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Movement Alp Tracks 90 Ski


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Volcano hopping with the possibility of powder skiing, corn cycles, or firm steep descents? The Movement Alp Tracks 90 will fill your niche for a truly light and fast stand-alone ski or the perfect slot in your quiver when you don't know what conditions will be. Movement updated the popular 89 with this 90mm waisted version in their ever high-end Alp Tracks line. These are blessed with a Karuba wood core and updated carbon weave that will not only save grams but add stiffness to aid in powering into that next high altitude turn. With a ~128mm rockered tip and 90mm waist this ski will tackle both hard and soft snow however near or far you need to travel to your destination. The Movement Alp Tracks 90 is perfect for those searching the market for a do-it-all ski designed with speedy ascents and challenging descents in mind, no matter the conditions.

  • Superbly light Karuba wood core to lighten up that pack on Fridays.
  • P-TEX 5000 base for those crumbling, rock-lined couloirs.
  • Relatively little in the middle but a wide tip for surprise spring powder days.
  • Carbon weave adds torsional stiffness for superb power transfer.
  • Titanal double plate ensures a solid mount for years of smiles.
Lengths (cm) 154, 162, 170, 178, 186
convert to ounces
985g [154]
1030g [162]
1070g [170]
1155g [178]
1320g [186]
Weight (pair) 1970g [154]
2060g [162]
2140g [170]
2310g [178]
2640g [186]
Dimensions   121/90/105 [154]
124/90/108 [162]
126/90/110 [170]
128/90/112 [178]
131/90/115 [186]
Turn Radius   16.5m [154]
17.0m [162]
17.5m [170]
18.0m [178]
18.5m [186]
Skin Fix   Round tip, flat tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Mid tip rocker, flat tail
Shape   Rounded tip, medium radius with a tapered tail
Construction   Carbon cap with sidewalls
Core   Light Karuba wood
Skimo Co Says
Usage General touring, light and fast all-season adventures
Notes Secret sauce carbon wrap construction adds plenty of torsional stiffness to a light ski
Bottom Line Declutter with one ski for all occasions
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Questions & Reviews

Brian Harder (used product a few times)
My early impressions are nothing but positive. Stupid light, for sure but I was stunned at how well they skied powder recently. The added stiffness seems to create a ride that has a much higher speed limit than my go-to powder ski, the DPS Wailer 99 Tour 1. I'm excited to get them on firmer, higher stakes terrain but so far they rock. I even smacked a few rocks and there was nary a scratch. Definitely a candidate for the quiver of one.
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