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Aski Adjustment Plates

Brand: Aski
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The Aski adjustment plates let you move otherwise-fixed Dynafit-style ski bindings. This lets you use multiple boots or can help work around existing drill holes in your ski. The adjustment plates rely on bolt-tension to hold the toes or heels in place. Specialized bolts screw into jam nuts under the plates.

  • Radical Toe plate works with any four-hole binding with a 30mm width. See patterns.
  • LTR / Superlite 1.0 heels are for Dynafit Low Tech Race 1.0 and Superlite 1.0 bindings.
  • All plates are sold in pairs and come with jam nuts, but are currently shipping without bolts.
  • Toe mounting pattern is 40 x 91 (mm WxL), heel is 26 x 54; same as Dynafit, see plates.
Question from Tim
Hi Skimo, what are the mount patterns of the plates ? The LTR heel specifically. It will make the delta worse too won't it ? Thanks
Answer from jbo
Hi Tim, just updated the description. They mounting pattern is the same as the Dynafit plates, which are 26mm x 54mm (width x length). They do add a little less than 5mm of stack height.
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