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Pomoca’s race formula with a twist. The Race Pro Grip is designed to be the secret weapon when the skin track freezes over and everybody starts to slip, or when the slope angle increases beyond all reason. Pomoca usually reserves their famous Grip treatment for touring skins, but when it’s applied to the fastest Race Pro formula you end up with the Race Pro Grip. While it may be slightly slower than other race skins in a head-to-head drag race, slipping on a skin-track is even less efficient. On icy slopes, the Race Pro Grip will have a clear advantage as you maintain stable footing and pull ahead. Outside of the obvious use in a race course, the Race Pro Grip is a great tool to bring along for your occasional foul-weathered objective, F.K.T. attempt, or for mountaineering when you’re following a precarious skin track.

  • Race Pro Grip is available exclusively in 62mm width for better grip in a straight cut race skin.
  • Pairs nicely with the Pomoca Cutting Pattern.
Length 160cm
Width 62mm
Materials   100% mohair
Skimo Co Says
Usage Icy racing, ski mountaineering
Bottom Line Grippiest race skins

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Dominik
1) Does the skin have the "TOp Fix Race" mount as on the pic?
2) Hi, im just in my hotel in New York City until WED night - will it be here until that time?
Answer from jbo
Hi Dominik, yes the skin has the top fix race attachment. An order placed before 4pm today with 2-day shipping will get to NY before Wed night. Thanks!
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Model: Race Pro Grip UPC: 4053865799899

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