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A little bit of skinning and walking doesn’t scare most backcountry skiers, but dropping a ski from up high can really put a damper on a day. Not every ski partner is willing to tackle a ski like a football player, so it’s best to either hold on really tight or instead install a leash. The Ski Trab Leash is a simple gizmo made of coiled steel coated in rubber to keep durability up and excess cordage down. The small accessory loop can be girth hitched to your boot and the leash itself loops through your binding somewhere to create a clean ski-retention solution. Clip into a Ski Trab Leash and become more carefree. Weighs 23g each. Sold in pairs.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Jakub
Are these breakaway leashes? What is the breaking strength?
Answer from Jeff
Jakup, They are not breakaway leashes.
These are breakaway
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Question from DK Kim
Since these are out of stock, what are the best alternatives for the titan Vario 2 binding?
Answer from Niko M
Hi DK! Any other leash will work well. I personally have used Dynafit leashes with the Vario without a hiccup. Thanks!
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Question from nick b
What/where is the best way to install these on a pair of Ski Trab Gara Titan Bindings and dynafit black light boots?
Answer from Emmett I

The Gara Titans come with optional leash loops, so attach the leashes to those. To attach them to the boot, it's probably easiest to hook them to the wire that attaches the cuff buckle strap on the insides of the boot.
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Question from Rio
Hi, I'm looking at getting these leashes for my Marker Alpinist. It seems like people like the plum and B&D leashes but I was looking for something a bit shorter and not in the way. Would something like these paired with another metal wire loop (not exactly sure what they're called) work? Are there other shorter leashes that have the loop to attach to the toe piece made from soft material?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Rio. For what you're after, these would work well. There aren't many shorter leashes that have a pliable chord (like the plum), however, many folks use paracord to help find an ideal placement on the boot or binding.
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Question from Scott
Hi there,
What would you recommend for a lightweight leash option for a Ski Trab Titan vario.2 and Alien RS binding/boot combo?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Scott. If you're after a leash that doesn't have a lot of excess slack, this is a great choice. If you want something a bit longer, the Plum Leashes would be worth checking out. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Ryan S (used product regularly)
They keep your skis on a short leash. Comforting to know in hard conditions your skis will stay nearby instead of having a mind of their own!
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Julianne (used product a few times)
Got these leashes this season and have been thankful to have them when my skis popped off (no bye-bye skis for me). They are super easy to use, they also clip back onto themselves nicely when I choose not to use them (and aren't annoying and floppy). They are a permanent installation on my ski setup. I simply chose these leashes over others because I have Ski Trab bindings.
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