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Mammut Wall Rider MIPS Helmet


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Ski mountaineering can be risky business. Most routes are comprised of some combination of cracks, dihedrals, chutes, couloirs, or steep-but-not-quite-vertical rock faces that inevitably hold potentially day-ruining hard chunks and blocks. Water is routinely melted and refrozen as the temperatures change from day to night and back again, and this cycle is notorious for encouraging hard things to take a gravity ride down the mountain. Lord help you if you encounter one of those falling pieces without a helmet. The Mammut Wall Rider MIPS uses cutting edge technology to weigh in under 250g while at the same time remaining fully impact certified. This MIPS technology creates a low-friction layer within the helmet and helps to disperse the forces from blows to the top of your head, therefore lowering the chance for serious injury when you do encounter falling debris. The Mammut Wall Rider MIPS helmet will keep your brain and head safe and sound whether you're adult-sledding or hunting for the steep and deep in the big mountains.

  • A fully adjustable chin strap accommodates double, triple, but not quadruple chins (kidding, this chin strap can hold all the chin you've got, brother).
  • A partial hard shell covers the top and front of the helmet, protecting the areas most likely to take a hit from falling debris.
  • MIPS brain protection system reduces rotational forces on impact which can reduce the risk of brain damage.
  • Two clips on the front and a bungee loop on the back keep your headlamp or goggles securely in place.
  • Built-in slots and gaps provide ventilation when you're moving fast and don't have time to take a rest.
  • Sizing S/M 52-57cm L/XL 56- 61cm
  • EN 12492 certified.

convert to ounces
222g [S/M]
Certifications EN 12492 (climbing)
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Cushioning EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) core with a partial hard shell
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski mountaineering, climbing
Notes MIPS reduces chance of brain damage
Bottom Line Cutting edge safety in a lightweight helmet
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Jake
Can this be used to ski? As well as climb?

Answer from TSB
Hey Jake, the Wall Rider is currently only single-certified for climbing, not for alpine skiing, but with its added MIPS protection it's a great candidate for a ski mountaineering helmet. Case in point, our supreme leader JBo, a renowned adult sledder ... ahem, steep skier, ahem ... can be spotted all over the Wasatch with a Wall Rider atop his noggin. If you were interested in a dual-certified helmet, consider an option such as the Movement 3Tech Alpi or the Salomon MTN Lab.
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Model: Wall Rider MIPS

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