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A ski this awesome should not be limited to only average male dimensions. Voile, not being a company to discriminate when it comes to fun, has scaled down the Hyper Vector to accommodate skiers of smaller stature. Same amazing performance as it’s longer sibling, just shorter. The Women’s Hyper Vector is an awesome all-around backcountry ski. It handles powder, chop, crud, and even boilerplate without trouble. All that at an impressively light weight, owing to Voile’s modern Paulownia/carbon core. If you want a ski you don’t have to think about, check out the Hyper Vector. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Voile Hybrid Rocker smooths all snow conditions and keeps the speed high.
  • Medium radius side-cut allows for variable turn shapes.
  • Full 2mm edges make no compromises in durability.
  • Polyamide topsheet withstands use and abuse for many seasons.

Update 2022/23: Look good, feel good, ski good. These new top sheets tic off that look good box.

Lengths (cm) 154, 164
convert to ounces
995g [154]
1095g [164]
Weight (pair) 1990g [154]
2190g [164]
Dimensions   119-90-105 [154]
123-92-108 [164]
Turn Radius   16.5m [154]
18m [164]
Skin Fix   Rounded tip and tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Voile Hybrid Rocker, rocker tip & tail w/ camber underneath
Shape   Rounded tip, medium radius, easy to turn
Construction   Polyamide cap
Core   Paulownia wood and carbon
Skimo Co Says
Usage All-day, all-around ski touring machine
Notes Carves hard on firm, floats well in the soft
Bottom Line Durability and light weight in a solid all-around package
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Dee
Hi there,

I'm comparing these Voile Hyper Vectors with the Volkl Rise Beyond 96s. Any insights into the major differences / pros and cons of one over the other?

Thanks so much!
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Dee, they are fairly similar skis overall. The Hyper Vector is a tad lighter and has more tail rocker, which will allow it swing around and turn a little easier. The Rise Beyond 96's extra 100g or so will give it some dampness in comparison, and its flatter tail will lend itself a little more to carving and edge hold. With a similar width and tip rise, they'll perform similarly well in soft snow.
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Question from Joelle
Hi I have been skiing on a pair of Movement Balance for quite a few years now. I love them but its time for a new pair. Thinking of the Voile hyper vector in 164 which is about the length of my skis. Planning to go to Utah and BC this winter so more powder than I'm used to. Would this ski do the job?
Answer from jbo
Hi Joelle, good taste! The Hyper Vector doesn't rail on hard snow quite as well as the Balance but is a great all around ski that would be more fun in Utah powder (Voile is here after all). I would say perfect for BC which can be heavier snow or mixed conditions, some of which can be a handful on the Balance.
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Question from Lisa
I'm 5'4", 180 lbs intermediate skier. Had a long break from skiing but picked it up again last winter with backcountry skiing. Would say I'm a mellow skier. Have lighter touring boots. I ski on varied terrain (powder, icy, trees). Which length would work the best for me, 154 or 164?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Lisa, I would say the 154cm should work out pretty well. The 164cm would be a bit tall for the stats that you gave. Let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from Jennifer Bevers
5’4” @ 125 lbs. advanced 50 yr old skier but little backcountry experience. I ski 163-165 on my resort skis. What size? I’ll be skiing primarily Idaho backcountry (Sun Valley area). Thanks.
Answer from Zak M
Hey Jennifer, at 5'4'' the 164cm should feel quite similar to what you're used to for your in bounds set up. The 154cm size should hit you some where around eyebrow height which would also be quite acceptable for a decent backcountry ski length. So basically if you wanted a bit more aggressive length that you're used to I would go with the 164cm, or for a quicker turning ski for trees and tighter spots the 154cm could be a good pick as well.
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Julianne (used product regularly)
I bought these skis this season as part of my first light bc setup. I got the 164 cm and they have proven to be perfect for me. Coming from a rather heavy setup these are a dream. If you are unsure about whether or not to get these skis, just do it. No complaints yet. The purple color and design is beautiful as well!
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Question from Pete

I’m considering getting the Hyper Vector for my wife. She’s 110 lbs. (5’6”). Would the 164 cm length be too long? She’s an advanced skier, although now skiing pretty mellow in her 50’s.
She’d be using them with lighter AT boots, primarily for backcountry touring for turns.
Answer from Jeff
Hey Pete!

At 5'6" and an advanced skier, she should be able to handle it just fine. If she prefers shorter skis (you did not mention what she skis on now) and at only 110, the 154cm could also work. We can get it in.
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Model: Womens Hyper Vector

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