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The Revolution World Cup binding by ATK is their ultimate race binding - pushing double digits of grams per ski. But while other ultralight race bindings go as simple as possible to reach that coveted 100g mark, ATK rose to the challenge and produced a race binding that is competitively lightweight AND packed full of ATK's patented technology. With that in mind, which features should we start with? Perhaps with the heel piece, which utilizes U-springs with rolling bushings to make step-in easier and improve vertical release consistency. The heel flap has a screw that lets you adjust the resistance to flipping it or tighten it up if the flap gets worn down over the long years that this binding will last. Moving on to the toe, the first thing you'll notice is that rather than using springs, the toe piece employs a clever cam system to open and close the pins. This provides adjustable retention in the toe, allowing the skier (you) to adjust the clamping stiffness to accommodate worn inserts or aggressive skiing. The geometry of the toepiece (which ATK calls the Easy Entry System) is designed to make stepping-in thoughtless for all kinds of boots, even ones with worn-down soles. One-of-a-kind, the ATK Revolution WC challenges the expectations of what a minimal-weight race binding is capable of, and it challenges the rest of the skimo binding industry to try to keep up.

  • Rolling-in U-springs last longer, make step-in easier, and release more consistent than conventional U-springs.
  • Cam-based toe is easy to get in and allows for adjustment of the locked-out pin force - ideal for well-loved boots that have seen better days.
  • Adjustable screw on the heel for tightening/loosening the heel flap so you aren't afflicted with floppy-flap syndrome.
  • Made with aluminum, titanium, and a carbon-infused polymer for excellent durability and longevity.
  • Option for release values of approximately 9 (Standard) or 6 (Lightweight version).
  • Improved toe lever for ease of use and less aesthetic wear over time.

Update 2022/23: New color, new attitude, the Revolution World Cup has gone red. Also now available in a Lightweight version with a 33% reduction in release / retention.

convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 216g
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   None
BSL Adjustment   Accessory plates
Riser Heights   1 + flat
Vertical Release   Fixed
Lateral Release   Fixed
Crampon Ready   Removable Accessory
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   7075 aluminum, titanium, Carbon-infused POM
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing
Notes 108 grams of amazing
Bottom Line ATK’s flyweight race binding
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Questions & Reviews

Jonathan S (used product a few times)
I never would have imagined that ATK could improve upon my much-beloved SL World Cup bindings (whether rebranded by Hagan for my pairs, or by various other partners, or under ATK’s own branding).
Fortunately ATK engineers have a better imagination than I do!

Admittedly though, the improvements are relatively minor.
However, the Revolution is lighter, which would seem to be an impossible accomplishment. Granted, not much lighter, but still, lighter.
This is both because the toe piece design is lighter (as reflected in the Skimo Co specs) and because the toe screws are shorter given a slightly different chamfer of the toe holes (as not reflected in the Skimo Co specs, and admittedly not much of a difference, but don’t mix up the toe screws among the two models, although no need to segregate the toe vs heel screws of the Revolution, as they’re identical).

The toe pincer springs design definitely wins the Shock And Awe award: it has no springs. I am familiar with this design via having mounted many Freeride-ish ATK models for other skiers, but I always associated that with heavier bindings. How this can achieve a lower weight is beyond my imagination. Ditto for how it actually works. But it works just fine, with a nice smooth operation.

As for the three-position Uphill Hardness Variator System, I have not tested it formally, especially since I don’t bother pulling up the toe lever for skinning, as retention seems adequate for even moderately technically skintracks. However, when moving the bolt among the three different positions, can definitely see the cam assembly is shifting. For those who often ski with the toe lever pulled up (not recommended unless absolutely necessary!), you could select the softest of the three positions, on the idea that it would allow for some possibility of release when skiing at very high forces, as opposed to being totally locked out. But again, I have not tried to test that formally.

(Heels are exactly the same as the more traditional SL World Cup model, complete with the Rolling-In U springs that not only decrease step-in force but also allow for the weights savings of Ti with the notchproofness of steel.)
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Question from darryl griffith
Do you guys by chance have any of the ATK mount template PDFs saved?
Looking for the WC Revolution and seems ATK deleted the template page this season :( Guess I should have saved all the PDFs as I use many of them several times a year to mount customer's random AT bindings
Answer from Andrew C
Darryl, looks like we may be able to help with that, if you send an email to we can see what we can find.
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Question from Deborah J
Does the ATK Revolution WC have the exact same toe piece mounting pattern as the ATK SL World Cup? I'm trying to maybe switch out a pair of ATK Crest 8's that are currently on my BD Cirque 84s for a lighter binding.
Answer from jbo
Hi Deborah, yes the toe pattern is the same for the Revolution, SL, and Crest.
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Question from Maya
Hi, I am 50kg in 5DIN and I am looking for skimo race light weight safe bindings, such as Dynafit Low Tech Race. They and many other bindings have fixes release, but what is usual standart release in DIN?
Answer from jbo
Hi Maya, there is no standard release value. I suggest visiting our binding finder to discover some options that would work for you.
Answer from jbo
Hi Maya, we will respond via email, thanks!
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Question from Hans-Peter K
Can someone help me differentiate this with the atk sl world cup? They seem to have similar weight and features. I'm in the ~9 DIN range.
Answer from jbo
Hi Hans-Peter, ATK has a lot of options! The two bindings have different toe pieces, with the Revolution using a "springless" design that is less susceptible to snow buildup underneath and can be tweaked in terms of clamping power. At a nine you should be able to use either standard (not Lightweight) version.
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Question from Kevin C
Hi -

Double-checking: are these compatible with the R13 - standard toe adjustment plate?

Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Kevin. These will work with the R13 plate.
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Question from Anthony O
How does the design of the toe compare to the gignoux u77 and trab toe? As far as I know the u77 follows the same design as the trab toe, as far as functionality. This looks eerily similar. Or does it just look like that but in functionality operates like a dynafit spring style toe?
Answer from jbo
Hi Anthony! This is definitely a different design as compared to all of those other bindings you mentioned. It's the same concept found in ATK's Raider line with a built-in Uphill Hardness Variator. An adjustable spring pushes on the V-shape block which gets pushed towards the tip of the ski as the wings open and close.
Answer from Anthony O
Thx jbo. So unlike the u77 or trab toe, it offers no theoretical or real world increased retention and subtle elasticity?
Answer from jbo
I would say that is a fair assessment, unless you count dialing up the UHV as increasing retention, which it does.
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Model: Revolution WC

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