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R01 - 30mm Heel - Heel adjustment plate with 30mm of range. Compatible with all ATK race heels. Also compatible with Ski Trab Gara Titan, La Sportiva RSR, and other Hagan/BD race heels. With screws it weighs just 36g (1.3oz).

R04 - Rental Adjustment - Long 60mm plate is a quick-adjust bolt positioning plate that weighs 70 grams.

R06 - Ski Saver for Speed Radical Heels - Heel adjustment plate with 25mm of range. Compatible with all ATK race heels. The plate's mounting pattern is the Dynafit Speed Radical/Radical 1.0 heel pattern (32/36mm wide x 52.5mm long). Perfect for if you want to save weight from a Dynafit Speed Radical pattern binding to a race-style binding but don't want to drill any new holes in your skis. Comes in at just 40g (1.4oz).

R07 - Ski Savers for TLT Speed Heels - Heel adjustment plate with 15mm of range. Compatible with all ATK race heels. The plate's mounting pattern is that of the Dynafit TLT Speed or TLT Speedfit binding (28mm wide x 38.5mm long). The ideal way to switch from a Dynafit TLT Speed-style heel to a lighter ATK race heel without redrilling your skis. Weighs just 40g (1.4oz).

R08A - XXL Toe Adjustment Plate - Wider version of the R13 adjustment plate offering better torsional stability due to the larger contact area. Fits the standard ATK toe pattern (30mm wide x 27mm long). Offers three mounting positions: +13.5mm, 0mm, and -13.5mm. Could be useful when remounting skis over existing holes due to the wider mounting pattern of the plate. With screws it weighs 52g or 1.8 oz.

R16A - Free Touring Toe Plate - Adjustable toe plate for any ATK freeride toe (Hagan Core, ATK Raider 12, etc...) Three options: +13.5mm, 0mm, and -13.5mm. A good option if you either don't know if you want to be +1.3 or -1.3 or if you just need to dodge some holes in the toe region during a remount. With screws it weighs 58g or 2 oz.

R13 - Standard Toe Adjustment Plate - Adjustable toe plate for standard ATK toes (30mm wide x 27mm long). Offers three mounting positions: +13.5mm, 0mm, and -13.5mm. Nice if you either want to experiment with mounting locations or need to dodge holes due to a remount. With screws it comes in at 38g (1.3 oz).

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Richard
Do the R13 toe adjustment plates work for the helio 200 toes?

Answer from Tristan M
Hi Richard,

The Black Diamond Helio 200 has the standard ATK toe pattern (30x27), which means that it will work with the R13 - Standard Toe X2 from the drop down above!
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Question from Marc F
What is the thickness of these plates (specifically, the R16A for a pair of c-raider 12s)? And is it a safe assumption that they will change the heal:toe delta by that same amount?
Answer from Patrick C

Thanks for the question! The R16A plate is 5mm thick. You are correct, this will change the delta by that amount as the binding will sit flush on the plate as it does on the topsheet.
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Question from jackson
Thinking of picking up a pair of used skis that have ATK evo bindings mounted for a size 30 Dynafit PDG boot (313mm BSL). I have size 28 of the same boot (293mm BSL). Any insight on which adjustment plate I might need to set them correctly for my boots? Would it just be the heel I'd need to move?
Answer from Jeff
So the 30mm RO1 plate is what you need for just moving the heel piece.
With two full cm shorter BSL, that will give you a 1 cm plus mounting.
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Question from Andrei
Are the weights listed here for one plate or a pair?
Answer from jbo
Hi Andrei, those are per side, for one plate.
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Question from jwdux
I have four rather large holes that I plugged with poplar dowels (Binding Freedom Insert failure) that I need to work around to remount C-raider 12 toes. Looks like the R16-A toe plates should work, but I was wondering how the toe pieces get secured to the plates. Do I just use the regular mounting screws and screw into the plate? Also, do the plates themselves come with mounting screws?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi jwdux,

The R16A Free Touring Toe plates come with both mounting screws to get the plate into the ski, as well as machine screws to mount the toe piece to the mounting plate. You should be all set with just an order of the plates!
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Question from Scott R
For the Trofeo Plus with the R01 adjustment plate, what is the mounting pattern? I don't think that is on the plate page (unless its the same as the Helio).
Answer from jbo
Hi Scott, yes it's the same as the Helio at 25x86mm. I just added it to the adjustment plates page.
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Tjaard B (used product a few times)
The R16a toe plate:
This plate works great, as far as the bindings are concerned.
However, the holes for mounting it to the ski are so far out to the side, that on both skis I tried it on (Hannibal 96 and Wayback 106), they fell outside the metal binding area reinforcement plate.
Given that neither of these are skinny skis, I suspect there won’t be many skis that this fits on in the intended way.
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Question from Clint
Is the mounting pattern the same for 30 mm and 60mm plates? Will you guys take a pair of beat down Sportiva RT binding with rental plate for spare parts and possibly credit? Thanks
Answer from jbo
Hi Clint, actually no, counterintuitively the longer plate has a shorter mounting length as the adjusting portion slides over top of the holes. Unfortunately, we aren't offering credit for the Sportiva bindings as they are past lifespan...we have a coat rack made of broken ones ;)
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Question from Jesus Vazquez

Looking to purchase a heel plate for my ATK Crest 8. Which should I get?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Jesus. The Crest 8 comes with a base plate. Are you looking for a replacement for that, or do you have a different binding, such as the Trofeo? If possible, please send us an email to and we'd love to help you out!
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Question from David
Looking to buy the ATK Trofeo for my current boots, but may change boots at a later date to a light weight race boot. Curious which of these four plates I should be purchasing to allow flexibility in the heel? I see two options to purchase, but not sure what is the ideal route?
Answer from Will M
Hey David,

I think the best course of action would be to go for R01 -30mm adjustment plate. 30mm should be plenty of room to accommodate two boots, however, you can double-check the difference between the boot sole lengths (BSL). The measurement should be in millimeters and found close to the heel of the boot and if the difference is less than 30mm, you should be good to go.
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Zach W (downright abused product)
They worked fine for me. Moved my heel piece back and forth and nothing went wrong. That's what you want, right? And 40mm total adjustment is great. Some other brands have just 20mm, which I find inadequate.

One gripe would be price. Isn't this just a piece of CNC'd aluminum? Come on.
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Question from Peter
Hi I have a question
atk adjustment plate included bolts and nuts for heel
Thanks for response
Answer from Cole P
Hey Peter, the ATK adjustment plate will include bolts and nuts for the heel but does not come with mounting screws.
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