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The dual-certified Couloir Mountain Helmet by SCOTT is a lightweight and low-profile helmet that is great for both winter and spring conditions. Its dual-padding configuration is ideal for either skiing or mountaineering. Because climbing is hard and sweat-producing they have equipped this dome-protector with a Coolmax moisture management system along with a passive venting system to ensure no overheating in warmer conditions while still providing the appropriate warmth and insulation needed for colder conditions. SCOTT's Casidion Technology has allowed them to create a lightweight shell design that when combined with their Halo Fit System will have you feeling like an angelic cherub of the backcountry. Because it is always darkest before the dawn patrol, this helmet also comes with a headlamp attachment system that will keep your torch pointed in the right direction during those early morning starts. As a piece of safety equipment that is the best of two worlds, the SCOTT Couloir Mountain helmet can be there for a lift ride, or for a jaunt up a skin track. If you want to ski everything you can all winter long, get a helmet that wants the same thing!

  • Dual certified as both a ski and a mountaineering helmet CE 1077 (alpine skiing) EN 12492 (climbing).
  • Comes equipped with a Halo Fit System for a more precise fit.
  • Casidion Technology insert in the upper shell creates a lightweight, low profile helmet.
  • Headlamp attachment system keeps any lamp stable and in place.
  • Coolmax moisture management system and dual padding configuration give all-season temperature regulation (removable padding adds 46.5g).
  • Passive venting system allows for appropriate ventilation without sacrificing insulation.

convert to ounces
359g [S]
371g [M]
398g [L]
Certifications CE 1077 (alpine skiing)
EN 12492 (climbing)
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Expanded polystyrene (EPS) liner with polycarbonate and Casidion shell
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski mountaineering, ski touring
Notes Has a passive venting system and headlamp attachment
Bottom Line Lightweight, low profile, dual-certified helmet
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Adam M Gustafson
Hey, I bought this helmet from another retailer but it didn't have any winter ear-flap liner. Any ideas on how to get this (if I want it?). Thanks...
Answer from Brett S
Hey Adam, if you decide you want them, send us an email at and we can try to get them in.
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Question from A B
Are the listed weights for S, M, and L inclusive of the removable padding ("45g")?

I am looking for the lightest helmet possible for a 50 pound child who needs an adult large (dwarfism, but can ski fast).
Answer from Emmett I

These weights don't include the winter padding. The padding adds about 45-50 grams.
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Question from Dylan
Are the ear flaps removable?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Dylan,

Yes, the winter liner is removable!
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Question from Brian
Wondering how this compares to the Salomon Mountain Lab and Movement 3Tech
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Brian,

All three of the helmets on your radar check the box of dual certification (CE 1077, EN 12492). Also, all three have a headlamp clip, and winter liner option. However, they each have a unique feature set to consider.

I will start with the Scott Couloir. The most affordable of your lineup, this helmet has a pretty similar weight to the Movement 3Tech Alpi, and comes in lighter than the Salomon MTN Lab Helmet. I find the ventilation on this helmet is quite good, the adjustment system is low on hotspots, and the larger sizes can fit a large head.

The Movement 3Tech Alpi also has superb ventilation, and has all the features you would expect from a helmet. One thing to mention, this helmet is triple certified, so you can sell off your other lids for a quiver of one that even covers mountain bike season.

The The Salomon MTN Lab is a comfy helmet that works with a range of head shapes and sizes. I would say this helmet possesses the best liner of the bunch, and is super versatile!
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Gray (used product regularly)
I prefer wearing a helmet when touring uphill when possible, so I grabbed the Scott Couloir for its lightness and breathability. I haven't taken any falls with it but the coverage is good enough that it doesn't worry me. Finding a helmet that was certified for both skiing and climbing was also important to me for ski mountaineering trips.

Additionally, it fits well with the Julbo Aerospace goggles (the ones where the lenses pop out) without making me look like a gaper. I'm able to use this duo for uphill touring without removing my helmet and goggles if the temps are right (below freezing ish).
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Model: Couloir Mountain Helmet

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