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Billed as the downhill-oriented pony in the Pierre Gignoux stable, the Mountain is all about committing descents, far off the beaten path. Being handmade by Pierre Gignoux in the heart of the French Alps, the Mountain is made with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring quality and performance. The asymmetrical cuffs feature two buckles, allowing the boot to be securely snugged against the shin for aggressive descents. The cuffs are purposefully designed to be laterally stiff, allowing more power transfer to the edge of the ski, helping you to drive larger skis with confidence. The Internal Lacing System precisely and comfortably secures the foot while the ample range of motion is nearly frictionless, letting you move quickly and efficiently on the way to your favorite powder destination. The Black sole is molded directly over the carbon for durability and will provide excellent traction for booting sections. If you have a penchant for premium hand-laid carbon fiber and want an extremely versatile boot, the Mountain is sure to please.

  • Internal Lacing System securely locks the foot down for confident descending.
  • Two cuff buckles secure the cuff against the shin, helping prevent shin bang.
  • Asymmetric cuff has been purposefully designed to be laterally stiff, facilitating power transfer to the edges of your ski.
  • Black Sole provides excellent traction on icy ridgelines.
  • Moldable liner is warm and offers an individualized fit.
  • Snow gaiter keeps the snow out for warmer, drier feet.
  • Toe inserts are beveled to provide a quick step-in.
convert to ounces
740g [26]
Weight (pair) 1480g [26]
Buckles   2 cuff w/ single throw
Boot Sole Length   251mm [23.0]
262mm [24.0]
272mm [25.0]
282mm [26.0]
287mm [26.5]
292mm [27.0]
297mm [27.5]
302mm [28.0]
312mm [29.0]
323mm [30.0]
Binding Compatibility   Tech only
Cuff Rotation  
Forward Lean(s)  
Specs Verified
Materials   Carbon Fiber
Liner   Palau
Sole   Black Sole
Skimo Co Says
Usage All day, every day
Notes Unique shell size on the 26, 26.5, 27, and 27.5
Bottom Line Race boot walkability with touring boot performance
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Andrew B
Hi - do y'all know yet what the BSL and last width are for each size? Or TBD until you receive them?
Answer from Brett S
Hey Andrew, the BSL information is now posted above. No information is provided on the width, however, please click here for help with selecting the correct size.
Answer from Andrew B
Thank you both for the info!
Answer from Andrew B
Second question: Do you know when you'll have the boot in stock? I'm planning a SLC trip this fall for work and want to fit in a visit to your shop for fitting/checking out gear. Can plan around boot availability.
Answer from Brett S
Hey Andrew, we are slated to receive the first half in November and the second half in December. Please reach out here so we can coordinate to make sure they are here when you arrive!
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