teeth on these? Our Dynafit crampons don't bite deep enough when we are in our highest riser stand for climbing leading to slips from time to time.

If these are +/- the same length as Dynafits - do you have another recommendation?

Answer from eric
Sven-The Kreuzspitze has a longest tooth at 53mm where the Dynafit has 66mm depth. The best solution is to skin at a slightly lower angle and use a step down on the risers.
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Question from Julian
Not strictly a skimo question - I'm looking for a pair of crampons to work with my splitboard. The board is a Furberg 167 All Mtn split; it's waist is 134mm. I'm running Voile STS Tour Binding toes (basically the same toes as their TTS tele binding). Voile said they were going to produce a dedicated crampon, but haven't. I believe the crampon mount in these toe piece is compatible with Dynafit crampons. But the widest Dynafit crampon is 130mm. So - here's the question: 1) Do these Kreuzspitze crampons fit on Dynafit / Voile STS toes? and if yes, 2) Is there a way they can be persuaded to accommodate a 134+mm plank? for example, any room for an extra set of holes to be drilled and threaded, or could two adjacent holes be used? Grateful for your thoughts on this as a possible fix, or any other suggestions for a suuper-wide Dynafit fit crampon. Thanks!
Answer from eric
Julian-Looks like the Kreuzspitze crampons will not be able to go wider. They are compatible with Dynafit receptors. Drilling extra holes may not give the wings enough support and may break. The only option we have is to mount the Plum universal adapter and then use a plum ski crampon which goes to 145mm. You can find the crampon adapter here.
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Question from Telemarker
Are these compatible with the kreuzspitze Telealp set up ?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Telemarker, yes these crampons would work but you may need the Kreuzspitze crampon receptors depending on which toe piece your kit came with.
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John S (used product regularly)
If you progress through more than one width of ski throughout the year, and all your toepieces take Dynafit style crampons, these adjustable units are the bee's knees. Frequent width changes are impractical, but for occasional changes these keep you from needing a stable of different ski crampons. Would recommend.
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Question from Kathryn Roy
Are these compatible with the Shift bindings?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Kathryn, thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, this ski crampon is not compatible with the Shift. The Shift ski crampon is the only one that will work with the Shift due to the raised area created by the AFD on the toe piece. Only that specific crampon will be able to pivot down far enough to fully engage with the snow.
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Question from Kurt L
I have Dynafit toes on a splitty thats 130mm at the pons point of attachment. Looks like you possibly have 3 options for me:

DynaFit Gold
These Kreuzspitze

Which is recommended?

Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Kurt! All are good reliable options. If you want to use the crampon on multiple sticks that may differ in size, go with the Kreuzspitze. If you only intend on using it with the 130 splitboard, go with a Dynafit crampon as that will be the better match for your toe piece. Hope this helps!
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Question from Mike
Are these compatible with the MTN/Backland binding?
Answer from Jeff
Mike, yes they are. They are Dynafit style as well, so you will need to use the clip included with the MTN.
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Question from Peter
Hi! can you please tell me if those are compatible with my PLUM Guide bindings? Thanks!
Answer from Jeff
Peter, Lots of crampon and binding brands are compatible, but not Plum. You will need to use a Plum Crampon (unless it's a very old Guide from before they developed their own attachment).
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Comment from Stuart Burke
I think the weight is off on the specs page. I weighed one of the large crampons with all eight screws and got 130 g.

Reply from jbo
Hi Stuart, looks like that was listed as a pair. Indeed, your weight matches the weight we have in the description for the Large version. Thanks!
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