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Atomic’s Backland line has long set the standard for precise and reliable ski touring equipment, from bindings to boots to skis. This pattern has continued with the Backland UL helmet, made for lightweight touring yet jam-packed with an unrivaled feature set. Triple-certified for biking, skiing, and climbing, this helmet is ready for year-round outdoor adventures. Just as exciting is a 360° Fit System, which can be adjusted laterally and vertically. Complemented by Live Fit memory foam and an aircon ventilation system, this helmet provides all-day comfort for head shapes of practically any shape or size. Atomic has thought of everything backcountry travelers could want with the Backland UL Helmet!

  • 360-degree Fit System and Live Fit memory foam ensure highly comfortable adjustment for the funky-headed among us.
  • Multi-norm certification is perfect for shoulder season exploits across alpine disciplines.
  • AMID dual-density foam disperses heavy blows in all directions, helpful for rock fall, surface impacts, or an impromptu duel with a mountain goat.
  • Holo Core crumple zones absorb shocks while remaining light.
  • Headlamp fixation and goggle clips make it simple to don your doohickies.
  • Removable skimo lining keeps your noggin at just the right temperature on the move.
  • Included Helmet Bag is a practical fashion statement.

Update 2023/24: Atomic updated the mix of materials on the helmet, using more recycled content to improve the carbon footprint.

Size Head Circumference
Small 51-55 cm
Medium 55-59 cm
Large 59-63 cm
X-Large 63-65 cm

convert to ounces
352g [S]
361g [M]
420g [L]
420g [XL]
Certifications CE 1077 (alpine skiing)
EN 12492 (climbing)
EN 1078 (cycling)
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Hybrid EPP In-Mold Construction
Skimo Co Says
Usage Skimo racing, big vert
Notes Aircon vents plus removable skimo lining keeps temps perfectly regulated
Bottom Line Triple-certified helmet can go anywhere you do
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Eric P
How does this helmet fit for oval-shaped heads? For reference, Giro alpine skiing helmets fit me well (they are relatively long front to back and narrow in width), while Smith alpine helmets fit me poorly (circular - too short and wide). Any touring helmet recommendations based on that fit profile for skiers with oval-shaped heads? Thank you!
Answer from Emmett I
Hi Eric,

This would be a great option! One of the narrowest/most oval shaped helmets. The Julbo The Peak LT and Salomon MTN are also a bit oval shaped, but not quite as much as the Backland.
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Question from Jackson
I am always in between a small and medium in helmets with about a 55cm head. The medium Salomon MTN Lab was just a bit too big and insecure at its tightest setting wearing nothing in it. What size might you recommend for the UL here?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Jackson! If you frequently wear a thin hat under your helmet I would suggest going with the M. If not, the S should work well. Being in-between sizes is hard, but both the Fit System and Live Fit foam do a great job at accommodating a variety of shapes!
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Ben (used product regularly)
The fit of this helmet is simply amazing, I don't know if it's just my head or their 360 fit system but it fits better than any skiing/climbing/bike helmet I've ever owned. I tried on the ski trab helmet and the movement 3tech, but both were awkward fits for me. The ventilation is not amazing but keeps you cool enough on warmer days and not too much to where you get a brain freeze on cold windy days. Goggle and headlamp attachments do their job. It being so lightweight and comfortable I put it on at the car and never take it off, no more dealing with helmet carriers, hats, and beanies while in the backcountry. I have been called "megatron" and "robocop" while skiing in it at the resort but I take it as a compliment.
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Question from Michael M
Does the included skimo liner cover your ears for colder weather? Looking at the Atomic website there is the Backland and the Backland UL. Only the former seems to have a liner that covers the ears.
Answer from Emmett I
Hi Michael,
The Skimo Liner on the Backland UL Helmet does not cover your ears, it's just lightweight padding on the inside of the helmet. For a versatile system, you could add a headband to keep your ears warm on chilly days!
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Model: Backland UL

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