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Pomoca’s race formula with a twist. The Race Pro Grip is designed to be the secret weapon when the skin track freezes over and everybody starts to slip, or when the slope angle increases beyond all reason. Pomoca usually reserves their famous Grip treatment for touring skins, but when it’s applied to the fastest Race Pro formula you end up with the Race Pro Grip. While it may be slightly slower than other race skins in a head-to-head drag race, slipping on a skin-track is even less efficient. On icy slopes, the Race Pro Grip will have a clear advantage as you maintain stable footing and pull ahead. Outside of the obvious use in a race course, the Race Pro Grip is a great tool to bring along for your occasional foul-weathered objective, F.K.T. attempt, or for mountaineering when you’re following a precarious skin track.

  • Race Pro Grip is available exclusively in 62mm width for better grip in a straight cut race skin.
  • Pairs nicely with the Pomoca Cutting Pattern.
Length 160cm
Width 62mm
Materials   100% mohair
Skimo Co Says
Usage Icy racing, ski mountaineering
Bottom Line Grippiest race skins

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Vaclav
Hello would these work with the Movement Fast 71 or Race Pro 71 skis? Or are they too narrow?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Vaclav,

You could, but you would have approximately 4-5mm of base/edge showing on either side at the narrowest point on the ski. It would glide quite well and grip okay, but might have some issues with grip on firm sidehills. If you are buying these to increase overall grip, then I would recommend getting something wider.

Email us at if you have questions and we can work out a skin build for you! A full-coverage race plush would give you better grip and still pretty good glide.
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Question from Tim
Would these skins work well with an older model Atomic Ultimate 78 in 170 length? There would be some edge exposed obviously. Looking for something more reliable on a long ski mountaineering race like the Grand Traverse than my current Atomic hybrid pre-cuts which come unglued in cold/icy weather.
Answer from jbo
Hi Tim, no reason you can't use a race skin with that ski for special purposes like the GT. Obviously, it won't sidehill well with that much base exposed, but if the ski is flat on the ground it can climb.
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Question from Susie J
I'm considering purchasing the Elan Lynx 65 UL. Would these skins work or would they be too narrow at 62mm wide?
Answer from jbo
Hi Susie, they will fit perfectly. The "extra" 3mm is just enough to expose the ski edges which you need when climbing firm terrain.
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Alfredo A (downright abused product)
These skins really work without sacrificing much glide over the Race Pro 2.0

My local resort features many seriously steep, prolonged pitches that will turn you back when the groom is frozen over. Using lesser skins, I have slipped and cut my hands on the icy tracks - it's not fun at all to say the least.

The Race Pro Grip also excels in the backcountry where it's my default skin - I don't even bother with the pure race version there because why mess around? Conditions can change quickly enough as it is.

And not sure if its just my set or what, but ripping the grips is a lot easier than the race pro, and durability is great as well.
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Question from Brittni
Will the top attachment work with the Fischer Alp Attacks? I'm looking to replace my old fischer skins for these skins but not finding any Fischer specific replacements.

Answer from jbo
Hi Brittni, yes these will work just fine. The Alp Attack notches are fairly standard for race skis and any bungee can slot in.
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Question from Sarah
I'm looking for skins for blizzard zero g (85) mostly for resort skinning and also some spring stuff up high in the mtns, I want something like this but I don't think that tip attachment will work, could you recommend anything that's similar (good grip, light, fast) that would work? I saw the blizzard specific skins are poorly reviewed for grip. Thank you!!
Answer from jbo
Hi Sarah, the blizzard skins use a race formula with fairly short hairs which isn't for everyone. A good option would be grabbing some Trab parts and building. The Attivo Tips slot into the ski tips reasonably well and both the mix and mohair material have great grip.
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Question from Jeremy
I was wondering Will this fit a 161?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Jeremy,

Since these are race skins, they do not have a tail attachment. At 160cm, these skins will pair well with a set of 161cm race skis. Depending on your desired grip, you may want to trim 10cm off the tail in order to reduce friction on the skin track while maintaining most of the traction.
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Mason D (downright abused product)
The Race Pro Grip are my go-to skins for all my pre-work fitness laps at our local resort and springtime tours here in Missoula. At the local resort, the first face you climb is haneously steep and frequently icy, and a less than progressive uphill policy keeps tourers from being able to put in much of a switchbacking track--it mostly goes STFU. As such, I went with the Pro Grip over the Race Pro 2.0 and do not regret my decision. My skins maintain enough traction while my buddies are blowing out behind me and shouting some choice words. You can feel the stiffness of the mohair fibers--even slightly stiffer than my Pomoca Pro Climb S Glide I use with my beefier skis. These still skin fast! The tip attachments for notched skis are solid and nice to be able to customize with your own knots for adjusting a bit of length/security. And Pomoca glue is the best in the business, imo. As I take these into the backcountry a lot during spring missions with the same skinny skis, I ended up choosing to attach a Pomoca back fix to each skin to prioritize keeping them to my skis over speed of transitions. The lycra-clad skimo bros may say this defeats the point of race skins, but it's a proper tradeoff for me as I can still rip them from the tip without removing skis. If you face some dastardly steep and icy skinners like us, but still want to go fast (and have some pink in your touring look), then pick these skins!
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Question from Dominik
1) Does the skin have the "TOp Fix Race" mount as on the pic?
2) Hi, im just in my hotel in New York City until WED night - will it be here until that time?
Answer from jbo
Hi Dominik, yes the skin has the top fix race attachment. An order placed before 4pm today with 2-day shipping will get to NY before Wed night. Thanks!
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