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Black Diamond Helio 105 Ski

Brand: Black Diamond
Model: Helio 105
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The 105 is the not the slimmest ski in the Helio lineup. With the ample waist, it’s obviously more of a powder hound than the 88 and 95. That said, the ski has the same construction and dampening system found on the other skis in the line that make hard snow not just bearable but fun. The Helio 105 is a good option for a one-ski quiver for folks that hunt for powder on their daily adventures. It’s also good for ski mountaineers that like to ski fast and aggressively down variable conditions, and prefer the extra float and rocker provided by a bigger platform. The ski can handle what you throw at it, while not being too heavy on the approach. A solid ski for solid lines.

  • Balsa flax wood core is laminated with carbon-fiber for good torsional stiffness and stability.
  • Sidewall Dampening System has integrated rubber behind the heel for hard snow performance.
  • Rockered tip and tail and a generous waist let you float in powder and stay above the chop.
  • 5mm ABS sidewalls offer good rock impact protection and improve edge hold on the steeps.
  • Titanal binding reinforcement plates are the latest in lightweight mounting security.

Update 2018/19: Along with a graphics update the ski had its layup tweaked for a bit more dampening. Weight went up a couple ounces per ski (new weights listed on Specs tab).

Lengths (cm) 165, 175, 185
-> ounces
1405g [165]
1495g [175]
1600g [185]
Weight (pair) 2810g [165]
2990g [175]
3200g [185]
Dimensions 131-105-118 [165]
132-105-119 [175]
134-105-119 [185]
Turn Radius 20m [165]
21m [175]
22m [185]
Skin Fix Round tip, reinforced flat-notch tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile 312-350mm rockered tip, traditional camber w/ 232-260mm "Semi Rocker" tail
Shape Rounded tip, medium radius, flat tail
Construction Flat sandwich with pre-preg carbon layup
Core Balsa flax wood core
Skimo Co Says
Usage Lightweight powder laps, aggressive ski mountaineering
Notes ABS tail protector is a nice touch
Bottom Line Soft snow charger with technical precision
Question from Andy
I have a question on sizing... I'm 5'11" and 185 lb without gear. I think that puts me on the 185, but I am concerned about the length and was leaning towards the 175. Some of my current skis include G3 synapse 92's at 180 cm and G3 district 112's at 179 cm. I have never wanted more length on either of those. My length concern is for kick turns, tight couloirs and tight trees. I don't spend time time charging wide open spaces. Thanks for any info!
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Andy! Based on those last sentences about your skiing style, the 175 seems to make way more sense to me.
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Question from Scott A
I am skiing a G3 C105 Zen Oxide 191 cm, loving the carbon lightness but looking to shorten.
At 6'2" 200lbs with clothing and gear, I would like to hear a comparison (if possible) with Helio 105 at 185cm and the 95 at 183cm. I prefer light and stiff in all conditions.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Scott! Nice! They're fairly similar in terms of performance/flex/behavior characteristics but there's the obvious difference of width here and because of that, they're both tuned to succeed in slightly different snow conditions. The 95 has a tighter turn radius which lends itself to relentless edge hold in steep terrain, easier carving on hard snow, but potentially a lower top end speed (not the ski to straightline something). The 105 at the same given length has a pretty drastically different turn shape which is straighter (faster?) but the extra width coupled with the straighter turn shape requires a bit more oomph to get it to carve tight turns on hard snow, whereas the 95 will do that effortlessly. Not the best steep ski but it'll get it done. I wouldn't necessarily call the Helio series of skis stiff though, for what that's worth. They seem to be on the stiffer side of average, but not by a whole lot. They're fairly forgiving skis with a definite soft snow bias.
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Question from Tony
Jbo, what is the camber contact length on the 185CM Size
Answer from Nate
Hi Tony, it's about 129cm.
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