Skimo Co





5' 9"


150 lbs

Shoe Size

US 9.50

Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:

100+ days / year

My Skiing

Telemark skier from age 11-25 - finally locked heels down in 2016 to allow access and safety in bigger terrain and mountaineering setting. Now very confident on alpine gear, toured 117 days and counting this past season, skiing steep/committing lines around Alaska in good and sometimes crappy conditions (oops)... Comfortable on 50 degree terrain, tight terrain, sluff management, etc.

Experienced and comfortable with technical snow/ice/rock terrain, and have been skiing backcountry since early teens. Recently raced the grand traverse, and love a good 40 mile day traverse across our incredible terrain up here. Trend towards the light and fast for most everything.

Goals to push objective based skiing towards bigger lines further away from the trailhead this winter. Not uncommon to ski 10k vert/20 miles in a day.

Avid ice/rock climber, often on alpine-style routes.

My Gear

Current setup: La Sportiva women's Sytron in 25.5-26 (277 bsl, used for anything flattish or lightish), or La sportiva Skorpius CR in 25.0 (277 bsl as well)

4 pairs of skis:
LaSpo RSR in 161 (60 underfoot, RSR binder with adjustment plate)
BD Helio 76 in 161 (ski trab vario adjust)
Ski Trab Maestro in 171 (ski trab vario adjust)
BD Helio 95 in 174 (MTN binding)
Black Crows Corvus Freebird in 178 (ski trab vario adjust)
DPS Yvette 112 in 178 (Speed Radical)

Additional Boots:
* most commonly skiing for steep/deep *
La Sportiva RSR(?) arbon race boots
Technica Zero G Guide womens 25.5

Recent Posts

After a few years of heavy use in Alaska for backcountry traverses and long days, Colltex has definitely emerged as my favorite 'race plush' for both race skis (65 underfoot) and 76 underfoot. While durability cannot be expected on very firm icy/transformed crust snow (and I use slightly more durable skins when those conditions exist), the glue in particular is so great on these in cold cold temperatures. I have huge issues with Pomoca glue in cold temps, and these stay on most every day despite many, many ...
My household now has 3 pairs of these skins, all for skis ~80 underfoot. These make a great 'middle ground' race-style skin, with super good durability on firm/crusty snow compared to race skins (which I have destroyed quite a few pairs of now...). I love that they are still super fast, but grip much better on icy skintracks than pomoca pink race plush or colltex race plush. Also I'm the biggest fan of Ski Trab's glue, just minor touchups and they're good to go all day!
I have had these skins for a pair of BD Helio 95's for 4 seasons now. Bought them for a ski setup for Denali, these were's recommendation for a pair of skins that were going to be durable and great glue. I can attest to both of those things, they were flawless and continue to be so in sub-zero conditions. Other than replacing some broken Pomoca hardware that broke, and refreshing glue on very tips/tails at the start of each season (with a variety of different touch-up glues) they are flawless. Perf...
Hi Zak, yes sorry not great wording on my part. Which length of skins would you recommend. Splitting hairs with the length on these...
Hey guys, I have a pair of the dps yvette 112's in a 178. Recommended skin size? I know probably the wider option but it's kind of right on the split between lengths.... Thanks!!

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